Kansas City Days 1-3

Hello all!
I’m back… less than a week later! Woot. Look at me go!
Just a quick update from my last week of winter vacation while I’m in KC!
I arrived Sunday… after a slight scare I was going to get stuck in STL on my layover (that I don’t normally have when I travel home)… but I made my connecting flight by getting off my plane from OKC for a grand total of 7 minutes (versus the 2 hours I was supposed to have!). Talk about perfect timing. We watched Despicable Me with the family. I love that movie. 
Monday was Haley’s last day of break so we did some last minute Christmas shopping, which included some new leotards for me too! 🙂 And we both got our haircut, unexpectedly, but I’m glad I decided to do it. Nothing too different, just a trim. 
Tuesday Haley went back to school and Mom and I went to Taco Zone for lunch. (We always have to stop there or at In-A-Tub when I come to KC – delicious tacos with powdered cheese… YUM!) Then we went and saw Burlesque. Amazing movie, followed by a relaxing evening at home. 
Nothing too exciting in my world. Just trying to enjoy the last few days of my break before it’s back to school! 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll be back for an update before Monday! 🙂
This picture isn’t from this trip, but I thought it was fun to include… so here you go! 🙂
Until Next Time,

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