Productive Day #2!! We’re on a roll! :-)

Well, I must be on a ROLL! Day #2 of cleaning was a success!!! 🙂

I woke up this morning and watched last night’s season finale of the Bachelorette…. I swore after Jason dumped Melissa, I would NEVER watch the show again… yet… I caught on to the tale end of this season via as a “time-killer.” Of course the finale was emotional and beautiful like any “good” reality TV show these days. 🙂

Then I was up and cleaning again- only this time I didn’t have my “skype-buddy” who was off at TGA (Summer “Camp”). I tackled the bathroom, hall closet, and armoire in our bedroom. The bathroom was the biggest feat and we now have a nice display shelf of Avon products from both Tyler and I’s Grandma’s! 🙂 (We’re thinking of taking up shop 😉 )

Pics from the day (and yesterday!):

*In Progress- Cleaning the closet, well, pulling everything out*
*A view of the closet door- In Progress*
*My Skype Buddy! 🙂 *
*Everything’s Out- Dash was helping too- Where’s Dash?!*
*Closet is DONE!*
*Bathroom Before*
*Bathroom in Progress*

*Hall Closet Before*
*Hall Closet Finished- It may not look different but it’s straightened up a bit*
*Bedroom Armoire Before- No after picture because it basically looks the same just straightened up*

I also did some other tasks that involved getting organized for SAM (Students of Arts Management), and some Thank-Yous from working with Dance Academies this summer for my project. I am so tackling a new way to “store” my dance magazines. In 4 years, I have collected quite the mound of magazines. I am stealing an idea from my friend Anna. She tears out the articles and stores them in binders with sheet protectors by categories. Well, I have a LOVE for organizing, and a NEED to keep these magazines (pack-rat to the MAX!), so I am adopting her system for my own! I just need to get basically a MILLION binders and a TRILLION sheet protectors… I haven’t even completed my most recent, and smallest, stack of magazine-tearing out. It’s going to be an on-going process.

Then Tyler and I decided to run some errands and we headed to Joe’s Crab Shack (Joe’s as I affectionately call it- Tyler says it should be known as “the Shack” 🙂 ) for dinner. It was delicious! 🙂 By far our favorite restaurant! (We’ve gone for almost every “big” event in our lives here in OKC- my Birthday, Tyler’s Graduation, My Graduation, and it was one of the 1st places we went to when we moved here!)

Tomorrow? More SAM organization and… Dun, Dun, Dun… Tackling the LIVING ROOM! (This could be a two-day process folks!) I’ll for sure give you before pictures! Although, it’s 6 months away, I am getting so excited about the idea of moving in January! Ready for a new adventure, and hopefully more space!

Until Next Time,

P.S. I just couldn’t wait to do a “final product” update. I’m abnormally excited about this cleaning project. Even though it might not look different to an “outsider,” the clutter is lessening! 🙂


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