End of July?!?!

How. On. Earth. Is. It. The. End. Of. July. Already?! Where did the month go?!

I’ve been MIA because of the Summer Dance Intensive. Such a long, exhausting, exciting, and fun-filled two weeks it was! This year was much more laid back that previous years, so that was nice… we only made ONE trip to the doctor this time around (previously we’d made 3-4 per summer!). It certainly kept us busy! I was able to take a few tap and jazz classes so that was nice! 🙂 My fellow RAs and I (it was a new bunch this year) made some close connections with some of the campers… can’t wait to see them in October for the Admissions Audition! 🙂

This week was relatively “slow” until yesterday haha… I didn’t do anything yesterday, which was WONDERFUL! Today I had a meeting with my advisor about my Thesis, and tonight I’m teaching… Tomorrow I have a lunch date/appointment, then another meeting with my advisor about my Thesis and another afternoon meeting! (PHEW) Thursday, Dash has his re-check appointment for his eye… everything seems to be doing good! (Tyler was such a good Daddy while I was gone, giving Dash his drops everyday!) then I teach again Thursday night and Friday morning its off to KC! 🙂

This weekend is a jam-packed weekend in KC… I get to KC about 8:30am Friday…. I have to get my driver license renewed and then I’ll spend time with Dad and Haley, until Mom gets off work… then we’re going out to dinner for my Dad’s belated birthday dinner! Saturday, I’ve made 3 appointments for venues! I’m SO excited… I’m trying to make one more appointment, but I had to leave a message, so we’ll see if they call back! It’s worked out PERFECTLY so far… *knock on wood* I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to see all the places in one day… its about a 95 mile round trip to see all the places! 🙂 Then its back to OKC Sunday morning!

The NEXT weekend, Mom and Haley are going to swing through OKC on Thursday to pick me up and head to Dallas for Haley’s FDC Competition! So excited… I haven’t been able to see her dance all year!!!! Then we’ll be back in OKC on Saturday night and we’re going to try and see a production of A Chorus Line (a musical) at our local Lyric Theatre! (During camp we saw the companies production of Ragtime!)

Then, its just two weeks until its back to school! Crazy, crazy!

But, that’s about it in my life right now… I’ll try and do an update with pictures from camp sometime soon… we had some funny kids! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. I’m updating on “Delly” my Dell computer! We thought she had died, but apparently she works! We struggled with the microphone while Tyler and I tried to Skype while I was gone at camp… it wouldn’t work… he could hear me though… so I fiddled around with it a little today and it works! 🙂 So yay for that! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


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