We’re Engaged!!!!! :-)

Ok. First I must apologize for not updating sooner. Every time I have a free minute, I realize I haven’t uploaded any pictures to Macky from our trip to Kansas (not to be confused with MISSOURI, which is where I am actually from! 🙂 ). So I sincerely apologize for, once again, not updating. Does anyone still read this anyways?

Next, and probably more importantly…


We are simply SO excited! I couldn’t be happier!

Tyler is simply the best man in the entire world. He did SUCH a great job. I had no idea. Would you like to hear the story? 🙂

Friday September 24, 2010:
It was our 5 year anniversary of dating.

Five years ago, on September 24th, 2005, was a Saturday. It was our Senior Year of High School’s Homecoming Dance. The theme, “Cinema Classic!” Tyler and I had just been acquaintances basically until late August when it was discovered I didn’t have a date to Homecoming. I had had a serious school girl crush on Tyler since his arrival to my high school, second semester freshman year. I even went to his baseball games… but of COURSE I was only supporting my high school athletic teams… Right? 🙂 Long story short- a few text messages later between a friend and Tyler, and it was decided Tyler was going to ask me to Homecoming.

Back to September 24th. I spent the day getting as beautiful as I could, with a hair appointment, a make-up appointment, and the general getting ready. We went to our Homecoming Dance, had a blast, shared our first kiss, and went camping with our dinner group after . Tyler asked me to be his girlfriend at 1am (technically on September 25th, but we consider both days our anniversary). And the rest is history…

So, on this September 24th, we wanted to celebrate our wonderfully amazing 5 years of dating. Can you believe we were only 17 when we started dating! Crazy! We decided, through Tyler’s suggestion -which is not a normalcy in our house- to go out to dinner on Friday night. We headed to one of our favorite OKC restaurants, Zio’s. Tyler wasn’t acting TOO strange, nothing to tip me off anyways. He made me order something that wasn’t my normal meal because “Don’t you want to remember that you took a risk on our anniversary” -ish comments were made. So I went along with it… still not catching the hint, just thought he was being goofy. He also asked if I wanted to go ring shopping tomorrow (Saturday). We had discussed going shopping together and he would pick out the ring and propose when he was ready. He even was asking me what kind of diamond I would want, what settings, etc… all the while, the ring… IS IN HIS POCKET!!!!

We had a wonderful dinner and great anniversary. BUT… the story is obviously not over yet. We walked back to the car, absolutely stuffed! When I got to the car, Tyler was a complete gentleman and opened my door for me… only he didn’t immediately walk around to his side of the car, instead he was rolling up a handkerchief in a “bandana” style. I even asked, “why are you making a bandana?” His reply… “I’m not, it’s a blindfold” as he so perfectly placed it around my eyes. WHAT?! What on EARTH is going on! I’ve never been blindfolded in my life… let alone by Tyler. So I begin to have a minor meltdown.. by minor I mean, hyperventilating. Tyler proceeds to get in the car and drives us, what seems like, all around OKC. Obviously, I have NO clue where we are headed, why, or what awaits me there. I’m very nervous!

During the ride, we are oddly listening to country music- not a normalcy in our house either. Tyler is just happy as a lark, singing along to the tunes, asking if I have any idea where we are, where we are going, etc. OF COURSE I DON’T ARE YOU CRAZY!? He even made comments like, “Oh wouldn’t it be funny if we got pulled over right now,” etc, etc. Just plain mean!

Finally. The car stops. It seems like it’s been HOURS. In reality, it has been maybe 15-20 minutes. So, Tyler leads me out of the car, still blindfolded and guides me to our destination. I can feel that we are outside, and we never went indoors after leaving the car. It feels breezy. Are we at the apartment? The lake (is he planning to push me in?!)? A park? I have no idea. But let me tell you, walking blindfolded, even while practically being lifted off the ground is terrifying! I even asked Tyler to slow down -he’s so much taller than I am and so he walks quite a bit faster, since I was blindfolded I couldn’t keep up haha. Then we stop again… my heart is RACING. I’m still hyperventilating of course! Tyler tells me to hold onto my blindfold, not to take it off, that he’s going to LET GO OF ME but he’s not leaving! Then after a moment, he says “You can take off the blindfold.”

As I pulled the blindfold down around my neck, I saw a very family scene, my university. First I noticed Tyler, down on ONE KNEE with a RING IN HIS HAND… then I saw the Oklahoma City University Arch, the arch I pass through on a daily basis! All he said was “Will you Marry Me?” I of course started crying, nodding my head wildly, saying “Yes, Yes, YES!” Pulling him off the ground to give him a hug and kiss (still not really looking at my ring). At one point I even asked “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!”

After a moment or two of this, he finally says “Do you want to see the ring?!” (Because he noticed I hadn’t even so much as glanced at it yet!) Well of course I did! It was STUNNING. One of the most beautiful things I had ever seen! So very big and so very sparkly! AH! So then the hugging, kissing and crying once again commenced! He gently placed it on my finger and we practically skipped back to the car!

Then the furry began. Who to call first? Who to tell first? It’s 9:45pm, can/should we call the families? But whose? Oh wait, Tyler’s family is all in the know. They had even seen the ring already! AH! Calling my Mom and Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa were probably the most memorable phone calls I’ve ever had. Mom was COMPLETELY shocked (Even though Tyler had asked my parents back in May when they were here for Graduation, for my hand)… Tyler was afraid she would give away the surprise, although he must not know how AMAZING my mom is at keeping secrets.. I swear she worked for the CIA or something! 🙂 Of course, the tears started flowing again! Grandma was even MORE shocked! She hadn’t heard the recent conversations of Tyler and I discussing ring shopping together. She was clueless… plus, it’s 10pm on a Friday- bedtime right?! Why is my Granddaughter calling me and practically squealing into my phone?! OH! She’s ENGAGED! 🙂 So very sweet!

Then mass text messages and more phone calls. We spent HOURS literally HOURS getting the word out and thanking all the well-wishers! A very special evening. Plus, we had to take some pictures of the ring! Our digital camera wouldn’t catch it in the light- everything was whiting out. My phone did a decent job without a flash, good enough to send out the first pictures! And the furry continued!

It was absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a better man, proposal, or ring. Absolutely amazing. I am SO excited and Tyler seems to be pretty darn excited too!

We haven’t set a date. We’re discussing. At first we were both wanting to wait until my Graduation in December of 2011… so I said, September 2012. September 22nd actually is a Saturday that year, and 22 is my lucky number! 🙂 You know, to keep the September theme going. Tyler said SEPTEMBER?! That’s almost 2 years away. Obviously he doesn’t understand the planning process that must commence. And when I told him I had already started investigating for our wedding a mere 12 hours after our proposal, he said “Well, Jeeze. Can’t we finish telling everyone first?” He is thinking the summer of 2011 in my 5 week break before school starts back up… Me, that’s a little soon. Not that I don’t want to get married RIGHT AWAY, but I’ll be in the middle of my Thesis planning/doing. That would mean I’d be planning while in school and that seems a little crazy to me. Of course, regardless some planning will happen while I’m in school BUT if we got married next summer that would mean I would ONLY be planning while I was in school… if it was June or September of 2012 (we want to get married outside!) I would have at least 5-8 months of planning without the constant battle of homework and commuting to KC and back. So we’ll have to think on that one for a little bit.

Unfortunately I don’t have my ring at the moment. It was too big (by 2.5 sizes) so we took it back to the jewelers today and they said I would get it back by FRIDAY! UGH! Friday?! That’s a LONG TIME! I didn’t even get to have it for 24 hours! So my promise ring is back in it’s place until Friday when Tyler and I can pick it up together… Bummer…. So I won’t be able to show it off until NEXT WEEK! AH!!!!! (My mom even suggested we keep it a secret until we got it back! Are you KIDDING ME?! Absolutely NOT! We’ve/I’ve been waiting 5 LONG years for this!) 🙂

So I must patiently await it’s return. Although, I must admit, I’m not being so patient about it… As you can tell, it’s 2:30am and I’m awake… I did go to bed, but I just woke up. So, I figured why not share the wonderful news and story with everyone! 🙂 Unfortunately, this is not helping me go back to sleep, even with my screen lights dimmed, but is making me MORE anxious to get my beautiful ring back! 🙂

Wanna see pictures?! 🙂 I could just stare at them all day! 🙂 And probably will!

*First picture! With my promise ring!*

*Isn’t it STUNNING?! He did GREAT! This was on our way to take it to the jewelers.. :-(*

*View of the setting. Tyler and I learned so much about rings through this process. He was just rattling off the specifications of it as I was “awe-ing” over it on our ride home (I didn’t see the outside world once!) I had no idea what he was talking about so he had to explain everything, haha.*
Well, let’s talk about an exciting weekend or what! Again, I am just SO excited my head is spinning! I can’t WAIT to begin planning and getting our dream WEDDING together to begin our life as husband and wife! 🙂
I’m sure there will be MANY updates along the way! 🙂
Ok, I’m going to TRY and settle back down and go to bed now! We’ll see how well that works. Or maybe I should just start the homework I have been putting off by 1) looking at my ring or 2) moping because my ring is gone… 😦 But Friday will EVENTUALLY get here, I hope! 🙂
AHHH!!!! We’re ENGAGED!!!! 🙂
Until Next Time,

100th Post! :-)

Ok, so this will be the MOST LAME 100th post. Ever.

First, I have not UPDATED since August 3rd! Yikes! I guess a lot has happened since then too… Just a lot of things going on that is.

* I turned 22.
* I started my 2nd semester as an MFA.
* I took a mini-vacation to Esbon, KS (Tyler’s Grandma’s) and KC.

And, well, I think that’s about it for the BIG things. But I have been BUSY! I barely have time to sleep I feel… although, I’m getting a good 7-9 hours of sleep a night… I’m just always exhausted. Hm.

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying to do the Project 365 (where you take a picture for every day)… But I just don’t know when a good time to start would be. Can you just start in the middle of the week? Haha. So we’ll see if that happens…

I really just wanted to stop by and say Hello! To let you know, again, that I AM alive, that I AM doing good. 🙂 I just don’t have any time… haha. So…

Until Next Time (Whenever that might be…) ,

P.S. Happy 100th Post to Me, Happy 100th Post to Me, Happy 100th Pooooooost to Me, Happy 100th Post to Me! (Sung in the “Happy Birthday Theme!”)