Goal Setting – My Mini-Happiness-Project…Coming Soon!

Hello, I’m back again! (And checkin’-in from my iPad for the first time! Woot woot!)

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I started it awhile back, and recently picked up where I left off! It’s a really fun read. It’s super easy to follow and Gretchen’s ideas are all very attainable. Not to mention she encourages readers to make your own path towards happiness. Her book simply outlines her journey.

Brief background – Gretchen wasn’t necessarily “unhappy,” just not as happy as she could be. So, naturally she embarks on a journey to change that. She spends a year making small adjustments in her life that she feels will help lead her to an overall, happier life. The book is a chronicle of this journey.

Gretchen starts each chapter by listing that month’s objective, then listing some reasonable changes aimed at the monthly objective. She then follows-up with supporting research and then tackles each of the changes one-by-one.

Each aspect that she examines has 3-5 sub-goals that she’s working on for the month. Well, that seems reasonable, right? I tend to be an “overachiever” when it comes to goal setting. I either don’t allow enough time to accomplish my desired tasks, or I think I can accomplish (read: take on) much more than I actually can.

Gretchen’s book is one of the reasons my wheels were turning yesterday. I, too, am not “unhappy,” but I also try to not be a “settler.” I’m always wondering “what’s next?” Or “what can I do better?”

I think it would be overly ambitious of me to think I could/would create and tackle a whole year-long Happiness Project of my own. I mean, what New Year’s resolution have I kept? None of late. So, why not try to tackle just 3-5 small life improvements? Ones that I can hold myself accountable to on here? Ones that will help me to become a better person? Why not?

Well, by-golly, I’m gonna do it! Only, first I would like to finish the book first. So, give me a couple of days, and I’ll check back in on my own mini-happiness-project!

Until then, how will you plan to improve YOUR happiness?

Until next time,
~*~ Megan~*~



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