Friday Wishing

Back for day 2! 🙂 And a busy day it’s been! I hadn’t really planned to be ubber productive today, but somehow that happened… not sure exactly how!

First, I wanted to share some things on my “wish list” at the moment…

First up… My birthday is right around the corner… (August 16th for the big 2-3! Yikes!)

I’ve seen 3 people with these shoes, and I’ve decided I need a pair. I don’t own a pair of toms currently, but these wedges are just too cute and versatile. I also don’t own a pair of wedges, but these are just too cute to pass up…

Aren’t they cute? Toms also has a wedding section! I don’t know how I feel about wearing them on my wedding day but I do love how each purchase of shoes gives a pair of shoes to a child in need! Such a neat idea! 🙂 (Pictures from

Speaking of weddings… my wedding has been on my mind a LOT lately – today especially! Tyler would tell you I’ve become CONSUMED by our wedding… I beg to differ… I think it’s only natural to start thinking about it… I mean, come on… I’ve dreamed about this day my WHOLE. ENTIRE. LIFE! 🙂 Nonetheless, I have been productive in regards to our upcoming day! (By upcoming, I mean still over a year away… but, hey, a girl’s gotta plan!)

1) I made a preliminary guest list last night… with some of tyler’s help… and I sent it out to my mom, grandma and Tyler’s mom this morning for them to take a look over it and to adjust any mistakes/omissions they saw. We are needing to get this preliminary list together so that we can find a venue! 🙂 And just like I suspected… the list grows very quickly, despite trying to keep it small! 🙂

2) After making this list, I got just too excited, so I pulled out my super secret CD of wedding dress trying-ons to see *MY DRESS!* There are pictures on the salon’s website, but they simply don’t do it justice! So I drooled over that for a while… only to tuck them away safely. 🙂 (Tyler can’t see it until THE day! duh.)

3) I received some information from a potential vender. This phone call/ email made me realize that this was what I needed to spend my day doing… again… duh! 🙂

4) I booked my flight to KC at the end of the month to go venue shopping! My plan is to make an appointment with 3 locations. I have researched some, now I just need to narrow down. I’ll only be in town for the weekend, so we’ll be tight, but I don’t want to have 5 million options to pick from.. so three it’ll be!

How does this all fit in you ask? Well, I wish it was September 22nd, 2012 already! 🙂 (This is the day we’re shooting for… Mark your calendars! Ha!)

Other than that, not much “wishing” going on here…. I’ve been busy organizing, cleaning, and filing… I finally put my jewelry in its rightful place after our move 2 months ago 🙂 Tyler has a big meeting down at the Union Hall tonight so I’m just trying to stay busy before he gets back. We finished Dexter Season 3 tonight… Tyler suggested I go pick up Season 4 while he was gone… but we decided to wait until tomorrow when we run our other errands – including getting me another pair of sunglasses…. after I just replaced a pair LITERALLY two weeks ago… both pairs broke in the SAME place… ugh!

Other than that… it’s been a nice productive day! 🙂 (And a historical one at that… with the last shuttle launch and I just saw Betty Ford passed away at 93 today… crazy.)

Well, sorry for boring you with my day dreaming… Tyler asked what I was going to obsess over after our wedding… Am I really THAT bad? Is this normal? Haha! To show how “under control” my obsession is, I think I’ll go start narrowing down my venue selections until Tyler gets home! 🙂

Until Next Time,


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