What to Expect from Megan’s Pointe

Happy Friday! 

I hope you all are anticipating the 3-day weekend as much as I am! (Although, I didn’t really remember we had the 3-day weekend until just yesterday! :-P)

Today’s post is a bit of a “cheat post,” if you will… We’re just going to look ahead to the possibilities of Megan’s Pointe…

Part of my decision to start blogging again, was teaching myself that it’s ok to put yourself out there… After my two-year hiatus from blogging, I started thinking… “well, who cares what I have to say…” So, now I’m trying to take the bull by the horns (figuratively, of course) and just jump back in… 

So, here are some things that you can expect from the new-and-improved Megan’s Pointe:

  • Insight into my life – this is probably the most prominent feature of Megan’s Pointe. In order to “put myself out there,” there needs to be a personal quality to blogging… that’s why I enjoy reading other’s blogs is because you gain a sense of who the author is through their postings. So, you can expect to learn a lot about me! 🙂
  • Marriage – Although Tyler and I have been glued to each other’s hip for almost 8-years now, we’re still learning to navigate this new way of life called marriage. “Nothing changed” when we said “I Do,” but “everything changed.” We’re learning how to be the best we can be, and how we can be there for the other. We’re not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other. So, you can expect to learn all about Tyler and I’s journey through marriage with our four-legged side-kick, Sir Dashington Clark.
  • Family – Family is super important to me. And as it stands now, most of our family (in fact, all of our family) lives long-distance to us. So, blogging is an attempt to be close to them, without actually being close. Plus, like most people, I think I have a pretty awesome family. Sure, we have our “issues,” however, I wouldn’t be who I am without them. So, you can expect to learn all about our family’s cast-of-characters, without infringing on their privacy… (Although, if you steal my phone and snap 500 “selfies” you better believe they are going to make an appearance on the blog… *ahem, Haley, ahem*) 🙂
  • The Dance Life – I am a dancer. I will always be a dancer. I am also a dance teacher. I will always be a dance teacher. I may not dance or teach dance 24-7, but its in my life 24-7. So, you can expect posts on teaching dance, on my personal dancer struggles, and just dance in general. 
  • Hot Topics – Again, in an attempt to not be afraid of putting myself out there, I’m going to attempt to put my thoughts and opinions out into cyber-world. My goal with putting my feelings into the abyss, is that I hope to not offend people, rather simply express my views from my “small corner of the world.” I want to establish a “mutual respect” in regards to expressing my opinions openly. I will never claim that I know anything for certain, or that I am the “end-all-be-all” on these matters. However, I do feel an important part of being a citizen of the world, is to be informed. So, you can expect to hear my thoughts on some “hot topics” – whether its a new book I read, a viral you-tube animal video, or simply happenings in the world –  and hopefully as I become more and more experienced in this realm, I will only get better at expressing these ideas.

So, there you have it… My plans, hopes, and dreams for blogging! I hope you will join me for this sure-to-be-exciting journey!

Until Next Time,




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