Project 365: Part 2! :-)

Look at me go… I’m on a roll. Two weeks in a row! 🙂
Here is an update on my last week… Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Monday October 4th, 2010
Monday was my good friend and fellow MFA-er’s, Leigh Anne’s 25th Birthday! 🙂 Cassie and I (her roomie and another good friend/MFA-er) decorated Leigh Anne’s locker at school as a nice surprise for her! Leigh Anne (LA) and Cassie (Cas) are in the preparation stages for their Thesis, which will be next semester, and they had a lot due this week, so we decided not to REALLY celebrate until Friday but we wanted to make sure her ACTUAL Birthday was special too! 🙂

Tuesday October 5th, 2010
We started a new block on Monday for company and I was cast in a dance that required character heel taps (which I had made it 4 years without having to get). So Tuesday on my break I ran to the dance store, bought a new pair of character heels and taps, and took them to the shoe cobbler to get them put on. Here they are before I dropped them off. (I don’t actually have a picture of them after the taps got put on yet…)

I also took a picture of this special little guy. Can you see him? Jo, my ballet teacher and dance department chair woman, is OBSESSED with squirrels (you might remember me saying I’m a tap dancing elf with a squirrel puppet for our Christmas show!). This squirrel, who runs around campus, has no tail. He is known as “nubby.” I saw him for the first time last week (I didn’t realize he really existed!) and then I saw him again on Tuesday (Oct. 5) so I snapped the best picture I could…. He’s a cutie and apparently our Quad is his favorite place to be… Hope I can run into him again! 🙂
Wednesday October 6th, 2010
Tyler and I got our FIRST ENGAGEMENT CONGRATULATIONS CARD! It was from a lady that Tyler used to work with, who actually did our flowers for our Homecoming Dance that was the night Tyler and I started dating! How sweet. 🙂 I especially liked her addressing on the envelope! 🙂
Thursday October 7th, 2010
I had a big project due on Friday that kept me up until 5:30am Friday morning. It was the proposals for my Choreography I Final Exam in December. We had to have our music cut and everything (I didn’t realize this until Thursday sometime! Whoops!) And it was for 3 dances. This was the first time I had cut music on my own so I snapped a picture of the process! 🙂 I love my Mac! 
Friday October 8th, 2010
I went out with a big group of friends from school on Friday to surprise our Birthday girl Leigh Anne! We went to Zio’s the Italian restaurant (Tyler and I went there before we got engaged and we were back on our 2 week “engagement anniversary!” Haha!). Tyler came along and had fun drawing this turkey on the paper tablecloth. 

Here’s a pic of the surprised Birthday girl and her LOVELY hat! 🙂 Such a fun evening!
Saturday October 9th, 2010
I spent the day teaching and working on a partner Take Home Exam with LA (the birthday girl previously mentioned). While at her and Cas’ apartment, I enjoyed WAY too many Dove Dark Chocolate candies. I just LOVE the sayings! The one in the middle says “never stop learning”… and I’m pretty sure I put it up on my mirror as motivation to go to school everyday! 🙂
Sunday October 10th, 2010
I spent the day doing more homework/ partner exam, and baked some cookies for my helper in my Choreography class last week! Yum! 🙂

Tyler and I also OFFICIALLY DECIDED we are going to get married on… (Drum roll please!)
Yay! We’re so excited!!! Can’t even wait to really start planning!
Well, Happy Monday to you all!!! I’ll be back next week for another update! 🙂
Until Next Time,

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