Life Changes!

Hello, hello!

It’s been a while… but I’m back… without pictures. I’m sorry.

As the title says, Tyler and I, and our little family, are beginning to experience some life changes as our life pushes us forward. I’m terribly sorry but this post might be very vague (intentionally), but we’re making some big decisions at the moment that will inevitably take on us on this winding path of life!

The changes:

1) Tyler recently started a new job. He is officially a member of the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)… YAY… he is now getting benefits including medical, dental, and starting a 401K plan! YIKES! But thank-goodness… so now.. when he dislocates his jaw again, we can actually go to the ER and not leave broke. Haha… My mother, who said we “weren’t allowed to get married until Tyler has health insurance” is now one happy-camper! 🙂 He seems to really enjoy the new job… although he is quite exhausted frequently. He is working on the Devon Tower in OKC… a building that will eventually stand 53 stories high! We drove down to this job a week or so ago and it is MASSIVE, and it’s not even finished yet! Crazy.

2) After explaining our reasoning to the corporate manager, Tyler and I have been released from our lease agreement as of May 31st (it was supposed to last until July 31st) without any penalties. We found an apartment complex we like and we began the application process today. We will officially get our keys to the new apartment on May 11th! Crazy! And we’ll have until the end of the month to be out of our current apartment. I’m so excited for new scenery and a change of pace! Plus, our new apartment is right next to one of the complex’s pools… just in time for summer!!! (There might actually be hope for me getting tan this summer!)

3) In one month, I will begin my Thesis Process. !??! There are many mixed emotions associated with this reality! For starters, I made a huge “big-girl” decision a couple of weeks ago, in regards to my thesis, that I am so excited, nervous, and anxious about! (I won’t share details just yet). Nonetheless… this means I’m on my last leg of school! How is that possible?! A year ago, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree… and I was TERRIFIED of entering the “real-working” world. Now. I’m ready. I’m ready to start my thesis. Excited for that journey, and ready to get paid to do what I love, and what I know I was meant to do.

It’s going to be a crazy next month or so… but I’m excited to see what else life brings our way. Oh, yeah. And we have to plan a wedding in here somewhere… haha… We’ll get there when we can! 🙂

In other news, Dash is battling a splinter in his paw. The object isn’t in his foot anymore, but he wouldn’t leave it alone so Tyler took him to the vet and they gave him (dun, dun, dun), an E-Collar (or the “cone” collar) to keep him from it. He is miserable. He had to wear a cone when he had his eye problems, and I’m pretty sure the poor thing is officially traumatized. BUT, as I reminded Tyler, at least this time the cone is for a darn splinter, and not because he lost an eye. I mean, really – it could be, and has been, worse. So I’m thankful its just a splinter. And being the “soft” parents we are, we can’t stand to his him so miserable, so we haven’t kept the collar on him today and just monitored him. He was MISERABLE last night and kept both Tyler and I up because he couldn’t get comfortable with the collar on… I’m praying for better night’s sleep tonight (and hopefully we won’t have to put the cone back on him!)!

Other than that… back to school tomorrow for the beginning of the last 3 weeks of Spring classes! Yikes!

Until Next Time,