Back Again!

Hello, Hello!

I’m back again… and at 7:15am on a Saturday Morning (I don’t even teach today!) So why am I up this early on a Saturday, you ask? Well a couple of reasons (which won’t make your life any more exciting, I promise.)

Reason #1: Wednesday night I was up until about 1:30am working on stuff for school, so come Thursday night, I was exhausted. Since I don’t have class on Friday, I was able to sleep from about 9pm to 9am. When I did wake up on Thursday morning, I could tell A) I had gotten too much sleep, and B) that I wasn’t going to be able to do anything productive because of sleeping so much, I still felt groggy.

Reason #2: Tyler had to work today and decided he was going to get donuts for the guys… so he offered to get me some too… and we had a coupon for a free iced coffee. So, Tyler headed to Dunkin Donuts this morning and returned with my breakfast.

Reason #3: I made this To-Do list on Thursday night, of things that I could/wanted to get accomplished before heading back to class next week….

So that, my friends, is why I woke up shortly after 6am today! 🙂

Since my last update, I’ve been staying busy with a visit from Mom and Haley, Dad was working and couldn’t make it (boo.), performance time for the studio, and school.

Mom, Haley, Tyler, and I, had a lot of fun on their oh-so-short visit. We spent our time swimming, going to the Zoo to see our new baby elephant!, and catching up. It was so wonderful to see them! It had been since JANUARY, when I was home having doctors appointments and finding my wedding dress, since I’ve seen them! It was a great visit, but of course, way-too-short! We’re trying to figure out a plan for a visit sooner than that… possibly in July for the 4th and I will need to get up to KC in August to get my license renewed and to do wedding planning… We’re almost a year out now! 🙂

Performance for Classical Ballet was last Friday! We were doing Beauty and the Beast! I was in-charge of the little ones (my Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes), until the Friday/Saturday before. Our Stage Manager had something come up at the last minute and we weren’t able to find anyone who was available before dress rehearsal to see the show. (The Stage Manager of a show is a VERY important component. He/She is often overlooked in terms of importance. It’s the equivalent of having a symphony orchestra, without a conductor. Just doesn’t work). Well, I have had some Stage Management experience through school – I was the Assistant Stage Manager for a show a couple of years ago, I was the Stage Manager for the Dance Performance Senior Solo Examinations, and I’ve held practically every backstage job with my time at school (remember, I’ve been in school for going on 6 years now!). So, Kate and I decided that I would be the new Stage Manager. Since I had the experience and I was familiar with the show, and what Kate was wanting for the technical aspects, we figured it wouldn’t be anything too traumatizing. I was really excited to do it because I’ve been wanting to get more experience in Stage Managing, and now I was able to get “real-world” experience. I wasn’t able to be present for the “cueing” and “load-in” of the show on Thursday because of school, so Kate was able to find someone to help us… someone who I had had tons of backstage experience with at OCU! We made a great team! 🙂

Jumping to the end of the show… the show was wonderful. It went really well, I was asked for my business card from the crew, so I was very flattered by that! 🙂 (Especially since it was only my 2nd “Stage Manager” position!) We had a couple of “issues” during the show, some that ended up funny to the audience and couldn’t have necessarily been fixed on our side, prevented… yes… fixed mid-happening? Nope. For instance, we had two curtains on the stage to hide a scene change… one of the curtains was see through and it was in front of the non-see-through curtain. Little did we know, that the small space between the two curtains was exactly where the little ones’ spots were. (To bring the little ones on, we had them hold a rope, with a black tape spot where they needed to stand in order to be evenly spaced on the stage. They were to hold the rope, until they were positioned, and then the rope would be removed by the teachers and helpers and the dancers would “magically appear.”) Unfortunately, the little ones entered between the two curtains – fully visible to the audience, rope and all. So our “magical transformation” wasn’t so magical. Oh well, the audience enjoyed it and found it quite adorable… as did we, after getting over the initial shock. 🙂

To add insult to injury… after the dance was completed, we had the curtains come back to hide their “reorganization” for the bows after the song was over. To make sure this happened, we had assigned an older girl (7-9 years old) to help the little creative movement kiddos (3-4 years old). Well, one couple didn’t remember to move back to where they would be behind the curtains, and once again, got stuck between the two curtains (again, visible to the audience). Another chuckle ensued, and when I thought the elder of the two sat down to “wait for someone to tell her how to get off stage” she decided to lead the little one UNDER the other curtain. It was an absolutely darling moment. The things that make recitals precious. Ha.

Other than that… the show was FABULOUS. Rave reviews from parents and friends! 🙂

And lastly, school. This was my LAST WEEK for one of my classes. I had a project due on Wednesday and a Final on Thursday. After only 4 weeks of summer classes, I have finished my “crash course” in Managing a Non-Profit Dance Organization! 🙂 Now. I only have my Thesis Prep. class that goes until July 8th! How crazy is that?! So now, I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays for one hour! So my wonderful 3-day weekends have now become 4-day weekends with a day off in-between classes! This is the life! 🙂

Luckily, our pool was reopened after some “vandalized” occurred last weekend (one of the drain covers came off, and the office said someone “stuff things in the drain.” They drained the pool Monday, refilled in by Wednesday, cleaned in Thursday and reopened it on Friday… really I think it was done to keep me focused on my homework.. otherwise I may not have survived this week!)

Tyler and I have also discovered the workout facility at our new apartment. It has a treadmill, a stair-master, a stationary bicycle, and a multi-purpose weight lifting station. Tyler and I headed over there Thursday night. I did a mile on the bicycle, half a mile on the stair-master, and half a mile on the treadmill, plus some reps on the weight station. It was fun, and I was exhausted. I haven’t really been active since school got out.. I was needing some movement/exercise. I really need a dance class.

Last night, we headed to the pool for a good 45 minutes when Tyler got home. They had just opened it back up around 3pm and NO ONE had headed over there! Thinking the water was going to be FREEZING since they drained it, we cautiously ventured down there… the water was actually WARMER than it had been… so we stayed longer than planned. After that, we headed to academy, got tennis rackets and tennis balls, and a new swimsuit for me. Then we headed to our tennis court and played tennis with Dashy for a while! (He LOVED chasing the tennis ball around the court, partly because it is just a larger version of one of his favorite toys!) Tyler and I had a blast! Looks like we’re going to have a pretty active summer… who knew I would enjoy sports… I was definitely the girl who stood in the back of gym and didn’t really participate. Like. At all. Whoops. 🙂

Another exciting adventure for this summer is my new project/soon-to-be-obsession: Rhinestones! My boss and good friend, Kate, is a Rhinestone Queen! Well, in the preparations for Beauty and the Beast, we were making some last minute props, which included the Menu for the “Be Our Guest” scene. We decided to spruce it up a bit by adding rhinestones to the letters. I had a blast. So, I decided to buy some of my own and I did! 🙂 I’m planning to rhinestone my phone, but I didn’t get enough of the rhinestones that I wanted to use. (Good thing I laid them all out before starting to glue them!) So I’ll need to order a few more/ find a few more, in order to do that. But I also tried out rhinestoning something else to see if Tyler would let me. He said no, but I still thought it was pretty. (I didn’t glue them down, I just laid them out to see if he would let me and snapped this picture so my laptop doesn’t look this sparkly unfortunately.) So here is my “starter kit,” as I’ve called it (I think rhinestone venders should have this available to customers, they’d make big bucks!) and one of my first, and unsuccessful, projects! 🙂

Ok, enough boring you. If you made it this far… props to you! 🙂 I’m off to accomplish my to-do list and have an exciting Saturday! 🙂
Until Next Time,
P.S. If you made it this far… you deserve a treat… so I’ve got another picture for you! While wondering through Walmart last weekend, we saw this and I’m pretty sure I just about died laughing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…
🙂 Happy Saturday!

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