This week I have discovered a few important (and not so important) “life lessons” that I’d like to share with you:

1) I am absolutely 100% in LOVE with my MacBook Pro! I seriously can’t peel myself away from it…

2) Speaking of “peeling”… When you have seen NO sunlight all summer long, are on medications that make your skin “extra sensitive,” you naturally have sensitive and fair skin, and then you sit outside in the sun for 1.5 hours… You. WILL. Get. FRIED! I had a meeting outside Wednesday and I am SO burnt! I’m beginning to peel (after blistering) and now my skin is REALLY starting to itch… needless to say.. I WILL be wearing sunscreen much more frequently…. I seriously can’t wait for this to go away and to be back to my “normal” self… It’s so miserable 😦 …

3) I have found a new love for Skype! I had an account a million years ago but I a) never talked to anyone and b) my webcam stopped working. BUT. With my new MacBook, I have discovered my love for it! I was able to have an 1.5 hour catch-up video chat with my amazing friend Katy about her post-graduation move to Chicago and starting work in the “real-world!” Then, my family got a new computer for the house and Haley and I have been “skyping” all day! (They haven’t figured out the webcam part yet, but once they do it will be AMAZING!)

So, these are some VITALLY important life lessons (especially the sunscreen one!) and some nice “tidbits” of information!

Happy 4th of July Weekend! No big plans here, just getting over this sunburn! 🙂

Until Next Time,


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