Random Visual Depiction of the Past Month

Hello, Hello!
It’s been yet another month, come and gone, since I’ve updated. (sorry…). Life has actually been pretty busy so I have a good “excuse” this time. With moving and getting back into the swing of things at school, and performance time coming up right around the corner, my time has been pretty much occupied constantly! At least I’m here with pictures! 🙂
These are pictures from the last couple of weeks… in no particular order… nor are they necessarily exciting to anyone… but here they are nonetheless, a visual depiction of our past view weeks! 🙂 Enjoy.
Tyler was able to *SQUEEZE* my 6-foot tall bookshelf into the back of his car… luckily we only moved 3 blocks from our old apartment, and it was all on VERY secluded back streets… so we decided to brave the move this way… it made it in one piece, thankfully… oh the joys of moving! 🙂
After some storms moved through this past week, this was the view I had on my way home from school.. beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds… and SUNSHINE… such a beautiful day. 
Dashy just chillin’ on our new couch… more pictures that precede this… 

Dashy sunbathing at our new place… we’re right by the pool, and Dash isn’t a huge fan of people being down there… so he was yelling at the guy cleaning it one day and just gave up I think… 

Dash and I taking a break during our move. Look at all that crap! Dash and I were pooped from packing all this stuff…. moving is harder work than I expected… yikes!

While packing up (as seen in the picture above), I decided we need to just leave our old futon behind and think about getting a “big kid couch.” Tyler, who had used our futon as his bed from the age of 14 until we moved to Oklahoma, and then it was used as our couch for the past 5 years…(we think it also belonged to his sister for a time before he got it)… agreed that leaving it behind was a good idea and that if need be, we would live without a couch for a month or so…So, he decided to destroy the futon before dumping it in the dumpster. He terrorized the thing.. and here he is, and it is, in all their glory… 

Our first night at the new place was spent sleeping on the futon (pictured above) mattresses in the living room because we weren’t getting help moving, or a truck for that matter, until the next night… Dashy was glad we were finally sitting down and not running around for a few minutes… he seemed very lonely by all the packing… and nervous… he was glad to have SOME normalcy… and ready for a good long night’s sleep.

Our new couch! We decided, very quickly, that we needed a couch much sooner than a month out… so we headed to Mathis Brothers and picked out this extremely comfortable couch! I wanted the “chocolate” colored couch, but Tyler insisted on the Toffee colored… so that’s what we got haha.. I like it all the same though… its still just as comfortable… and best of all… 

It’s a SLEEPER! So Mom and Haley are coming to try it out this weekend! They’ll be here tomorrow… SO excited! 🙂

As mentioned previously… we had some bad storms roll through earlier this week… on Tyler’s 23rd Birthday actually! So we hid out in the closet… my Mom didn’t believe that we were taking the storms seriously enough, so we snapped this picture in our “shelter” to prove we really were hunkered down with pillows and all… I think it’s a fun picture. 🙂

Back tracking… The night we got our keys (which was a day later than planned) for our new place, we had to scurry to hook up the TV and entertainment center because the cable company was coming out first thing in the morning… Here is Dash trying to offer his expert advice to Tyler 🙂

As mentioned, Tyler’s birthday was on Tuesday of this week… So I surprised him by decorating our kitchen window and baking him, a very good if I might add, cake! This was the picture I sent our families before adding the cake to inform them of “Operation: Birthday Surprise” as I dubbed it. The little poop was on the phone when Dash and I jumped out yelling surprise, had to blow out his candles while on the phone because the “2” from “23” was turning into a very melted “2”… so he didn’t even get to appreciate it in it’s entirety… oh well.. I had fun! 🙂

And this. Is our view from our balcony. ahhh…. so relaxing. 🙂
So friends… this is what has been keeping me so busy… we still have a little reorganizing to do, but we were so burnt out from moving that we decided we’ll do it eventually (which means probably when we move again haha)… between this and school we’ve been busy!
But I’m so excited for Mom and Haley to get here TOMORROW! Hopefully I’ll get to do a post soon where I give you a picture “tour” of the new place… just need to find the time!
Until Next Time,



The Spring Semester has come and gone. I’m officially on my “one-week-summer-vacation.” (Don’t worry, I get another, and a longer break, after summer classes!)

I’ve certainly been busy… and I come bearing pictures! 🙂 In no particular order…

*Our LAST rent check to our current apartment! We get our keys on WEDNESDAY!!! 🙂 *

*Tyler and I on our way to my school’s Tribute to the Stars Banquet… this makes Tyler and I’s 5th Banquet… it’s obviously his favorite time of the year! 🙂 *

*Belts and Bows that I made (without a pattern I might add) for Leigh Anne’s Thesis Production! I was very proud of these puppies! 🙂 *

*Dashy in his cone from the previous post.. turns out it might not have been a splinter after all… rather an allergy of some sort… we don’t really know.. but it’s gone now and so is this darn collar!*

*Dashy laying on the couch with Tyler*

*Devon Tower… where Tyler works now!*

*Tyler and I in our new, and AWESOME, IBEW T-shirts!*

*Weird Sky that we saw while out running errands one night* 
So that’s been our last month or so… There was a fun, impromptu trip to the zoo, finals, and thats about it! 🙂 I’ll try and better about updating… although, I say that all the time. Right now… I’m just trying to not be too antsy about our move on Wednesday… I just want to start moving… NOW! 🙂
Well, that’s all for now… I’ll try to come back before I start back to school next Monday with a moving update! 🙂
Until Next Time,