Project 365: Part I

I decided to start a Project 365. It’s where you take one picture every day for a year to document what happened and to provide yourself with keepsakes of your year. I had been wanting to start this project but I just didn’t have a good reason to start, until…. Tyler and I got engaged! What a perfect reason to document a year… and hopefully longer! My 365 may not include only documentation of Tyler and I’s engagement, especially because at the beginning we won’t be doing much “planning” but I promise to try and update everyone on the progress of that excitement!
So, in an effort to keep from bugging everyone (and giving myself a reason to update more frequently) I am going to do a weekly Project 365 post… so here is Part I!

Friday September 24th, 2010
Tyler proposed at 9:30pm on the OCU campus… 
This was the first picture of my ring that was sent to the families.
Saturday September 25th, 2010
Picture of my engagement ring in the sunlight the morning after we got engaged… 
Had to make sure I wasn’t dreaming!
Sunday September 26th, 2010
After taking my ring back to the jewelers, I went with good friend E, to get our nails done and to share the exciting news. The color is called… “Bubble Bath” and I LOVE it!
Monday September 27th, 2010
Back to school to share the exciting news. 
Received an email with this schedule for Free Movie Night that I sent to Tyler to see if he wanted to go. It wasn’t until Wednesday (9-29-10). 

Tuesday September 28th, 2010
The place where Tyler proposed! 🙂
It was the first time I passed through the arch since Tyler had proposed, so I took a picture and sent it to him to let him know where I was! 🙂
Wednesday September 29th, 2010
I began to get overwhelmed with the upcoming homework, projects, and assignments that were coming my way so I made a to-do list… It’s not as bad as it looks… Promise.
Tyler and I also went to Free Movie Night this night. We saw the scary movie: Devil. It was an intense movie. 

*No Picture for September 30th. Whoops*
Friday October 1st, 2010
Time to pick up my engagement ring… after a week of waiting “patiently” (HA!). Tyler was on the phone with his sister and the store is RIGHT behind me… I was a little anxious, so I started taking pictures to hurry him along… A week is long enough to have to wait!
And here it is! Right where it’s supposed to be! 🙂 My engagement ring after it was sized! YAY!
Saturday October 2nd, 2010
After teaching in the morning, Tyler and I took Dashy to the vet’s office… here we are on our outing! 🙂 (We actually got this in one try! Amazing!)

 Sunday October 3rd,2010
After a busy morning of laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, and baking, Tyler and dash crashed on the couch. It’s hard to tell but Dash’s head is under the pillow. Aren’t they cute? Meanwhile, I was sewing costumes for a friend’s Choreography Show piece and procrastinating homework… aren’t they lucky to be sleeping? And so cute! 🙂

Well, that’s a recap of my week and my first attempt at Project 365! I hope you enjoyed it!
Now, it’s back to homework! I’m so excited to show off my ring tomorrow!!! I feel like I need to start a receiving line of sorts to facilitate this! 🙂
Until Next Time,


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