Saturday Ramblings

Look at that! I’m back… Twice in one week! It’s a miracle I tell you! 🙂
Not only am I back, but I’m back with PICTURES! Whoa! Look-out… a new Megan has arrived! (Ok, let’s not get TOO carried away!) But my previous update did spark my desire to keep you all informed… Is anyone even out there?! 🙂
So here you are… Update #2 of Spring Break! 🙂
As I mentioned in my previous post, Tyler and I went to get my Engagement Ring cleaned the same night I got my hair cut. I took a before and after picture… can you tell the difference?
Tyler had to work today, so I, once again, worked on some homework! Yay. Such an exciting life! (The sad part? I actually enjoy doing that haha.) Today was also Tyler’s last day with his current company… He has officially been offered a position through the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – aka – “the Union”)! Long story short – he’s been trying to get in with them for a while through a deal that was taking too long and starting Wednesday he will begin work for them! Finally! 🙂 So to celebrate… and to get me out of the house… we went to the movies tonight! 🙂 I was super excited to get all dressed up and style my hair for the “first” time with the intent of being in public! (I had styled it just to “train” my bangs, but nothing TOO fancy since I knew only Tyler and Dash would be witness to my hairdo… or don’t 😉 ) So, here it is… the fully styled look! 🙂

I never went back and had them “fix” it to straight bangs… I have done a little snipping myself (*gulp*) and I’ve decided to just let it be until I go get it cut again! 🙂 (And as you can see, I did NOT clean the bathroom mirror… sorry…)
On our way to Date Night, we stopped by campus so I could return a couple of movies and books to the library… (Closed at 7pm, I walked in at 6:40pm… Procrastinator much?) Low and behold, upon our arrival, NUBBY showed up! I have mentioned Nubby – our campus’ tail-less squirrel before but this time Tyler got to see him! Isn’t he cute? I tried to get some other pictures but he’s a quick one. I managed to get literally his back foot and, in another shot, him climbing up the backside of a light pole… needless to say, this is the best I could do. 🙂 Isn’t he cute?!

For Date Night we saw The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. It was a really good movie that sparked a very philosophical conversation between Tyler and I. Very interesting to think about, and a really great movie. 🙂 I’m pretty sure we also bought out the concession stand… Instead of “dinner and a movie,” we did “dinner IN a movie.” We brought our “loyalty” cups, got a bag of popcorn, a mega-cinnamon pretzel for me, and a mini pizza and cheese sticks for Tyler… $25 later, we were set! Ha. We had a fun time though.
And lastly, as I’m sure you’re all aware… tonight was the “Super Moon!” and we caught a glimpse of it! It was big, and it was bright! Very cool and glad I am able to say “I saw it!”

Tomorrow is the usual Sunday routine… laundry (the first day I will have to wake up “early” during the break)… grocery shopping, Walmart run, and more homework. It’s like the first day of school all over again… and yes, I’ll probably get the nervous-anxiety… still after 18 years of school, I get butterflies when going back… yuck. So… off to get some more homework done…
Until Next Time,

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