End of July?!?!

How. On. Earth. Is. It. The. End. Of. July. Already?! Where did the month go?!

I’ve been MIA because of the Summer Dance Intensive. Such a long, exhausting, exciting, and fun-filled two weeks it was! This year was much more laid back that previous years, so that was nice… we only made ONE trip to the doctor this time around (previously we’d made 3-4 per summer!). It certainly kept us busy! I was able to take a few tap and jazz classes so that was nice! 🙂 My fellow RAs and I (it was a new bunch this year) made some close connections with some of the campers… can’t wait to see them in October for the Admissions Audition! 🙂

This week was relatively “slow” until yesterday haha… I didn’t do anything yesterday, which was WONDERFUL! Today I had a meeting with my advisor about my Thesis, and tonight I’m teaching… Tomorrow I have a lunch date/appointment, then another meeting with my advisor about my Thesis and another afternoon meeting! (PHEW) Thursday, Dash has his re-check appointment for his eye… everything seems to be doing good! (Tyler was such a good Daddy while I was gone, giving Dash his drops everyday!) then I teach again Thursday night and Friday morning its off to KC! 🙂

This weekend is a jam-packed weekend in KC… I get to KC about 8:30am Friday…. I have to get my driver license renewed and then I’ll spend time with Dad and Haley, until Mom gets off work… then we’re going out to dinner for my Dad’s belated birthday dinner! Saturday, I’ve made 3 appointments for venues! I’m SO excited… I’m trying to make one more appointment, but I had to leave a message, so we’ll see if they call back! It’s worked out PERFECTLY so far… *knock on wood* I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to see all the places in one day… its about a 95 mile round trip to see all the places! 🙂 Then its back to OKC Sunday morning!

The NEXT weekend, Mom and Haley are going to swing through OKC on Thursday to pick me up and head to Dallas for Haley’s FDC Competition! So excited… I haven’t been able to see her dance all year!!!! Then we’ll be back in OKC on Saturday night and we’re going to try and see a production of A Chorus Line (a musical) at our local Lyric Theatre! (During camp we saw the companies production of Ragtime!)

Then, its just two weeks until its back to school! Crazy, crazy!

But, that’s about it in my life right now… I’ll try and do an update with pictures from camp sometime soon… we had some funny kids! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. I’m updating on “Delly” my Dell computer! We thought she had died, but apparently she works! We struggled with the microphone while Tyler and I tried to Skype while I was gone at camp… it wouldn’t work… he could hear me though… so I fiddled around with it a little today and it works! 🙂 So yay for that! 🙂 Happy Tuesday!


Friday Wishing

Back for day 2! 🙂 And a busy day it’s been! I hadn’t really planned to be ubber productive today, but somehow that happened… not sure exactly how!

First, I wanted to share some things on my “wish list” at the moment…

First up… My birthday is right around the corner… (August 16th for the big 2-3! Yikes!)

I’ve seen 3 people with these shoes, and I’ve decided I need a pair. I don’t own a pair of toms currently, but these wedges are just too cute and versatile. I also don’t own a pair of wedges, but these are just too cute to pass up…

Aren’t they cute? Toms also has a wedding section! I don’t know how I feel about wearing them on my wedding day but I do love how each purchase of shoes gives a pair of shoes to a child in need! Such a neat idea! 🙂 (Pictures from http://www.toms.com)

Speaking of weddings… my wedding has been on my mind a LOT lately – today especially! Tyler would tell you I’ve become CONSUMED by our wedding… I beg to differ… I think it’s only natural to start thinking about it… I mean, come on… I’ve dreamed about this day my WHOLE. ENTIRE. LIFE! 🙂 Nonetheless, I have been productive in regards to our upcoming day! (By upcoming, I mean still over a year away… but, hey, a girl’s gotta plan!)

1) I made a preliminary guest list last night… with some of tyler’s help… and I sent it out to my mom, grandma and Tyler’s mom this morning for them to take a look over it and to adjust any mistakes/omissions they saw. We are needing to get this preliminary list together so that we can find a venue! 🙂 And just like I suspected… the list grows very quickly, despite trying to keep it small! 🙂

2) After making this list, I got just too excited, so I pulled out my super secret CD of wedding dress trying-ons to see *MY DRESS!* There are pictures on the salon’s website, but they simply don’t do it justice! So I drooled over that for a while… only to tuck them away safely. 🙂 (Tyler can’t see it until THE day! duh.)

3) I received some information from a potential vender. This phone call/ email made me realize that this was what I needed to spend my day doing… again… duh! 🙂

4) I booked my flight to KC at the end of the month to go venue shopping! My plan is to make an appointment with 3 locations. I have researched some, now I just need to narrow down. I’ll only be in town for the weekend, so we’ll be tight, but I don’t want to have 5 million options to pick from.. so three it’ll be!

How does this all fit in you ask? Well, I wish it was September 22nd, 2012 already! 🙂 (This is the day we’re shooting for… Mark your calendars! Ha!)

Other than that, not much “wishing” going on here…. I’ve been busy organizing, cleaning, and filing… I finally put my jewelry in its rightful place after our move 2 months ago 🙂 Tyler has a big meeting down at the Union Hall tonight so I’m just trying to stay busy before he gets back. We finished Dexter Season 3 tonight… Tyler suggested I go pick up Season 4 while he was gone… but we decided to wait until tomorrow when we run our other errands – including getting me another pair of sunglasses…. after I just replaced a pair LITERALLY two weeks ago… both pairs broke in the SAME place… ugh!

Other than that… it’s been a nice productive day! 🙂 (And a historical one at that… with the last shuttle launch and I just saw Betty Ford passed away at 93 today… crazy.)

Well, sorry for boring you with my day dreaming… Tyler asked what I was going to obsess over after our wedding… Am I really THAT bad? Is this normal? Haha! To show how “under control” my obsession is, I think I’ll go start narrowing down my venue selections until Tyler gets home! 🙂

Until Next Time,

4th of July Trip and More

Hello, Hello! I’m back again.. Not on a Wednesday… and I missed a week… whoops. Nothing too excited happened in the “off week” but last weekend we took a trip to Warsaw, MO to my Grandma’s Cabin. I hadn’t been there in YEARS (literally a decade), and Haley doesn’t think she’s ever been there… at least not that she could remember, so we decided to meet “in the middle” for the 4th of July! It was an exciting trip to say the least…
First, I didn’t realize Warsaw was closer to KC than it is to OKC.. by far. It was almost the exact same milage as heading to KC… hm. To make things “better” our “should-have-been” 6 hour trip turned into an 8-hour-hellacious event. Apparently there were two huge wrecks on the highway that required us to be detoured off our main road, through an itty-bitty town… the detour was only 3.5 miles… it actually took us 2 hours to get through and back on our path… gross. Tyler and I were NOT happy campers about this… especially since we had left 2 hours earlier to surprise my family by arriving around 10… we made it at midnight… so it was right to bed for us.. only Dash kept us up all night because of the strange environment and an air-mattress that had a hole. (Haley and Brooke slept on it Saturday night and by the time they woke up, it was COMPLETELY flat.. haha!)
Saturday we got up early and headed to town to go grocery shopping… Our mini-vacation included myself, Tyler, Dash, Haley, her friend Brooke, my mom, my grandma, and my aunt Kathy… the cabin has a fully equipped kitchen so we decided it would best to chip in money and get groceries to cook… after grocery shopping we headed to the lake. Haley, Brooke, Tyler, my Mom, and I spent 3-4 hours at the lake… we had a BLAST… I got a little sun but nothing that was too traumatic! 
Saturday night we went and saw a firework show… it was pretty pathetic actually… we waited an hour for a 20 minute show… but it was good quality time with family and we got to see a pretty lightning show before. 
Sunday we were going to go to the pool in the housing development, but it was closed so we planned to head to the lake, until the only toilet in the cabin broke… BUMMER. My grandma and Aunt decided to head home, but the rest of us decided we would tough it out and drive a short distance to the lake’s marinia bathroom. No big deal. So instead of the pool or lake, we decided to take a trip to Bagnell Dam in Ozark City. My mom went there on her Senior Trip in high school.. apparently it was the “it” place before Branson. So we hopped in the car… about 1.5 hours later we arrived. It was a cute little town and we had fun. We got rained on as we were walking back to the car, but whats a little rain huh? It actually made the temps drop. The rest of the evening included cooking out and game playing. 
Monday we got all packed up and cleaned up and headed on the road. We were on the highway at about 8:30am (just in case traffic was bad)… Tyler and I decided since we got an early start, that we would make a 10 mile detour to my Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Cecil’s house… it was great to see them, even if only for a few hours… We hadn’t seen them since Christmas! No good. Then after a short visit, we headed the rest of the way home. 
During the trip, there were TONS of deer wandering through the neighborhood… here are some pics of the sweet baby deer that obviously weren’t afraid of the people in the neighborhood! So sweet! 🙂

During the trip, something happened to Dash’s good eye (he only has one eye). We’re not entirely sure what happened, he might have poked it on a blade of grass, a rock? a bug? the options are endless. He didn’t seem to be in pain, and he was still playing, so we didn’t try and rush him to an emergency vet. We decided unless it got worse, we were going to try and wait until we got home to take him to our regular vet. Dr. said there was something wrong… he could tell it was inflamed so he recommended us to an eye specialist. We just had the appointment this morning. Thankfully Dash’s eye had been clearing up since “the incident” whatever that may have been. The eye specialist said there is some scarring on his eye- from what? we don’t know… some of the scarring looks older and some looks more new. We have some eye drops to give him until our follow up in 3-weeks that we hope will clear up the scarring and send us on our merry-way. She said its probably like wearing smudgy glasses and that he either has, or will, learn to just see around it… hopefully the scarring goes away but its a better prognosis than Tyler and I had worked ourselves up to… (Don’t worry, we were convinced he was going to be blind by the end of the week, and I even though about adjusting this blog to be about dealing with an injured pet.. Thank goodness it’s not that serious!) Long story short… here is Dash enjoying his vacation! 🙂

Last but not least.. on our way back to the cabin from Bagnell Dam, we stopped at Ha Ha Tonka State Park to see the Castle Ruins. My mom had been to the ruins in college and said she and her friends dreamed up this Monty Python type movie plot around the castle, so she insisted we make the pit-stop… Here are some really cool pictures from our stop at the Castle Ruins… The castle burnt in the 1940s I think… Still very cool… 

This was the view from one of the “resting areas” on the path to the castle ruins… looking over the lake.. so pretty! 🙂

This was the water tower for the castle. The caretakers families lived in this tower. 

Overall, its was a great trip… it was a little dramatic at times, but I’m glad it turned out fine in the end. It was nice to see the family.
Now, I’m finishing my class for the summer (I’m still working on stuff through Graduation basically, however class scheduled meetings are over until its back-to-school.. for. the. last. time!) I’ve also been engulfed in the Casey Anthony trial. No comment. I’ve been teaching too, and next week its off to the Summer Intensive for 2-weeks! Yay!
I’m trying to plan a trip to KC in July for some Wedding planning, maybe a trip to Dallas, and then maybe a camping/canoeing/visiting Grandma and Grandpa trip all before school starts… Talk. About. Busy! But Summer is the time to have fun and do everything you can’t do when school starts! Haha!
Well, that’s about all for now… Teaching and To-Do List tackling tonight! 
Until Next Time,