Our 1st Anniversary

It’s hard not to notice the way we’ve come full circle…

Eight years ago this weekend, Tyler and I went on our first date to our senior year homecoming dance… This weekend just happened to be our alma mater’s homecoming again! (They rotate dates throughout the district and this year they just happened to fall at the same time…)


Homecoming 2005

Speaking of Fall… today is the first day of Fall, just like last year… September 22nd, 2012, our wedding day… And the weather today is pretty close to what it was last year… Although, we won’t be leaving to head to Orlando, Florida tomorrow like we did exactly one year ago, it’s been exciting to think back on where we were this time last year… The year flew by, and although, we’ve already experienced some ups and downs, we’re looking forward to the many more years to come…


Surprise… 1st Dance!


Mr. and Mrs.


September 22nd, 2012

To celebrate we slept in until noon, did laundry, and headed to Mahogany, a steakhouse in OKC, and watched the series finale for our favorite show, Dexter. All in all, it’s been a pretty great day… we’ve had the windows open, and Dash curled up on the couch with us! What better way to celebrate our first year of marriage?

How about with a new tradition? Growing up I loved looking at my parent’s wedding album, dreaming of when I would one day have my own wedding pictures to swoon over… One of my favorite pictures was my mom and dad’s hands delicately placed on their wedding napkin… Although, we didn’t take a picture like that at our wedding, we’ve decided to start a tradition of taking a picture of our hands and something identifying the way we celebrated that year… so, to start the tradition, here’s the picture for year 1!

Year One

Year One

And for the rest of eternity, we’ll have quite the collection of pictures to share with all our loved ones…

Here’s to a lifetime of love, happiness, and new traditions…

September 22nd, 2013

September 22nd, 2013

Until Next Time,

~*~The Mrs.~*~


Happy Sweet 16th Birthday, Haley Ann!

My baby sister turns 16 today! Holy Wowza!

How she got from here….

Haley's 1st Dance Recital

Haley’s 1st Dance Recital – age 3

… to here…

Silly Face

Silly Face – age 15

… I’ll never know…

Happy Birthday, oh sweet sister of mine! I so wish I was with you to celebrate… I hope you have a fantastically, wonderful day! You deserve it!

Love always and forever,

Your Big Sis! MUAH!

The World’s A Big Place – Looking Outside of My Day-to-Day Life

A little known fact about me… I have slight obsession infatuation with the royal family. The tradition, pomp, and fairy tale…I just love it all. Over the last two years, I’ve watched closely as Prince William and Kate got engaged, then married, and most recently announced the birth of their first son, heir to the throne, baby George.

On CNN on Sunday, there was a special called “Prince William’s Passion: New Father, New Hope.” The special was mostly about his fondness and devotion for African wildlife preservation, a cause that his mother and grandmother were connected to also. Being just little ol’ me here in Oklahoma City, I don’t tend to pay much attention to things outside my day-to-day encounters. Well, let me tell you… watching this special really opened my eyes. Of course I’d heard of poaching and how terrible it was, but to see actual footage of elephants and rhinos dying from their tusks having been ripped off, is impactful, to say the least. I’m not so naive to think that I will now devote all of my time and money and energy to helping these animals and preserving this wildlife, although, I would love to be able to do this….It’s simply not my reality. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t share what I’ve learned in the hopes that someone that can do something sees this, or that others will learn about this situation and spread the word.



A year ago, Tyler and I were packing up to head to Kansas City for our wedding. Then we headed to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando for our honeymoon. While at Disney we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. One of the attractions is called the Kilimanjaro Safaris. You ride in a jeep through a “safari” replicated to be like the African wild. To see those beautiful creatures wandering in what appears to be their natural habitats, is… the… coolest… thing! Now, Tyler and I LOVE our Zoo. We’re even “Zoo Friends!” But seeing 3-4 Giraffes in a pen at the zoo, is much different compared to seeing 10-15 giraffes roaming the “savanna” alongside elephants and other African animals, even if it is constructed for tourism. (Can you imagine seeing that in real life? Bucket List anyone?)So, back to the Prince William’s Passion special… It really opened my eyes. I wasn’t expecting the special to be about his connection with Africa, I was expecting it to be about baby George and Kate. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Tyler caught the first 10 minutes with me, and I’m pretty sure we were both choked up by the shocking and horrible images of the rhinos and elephants. I know that television doesn’t even begin to do justice to the African wildlife. Even knowing that, I can’t imagine a) having to witness that in real life, or b) even having the desire to do something so horrendous to these beautiful creatures. I simply cannot fathom why anyone would think they needed the ivory from the elephants tusks and rhinos horns, more than they do.



The special opened my eyes. Like I said, I’m not so naive that I think I will run out, buy a plane ticket to African and begin my journey as a wildlife preservationist… but it doesn’t mean I can’t share my frustration and dreams that this would one day stop and that the wildlife would be protected.

So, the purpose of all this, you ask? What is something bigger than you, that you pay attention to? Is there some part of the world that your eyes have been opened to recently? You feel like you can’t do or say anything about it? You can’t make a difference, but you feel strongly about it? Or it made an impact on you?

What’s stopping you from simply spreading the word?

Isn’t that what life is all about anyways… connecting with one-another?

So, I challenge you to find something outside of your day-to-day interactions, that speaks to you. More than likely, you don’t have to go too far (remember I was wanting to learn more about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their life as new parents!)…

The world’s a big place, and I can’t make an impact everywhere, but from my seat on my couch in my living room in the middle of USA, I can share my experience that will maybe catch on to someone out there who can do something. You never know…

Until Next Time,


Goal Setting – My Mini-Happiness-Project…Coming Soon!

Hello, I’m back again! (And checkin’-in from my iPad for the first time! Woot woot!)

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I started it awhile back, and recently picked up where I left off! It’s a really fun read. It’s super easy to follow and Gretchen’s ideas are all very attainable. Not to mention she encourages readers to make your own path towards happiness. Her book simply outlines her journey.

Brief background – Gretchen wasn’t necessarily “unhappy,” just not as happy as she could be. So, naturally she embarks on a journey to change that. She spends a year making small adjustments in her life that she feels will help lead her to an overall, happier life. The book is a chronicle of this journey.

Gretchen starts each chapter by listing that month’s objective, then listing some reasonable changes aimed at the monthly objective. She then follows-up with supporting research and then tackles each of the changes one-by-one.

Each aspect that she examines has 3-5 sub-goals that she’s working on for the month. Well, that seems reasonable, right? I tend to be an “overachiever” when it comes to goal setting. I either don’t allow enough time to accomplish my desired tasks, or I think I can accomplish (read: take on) much more than I actually can.

Gretchen’s book is one of the reasons my wheels were turning yesterday. I, too, am not “unhappy,” but I also try to not be a “settler.” I’m always wondering “what’s next?” Or “what can I do better?”

I think it would be overly ambitious of me to think I could/would create and tackle a whole year-long Happiness Project of my own. I mean, what New Year’s resolution have I kept? None of late. So, why not try to tackle just 3-5 small life improvements? Ones that I can hold myself accountable to on here? Ones that will help me to become a better person? Why not?

Well, by-golly, I’m gonna do it! Only, first I would like to finish the book first. So, give me a couple of days, and I’ll check back in on my own mini-happiness-project!

Until then, how will you plan to improve YOUR happiness?

Until next time,
~*~ Megan~*~


The Wheels are Turning

Ok, Ok… so it’s been over two weeks since my last post… unacceptable, I know. 😦

But, I’ve made it back! Since rekindling my blogging ways, I feel like I can’t turn my brain off… I can post about this, I can post about that… but I just haven’t found made the time to sit down and write about ONE topic… It’s so hard to pick which one wins to be written about that day… so alas, I haven’t been writing.

Well, today, I’m just going to make myself do it… But instead of picking ONE topic, I’m going to give you 5 quick overviews of the things that have been running around in my brain the last 2+ weeks! Lucky you! 🙂

  1. Doing what you love… I. Love. Teaching. Classes at the Community Dance Center started back up a couple of weeks ago. I love seeing my little ones. Their excitement, anxiousness, imaginations, I just love it all. I also get the privilege of working with new and aspiring dance teachers. Watching both my “little ones” (as you see I affectionately call them), and the college students grow over the next year is just so exciting. Occasionally, I also get to teach the matriculating classes at OCU! This past week, I had the opportunity to teach all 3 groups – my little ones, the aspiring teachers, and the matriculating students! It was a wonderful way to end the week.


    Planning Class on a Beautiful Friday Morning

  2. Spending time with the ones you love… Tyler and I are quickly approaching our one year of marriage! (As of today, we’ve survived 51 weeks… think we can make it to the full 52? :-P) Then two short days after that we mark 8 years of dating! Wowza! And I truly love him more and more with each passing day. These anniversaries have had me day-dreaming back to this time last year and how truly magical our wedding and honeymoon were… I’m even considering a day-by-day recap of the trip to mark the anniversary… we’ll see though! 😀


    How appropriate, September (our anniversary month) has Mickey and Minnie smoochin’!

  3. And who can forget friends and family? Tyler and I made a trip to his grandma’s house for labor day weekend… at one point there were 40+ people and 10+ fur-babies! Talk about a party! It was so wonderful to see all the family together for what turned out to be a perfect picnic! Also, the past couple of weeks have allowed for multiple opportunities to spend time with friends. Engaging in long, heart-felt conversations with some of the most inspiring women I know, sure makes a girl love the life she’s living.
  4. What to do with my free time…Being a 20-something, I spend a lot of my introspective time thinking about my life-balancing act. Unfortunately, a majority of my free-time is currently spent on the couch, watching TV or movies, or checking out the cyber-sphere, i.e. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WordPress, etc. I should spend more time reading books (I’m trying), cooking, cleaning (because I enjoy organizing), being outdoors, scrapbooking (I’m way behind!), and other things that I love to do… instead, after a day at work, I find it hard to motivate myself to do anything outside of sitting on the couch and letting my mind wander, or melt into a show on TV. Not to mention, I sleep more than a newborn baby, getting at least 8-9 hours a night… However, I woke up this morning, re-downloaded the book I had been reading (The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, if you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted AND inspiring book… this is the one!), and read a couple chapters. I’ve even picked it up a time-or-two since this AM! Must be a new leaf I’m turning over! 🙂 


    Pizza Night!

  5. My plans for this blog. I think this is something I will always think about… Lately, I’ve been wondering if I wanted to eventually take it to the next step and turn it into a “business venture” if you will… I’m not sure I’m ready for that yet, but maybe one day… (Any thoughts/comments/concerns, feel free to leave them below!) And this, my friends, takes us full-circle, as to why I haven’t been blogging… But you know what? I did it. And it felt good to sit down and write again… so, maybe the lesson here is to not be so concerned with what am I going to write about, and just write. I’ll give-it-a-go, and see what happens… 

In the meantime, the laundry buzzer went off, and the empty fridge and my grumbling tummy are calling… 

Happy Sunday!

Until Next Time,