Exciting News! (But NO photos… sorry)

I’ve been holding out to make this “announcement,” an announcement that probably only really interests me and my family… but still… it’s exciting news to me! 🙂

I ordered my wedding dress today! 🙂

And no, you can’t see a picture! 🙂 I will, however, tell you about the amazing experience of finding “the one!” (“The one” being my dress, this time, of course!)

I went to KC last week for doctor’s appointments before the semester was to begin. Of course my appointments were all spread out throughout the week, so I had lots of down time. Momma took the week off to spend time with me so we could do fun things! (And we did! We saw Burlesque, and The Tourist – second time for me – did shopping, eating, and mainly just hanging out!)

We had mentioned going dress shopping when I decided to make this trip to KC, so I knew it was a possibility! (Backstory: Tyler and I are not getting married until September of 2012. That’s two years away.   I had “attempted” to begin the planning process, only to be “shot” down -love you mom!- because the wedding is still just so far out, it’s silly to plan ahead…. so mentioning wedding dress shopping, I just felt “yeah, ok, that’ll be fun,” because I wasn’t sure we’d really go! Haha) Present day: Wednesday we decided to go looking at dresses. I had previously mentioned I wasn’t sure if I was ready to try them on yet because “what if I found THE dress, and it’s OBVIOUSLY too early to buy it and worry about alterations” so I didn’t want to get in that situation and have to hold off my excitement. Plus, I had seen a lot of dresses on theknot.com that I liked and wanted to see what the REAL dresses looked like, versus the pictures.

So to the bridal store we went. We just walked in, without an appointment. Upon arrival, they had me fill out an information form – name, birthday, groom’s information (WEIRD!), bridal party numbers, etc. Of course, minus Tyler and I, most of the information is “hypothetical” at this point. We were just going to look. After the business was taken care of, we were told we were more than welcome to browse and if anything caught our eye, or we had questions, that a consultant would be available to help us. As we started to walk off I hear “Megan?!” Low and behold, a girl Tyler and I went to high school with works at the store! So we caught up a bit and then went our ways.

Mom and I browsed the dresses, finding some BEAUTIFUL dresses and some… well… not. Different, I should say. There were a couple that I was like “Oh yeah, like THIS! I like this one” or “that’s pretty,” and “I could see that working!” Until, I saw this one dress. “Ok, I guess we can try some on… it won’t hurt anything right?”

So we found the store manager, who decided it would be a great idea to put me with my friend, Hannah, from high school! So I showed her the dresses I wanted to try on and we found a dressing room! (Superstitious? I was directly across from dressing room 22!) I had picked out 5 dresses that I really liked. So, Hannah pulled them for me to try on.

Dress Number 1: Stunning. Very formal. Beading. Lace. Simply gorgeous. I rated it a 9 out of 10. It was a perfect dress. Hannah even put a veil on and sparkly headband. “WHAT!” “I’m really getting married?!” *GULP!* HOWEVER… as stunning as this dress was, it wasn’t “the one!” (This feeling you only REALLY understand when you have on “THE ONE!”)

Dress Number 2: Diamond White. Beading on top. Romantic tutu on bottom. Again, a gorgeous dress. This one got a 6 or 7 rating. It was too much for the outdoor, relaxed, fun wedding Tyler and I are going for.

Dress Number 3: *Speechless*

There really weren’t words for it. I put it on and I walked out and I just. knew. Then, because of our excited reaction, Hannah summoned for the alterations lady to bustle the dress for full effect. The bustling did it in. Mom and I were both in tears. She couldn’t even take a steady picture (the pictures actually turned out amazing but it took a few tries!) The bustling, the veil, the dress. We just knew. After I convinced myself to take it off (after making sure I could effectively sit in it), I decided to just try on the other two dresses we had pulled, just for fun.

I can’t even remember what they looked like. I remember one weighed LITERALLY 50 pounds. No Way, Jose! We didn’t take pictures of these, or even put veils on for them (I think). We just knew. They were beautiful, I know that… just…. not it.

Ok… So my mother is the most emotional person I know (love you mom!). She cries at any, and ALL, weddings (even TV). So I was most anxious to see her reaction. If she cried on the first dress I tried on, as a result of reality setting in, would I “accidentally” pick it because she was so emotional? Well, surprise surprise… neither of us cried. During a conversation after the fitting, she mentioned she was surprised herself that she didn’t cry or even get emotional about the first dress… although it was stunning. That must have been the sign.

So. We left the store. Although the dress was UNBELIEVABLY reasonably priced (AND ON SALE!) we just couldn’t do it without talking finances with dad. Literally, all we talked about the rest of the day…. was THE dress. We had taken a catalog from the store, and I showed everyone! I mean, EVERYONE! My baby sister loved it (which was a good sign!) Dad loved it, Tyler’s mom loved it! I loved it! Perfect.

So… almost a week later, after discussing the financial situation, I made an order over the phone to the store in KC and my dress will be officially ordered on, or before, March 12, 2011. Twelve weeks later, it will arrive in KC! 🙂

So. Now, I have the task of keeping this HUMONGOUS secret from Tyler (my fiance, roommate, and best friend) for 1 year and 9 months! How the heck!? Really?! (And I wasn’t even going to try on dresses- HA!) So he has been BANNED from my newly established “wedding CRATE” (not notebook, CRATE!). He was forbidden from touching our camera until I was able to get the pictures off of there, and ENSURE they hadn’t accidentally remained on my computer. So the quest for keeping the BIGGEST secret of my life… begins!

He’s really excited. Although, he doesn’t normally like surprises, he seems to be holding out well for this one. (I think it’s scary for him to think of the reality that we really ARE getting married! Haha!)

But, I just couldn’t keep the fact that I found THE DRESS a secret any more. (And I wanted a way to remember the story and experience forever.) So. here it is! 🙂 Plus, I promised I would be giving wedding planning updates as they happened! Too bad you can’t see the dress yet either! 🙂 Hehe!

Until Next Time,


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