Memorial Day Weekend Fun!

Ok. So I realize this was two weeks ago, but I still wanted to share this one thing with everyone… I’m sure my mother will love that I’m sharing this with the world, but she’ll get over it… that’s what you get when you REFUSE to get a Facebook (despite the fact your MOTHER-IN-LAW has one, even! Love you Momma!) 😉

So, when Mom and Haley came to visit, I mentioned we made a trip to the Zoo. First off. Tyler and I LOVE the Zoo. It’s always so fun to see the animals and we generally have a pretty good visit with the animals being active instead of hiding in their caves and whatnot.

Well, when Mom and Haley came… we had the BEST luck with the animals. They were all SO active and entertaining! We went around 9am, when the Zoo opens, so it wasn’t too hot yet and they weren’t too tired so they were full of entertaining energy! 🙂

Well, when we got to the Chimpanzees’ exhibit, we had a fun surprise in store. All the chimpanzees were in the shade so they could be seen close up from the “indoor” exhibit. While we stood there watching the animals with a large crowd, one chimp locked eyes with my mother. She began to wave at the chimp and he, in response, started to bob his head up and down at the same speed my mom was waving. After a few seconds of this excitement, he got off his log and RUSHED to the glass window, making all the spectators besides my mom take a few steps back. Well, this guy, came RIGHT UP TO THE WINDOW, and my mom kneeled down and started puckering up to the chimp. You’ll never believe it, but the chimp PUCKERED UP RIGHT BACK! They were practically kissing despite the glass between them. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Everyone else was hooting and hollering as well. It was so funny!

Luckily, during all the madness I was able to capture this precious gem, to show my father his stiff competition, since he missed out on the trip! So, here’s the funniest picture you’ll ever see.. ok, maybe not EVER, but still… it was a funny adventure…

As for my to-do list from yesterday, because I know you’re so concerned as to whether or not I accomplished it, right? I was able to get a majority of it done! Of course there are still things to be done, but I was able to get a good start on it anyways! So yay for productivity! 🙂
Happy Sunday!
Until Next Time,

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