Saturday Six


As you know, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post – life has been so busy with teaching and a show and simply finding time to be a person! I’ve had “blog” on my to-do list for the past two weeks, but just haven’t found the time! Until today! This beautiful weather has inspired me to stop by and leave you with these “Six Sensational Saturday Subjects!” 🙂 (And my cheesy alliteration!)  I hope you enjoy!

  1. Sunny Saturday! It’s a GORGEOUS Saturday in Denver! Almost 60* people! Pull out the bikinis! (Ok, not really!) It’s also supposed to be in the 50’s & even 60’s this coming week! And to top off the gorgeous weather… I got to come home IN THE DAYLIGHT! I was home by 1:30pm today! That hasn’t happened on a Saturday in a while!


    ☀️ A Sunny Saturday Selfie! ☀️ Do you spy a 4-legged-furry-friend?! 🐶

  2. Savory Snack! Tyler and I have recently discovered an apparently suppressed love of ice cream & gelato. Since moving to Colorado we always seem to have at least 1-pint of ice cream/gelato in our freezer at all times! Typically, 1 pint per person!  (I think we may currently have 6… errr… 5 pints in the freezer now.) I’m typically a vanilla/chocolate-chip-cookie-dough type of girl. I will branch out occasionally but I love my “classics!” That is, until this past week when I discovered “Mediterranean Mint” from Talenti Gelato! Can we say DELICIOUS!?!? Anyways, that is why we now have 5 pints of ice cream instead of 6, because I have been devouring this pint over the past week, topping it off as my “after teaching snack” only moments ago!
    *No picture of delicious gelato due to being devoured. :-P*
  3. Sharing Stories – Part 1! With the beginning of this new year, a group of my girl friends decided to start a book exchange amongst ourselves! This is a group of girls that I went to school with and then worked with back in Oklahoma City. In the last couple of years, one of our group moved to Maryland, one moved to a new job in Oklahoma City, I moved to Denver, and three of the group are holding the fort down at OCU. Despite our distance, we still love to stay connected and share group text messages where we keep updated on each other’s lives. This group of girls is so very special to me… not to get too mushy, but we just really *clicked.* I cannot express the number of times I have thought to myself how incredibly thankful I am to have each of these ladies in my life, even if we’re now all spread out across the country. We have all helped each other through some really hard times, and some really great times, and I am certain we’ll be lifelong friends! So we decided this year, a fun & new way to get *connected* (remember my New Year’s Resolution!?!) would be to start this book exchange! The book I sent was Anna Kendrick’s “Scrappy Little Nobody.” (Side Note – I love Anna Kendrick – as an actress, and from what I know of her as a person! I often joke with Tyler that she, Emma Stone, & Jennifer Lawrence are my “dream Hollywood BFFs”…. he thinks I’m silly. Although, thinking about it, I would probably also include Kate Middleton if she’d be interested in joining my fantasy BFF team too. :-P) Anyways – back to the book exchange – I received “The Twenty One Balloons” by William Pene du Bois, a Newberry Medal Winner! I’m not very far into it yet because it was a busy January, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far! I’m just SO excited to find this fun new way of connecting with some of my very best friends! 🙂

    The Twenty One Balloons by William Pène du Bois… doesn’t it looks so perfectly whimsical?!? Thanks, Manders!


    Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody… I hope you’re enjoying it Kristen! 🙂

  4. Sharing Stories – Part 2! I spend A LOT of time in my car. Denver traffic is insane on a good day, so I always allow at least an hour when driving to teach, just in case. I switch back and forth between pop radio and NPR, but in the last couple of months I’ve ventured into listening to audiobooks! I tried a couple at the end of last year, kind of unknown books. I did ok with the first one, but I found myself struggling to pay attention to the words coming out of my speakers, often missing characters names/descriptions and important information. After a couple of weeks, I finally made it through and vowed to try again with another book. The second attempt was worse. The reader was a British male, and while I love a good accent, his voice was just sooooo soothing that I was finding myself very tired during my drive. So, I decided to stop listening. I’m typically someone who will power through a book even if I’m not a huge fan… I simply hate the idea of stopping in the middle, even if it’s not as intriguing as I would like. But I just wasn’t really getting into this story. Fast forward a few months and I finally got an email saying an audiobook I had had on hold through the library for MONTHS was finally available. So late last week I began listening to “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie read by Andrew MacMillan. Again, with my New Year’s Resolution being to “connect,” I felt the timing was very serendipitous and I couldn’t turn it down. I’ve heard lots of people mention this book as a good read and now I know why! Most of the information is common sense, but I’ve found myself really enjoying the reminders! Simple reminders such as how important it is to “show honest and sincere appreciation,” and to “smile.” I try to live my life in a positive way (although I think Tyler might disagree!), and I try to always have a smile to share. But I’m human, too, and have my bad days/weeks where I forget just how important these things are for creating the type of world I want to live in. Listening to this book while driving has been a great way to walk into teaching with some positive life lessons fresh on my mind and I would recommend this read/listen to anyone! 🙂


    How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie read by Andrew MacMillan… Some really great reminders!

  5. A Spirited Show! I’ve mentioned a couple of times how busy January was… January came straight out of the gate with a bang! Back to teaching, recital prep, and a show! I realized coming back in January seemed so much more intense because everything starts back at once, where in the fall everything gradually starts up. I really should have done a better job of planning for starting back in January, back in December, but now I know better for next year! 😛 Anyways, I just had to give a quick shoutout to everyone involved in our show last weekend, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer! It was a story I was familiar with but the musical was new to me. Being a Missouri girl, I loved the “twangy” songs and dialect and the overall portrayal of a simple way of life! The production team I worked with was fantastic and I hope we get to work together again! And the talent these kiddos have at their young ages (3rd – 5th grades) completely astounds me! Singing, dancing, acting – true triple threats! I had such a great time revisiting my own childhood through the process of putting on this show, and the reminder that “Ain’t Life Fine,” even if everything isn’t always perfect!

    The Fantastic Crew! From L to R: Me (Choreographer), Emily (Stage Manager), Izzy (Music Director/Guitar Player Extraordinaire), & Ashley (Director)! I had such a great time working with these fabulous ladies and our phenomenal kiddos!!!

  6. Sassy Songs! As a dance teacher, I am constantly in need of finding new music. This last month was so busy I just didn’t find much time/motivation to search. *Bad dance teacher!* But with new shows and recital right around the corner, it was high time to start searching again. While this genre of music isn’t new to me, I rediscovered “Electro Swing” this past week and it’s had me “bopping” and “jiving” all week long!  I was recently asked to choreograph a piece for a spring concert at the performing arts middle/high school that I teach at and found the PERFECT piece! It’s called “Swing Set” by Jurassic 5 and let me tell you, the choreographic images started popping into my head immediately! I started teaching it to the kiddos this past Wednesday, and they are LOVING IT, almost as much as I am! So, if you’re in the market for some fun, funky, upbeat music, I would certainly check out the genre of  “Electro Swing!” Enjoy!


    🎶Electro Swing🎶

Well, clearly it’s been TOO long since my last post… or I’ve just had too much caffeine (and maybe too much free time!) today! As the sun started shining today (it’s been pretty cloudy/dreary here the past 3-4 days), I started to feel myself perk up and noticing the beautiful world around me! And I thought to myself, “today is the day I need to share!” So, I hope you have enjoyed my six Saturday inspirations!

Until Next Time,



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