Graduation Present!

Well, it’s official! I got a MacBook Pro last night (in case you hadn’t heard)!!! Yay!!! I’ve been playing with it since we brought it home! I’m surprised I even made it to bed last night! 🙂 I think it is going to be exactly what I want and need… it’s TINY compared to my Dell (now affectionately called “Delly”)…. 13″ vs. 17″…. and it weighs less than 5lbs… Delly is at least 7lbs. So it will be WONDERFUL to take to school! I got iWork with my computer- the Mac version of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I am also going to download the Microsoft for Mac that OCU provides free to students. Of course, I got a nice slip cover case for it to travel safely in my bag. Currently, I’m transferring my iTunes Library to the “Macky.”

I can’t wait to start doing my homework on it for this week! 🙂

Well, I just thought I’d stop by for an update this evening! Babysitting tonight!

Until Next Time,
(and Macky! 🙂 )


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