Home Improvement Project: Barn Door

Tyler and I have just been over the moon when it comes to this whole “homeowner” thing. Of course, there have been some stressful moments along the way (over-flowing toilets and all), but I think we both are still very pleased with our decision to take the leap!

I love it because we have SO MUCH ROOM! (Or at least, compared to what we did have!) And I love it because it’s ours, all ours! Tyler loves the space also, but more than anything I think he loves being able to put our own touches on the house. We joked after we moved in, that Tyler, who is an electrician by trade, also took on the roles of locksmith, plumber, gardener, and a whole bunch more! Well, now he can officially add “wood-worker” to his list! (He already possessed that title after he made a BEAUTIFUL cedar chest in high school that traveled with us to Oklahoma City, and now to our home in Denver.)

I present to you… our one-of-a-kind Barn Door!

The Finished Product:


Ta-Da! The Finished Product!


Door Closed.


View from the inside!

We decided almost immediately, we wanted our “design/decorating theme” to be “cottage/farm-house.” We live in a quaint, 3-bedroom/2-bathroom ranch, so we thought it was perfect! We also decided almost immediately that the master bathroom door was going to have to go.


Bathroom Door (outside) – Before.


Bathroom Door (inside) – Before

The way the door swings just makes the nook for the toilet seem awkward. So, we agreed that a Barn Door feature would be the perfect touch to tie in the cedar chest, and solve our awkward door problem!

So here’s how we did it!

Before anything, Tyler drew up these plans for our Barn Door concept!

Pretty, huh? So this was our jumping off point! Next, it was time to put our design into action!

We started by making a layer with 1’X8′ tongue & groove cedar planks that we picked up at Home Depot. They took some “finagling” (and wood glue), but we made them work! After tons of sanding with 80 grit, 150 grit, & 220 grit with the electric sander, & 400 grit & 800 grit hand-sanding – including wet sanding – the wood was as smooth as butter!

Next, we installed the Barn Door hardware (Umax 6.6 ft Sliding Barn Wood Door Horseshoe Sliding Track Hardware Kit from Amazon.com), to give us an idea of how tall and wide the door needed to/could be.

After cutting the door down to size, we got some 1’X8′ cedar planks (without tongue & groove). These created the border (tops, sides, & middle) and “½ X” design feature in the center. This, again, involved sanding (as done above… Tyler is an avid sander!), and trimming. We attached these with wood glue and screws. Using a “plug cutter,” we were able to “hide the evidence” of the screws, but it also gave us more “peace-of-mind” that the two sections would be secure.

Before the slats were attached to the Tongue & Groove flat.

In progress… a late night work session!

After many more hours of sanding, sanding, and more sanding, it was then time to stain! We decided to go with a natural stain so that we could bring out the character of the cedar. We pre-stained (then sanded), stained (then minimal sanding), and then applied 3-coats of top coat to give it that extra shine (and to protect the soft cedar wood)!

Price Check
(all costs estimated)


  • Tongue & Groove Cedar Planks (7 – 1X6) – $100
  • Cedar Planks for “Design” (4 – 1X6) – $65
  • Elmer’s Wood Glue (2 bottles) – $10
  • Wood Putty (used to fill various holes/cracks along the way) – $5
  • Sand Paper – $8
  • Paint Brush – $12
  • Screws (60) – $4
  • Minewax Natural Wood Finish – $8
  • Polyurethane  – $13
  • U-Max 6.6 Ft Sliding Boor Door Hardware Kit – $50 (Amazon Prime)
  • Adjustable Channel Wall Mount (Door Guide) – $35 (Amazon Prime)
  • Door Handle – $23 (Amazon Prime)
  • Materials Total – $323


  • Saw Horses (4… 2 from Home Depot, 2 from Amazon Prime) – $90
  • Circular Saw – $50
  • Electric Sander – $85
  • Clamps (6 – Various Sizes) – $83
  • Plug Cutter Set (of 3) – $10
  • 4′ Level – $15
  • Stud Finder – $35
  • Tools Total – $368 (some tools previously owned)


All in all, I think we are both VERY happy with how this turned out! Before going on this venture of making our own Barn Door, we researched and found pre-made or custom-made Barn Doors that were upwards of $2,000! YIKES! We knew we couldn’t (and didn’t want) to spend that kind of money! There were some that were less expensive, but we also knew it was important for us to be able to make it our own – a custom, one-of-a-kind barn door – something we would both love to look at every day, and feel proud of the work that went into it! This is something we hope to cherish for many years to come, in this home, and any future homes we may have! This was a fun project that allowed us to work together as a team, and gave us a beautiful new design element for our first home! And if you ever come to visit, we’ll be sure to talk your ear off about Our Barn Door! 🙂

Until Next Time,

~*~ Megan ~*~



#RealLife – “Hard Water” Edition

The point of bringing back my blog was to aid in my New Year’s Resolution of building stronger, more authentic connections to the world around me. So, in the spirit of doing just that, I’m offering a glimpse of my “#RealLife.” Sometimes, this stuff is just “too good” it couldn’t have been made up… and this is a prime example of that.

Backstory – I do not talk on the phone very often. I much prefer texting. And Tyler HATES that I won’t just pick up the phone and call someone. Instead I will text back-and-forth for HOURS. Well, I especially don’t like talking on the phone when the number that shows up is a number I don’t recognize. I feel, if you want to talk to me, and I don’t know who you are, you can leave a message, and I can call (or text) you back. Ok, now fast forward to…

Present day – After a day of gearing up for the New Year, and feeling “motivated, amped,” and whatever other “energized” adjectives you can think of, about this New Year’s Resolution of mine, I see a phone number come across my Caller-ID that I didn’t recognize. “But gosh darn it, I’m becoming a new woman, so I’m going to answer that phone.” (This was the inner monologue I had with myself leading up to the decision to answer the phone.)

Upon answering the phone I learn that Tyler and I had “won” a $50 gift card through a new homeowners program, and someone wanted to drop off the gift card that evening! Woo Hoo! (*I may have missed an important part of the conversation when I was trying to listen and write a note to Tyler letting him know what this mystery caller wanted.*) Well, a couple of hours later, after a “burnt grilled cheese incident” that had already caused excitement in the Clark Household, the doorbell rings. Low-and-behold, it’s the person delivering our gift card… and… a “no-purchase-necessary-water-evaluation.” … Um, I think that’s the part of the conversation I missed…

I’ll spare you the details of discovering that we do *gasp* have Hard Water in our house, but by-golly, this man had a $12K solution for us, that could be ours for just  $7K if we purchased the system TONIGHT. (HA!) (Sidenote: Tyler and I don’t EVER do anything by the seat of our pants, especially not major purchases… we hadn’t even been thinking about a water treatment system until this man rang our doorbell – since I missed the part where I should have been expecting a water evaluation.)

But the best part of the evening, (yes – topping the “burnt grilled cheese incident”) was when during the “demonstration” (some might call it a “magician’s act”), the man had Tyler washing his hands in our sink with our tap water and water that had been treated by his system. As Tyler was washing his hands, he noticed the mat by the kitchen sink felt a little… wet… oh wait… OUR KITCHEN SINK IS LEAKING! This man had been using our faucet for 45 minutes at this point, showing us the differences in chlorine levels and yadda-yadda between our tap water and his conditioning system that he’s attached to our faucet and somehow now caused a VERY BIG mess! So we quickly cleaned the stuff from under the sink, sopped up the water, and threw the rug outside to dry out (or as it turns out, FREEZE!). Granted, the man did apologize and helped us to clean the mess. But after this incident, he then wanted to move us to the bathroom sink to continue the demonstration. We kindly said we “got the picture” and convinced him to wrap up his “presentation.”

Again, sparing you all of the details – it was certainly an interesting night… We. Got. Duped. Suckered. Taken-advantage-of. Whatever you want to call it… it was us. All in an attempt to “build connections,” I answered the phone for a number I didn’t recognize. (I have since told Tyler that if he’s ever in any type of accident he should tell the emergency responders they must use his phone to call me, or I will not answer.)

Luckily – we did NOT make any water-treatment-system purchases, the man left without putting up much of a resistance to us saying we really weren’t interested, AND we got our gift cards. (Boom.) We also were left with quite a mess, a load-of laundry to run at 10pm, and an evening full of laughs over our experience – one of those “inside joke” type things.

All-in-all, I “put myself out there” for a creating a new connection. Little did I know exactly what that connection would become, but it just goes to show you, you won’t know unless you try. So, while I’m still resolving to build connections this year, it’s not going to include answering the phone for numbers I don’t recognize very often, if ever. So there you have it… my #RealLife attempt at creating connections… not a successful connection with the water-treatment company, but led to a barrel of laughs with my husband. So, I’d say it’s still a “win” in my book.

Until Next Time,