PC Decisions

*Note: I’m getting close to 100 posts! Yay! (Not sure if I’ll do anything special for the occasion, we’ll see…)

So, there’s a little “joke” in our house (by house, I mean apartment) about Tyler and his “impatience” with cars. In the 4.5 years we’ve been dating, he has had 4 cars (including the newest!)! I on the other hand, have had 1. It’s the car I “got” when I turned 16 and it’s also the car my parents got when I was at the ripe ol’ young age of 6. Yes, 6! (Tyler even had 1-2 cars before we started dating… I mean, seriously?) So, we always say… “Tyler goes through cars like no body’s business!”

Well, last night, we realized what purchase I have “impatience” with… computers. (Nice that we both have expensive “hobbies” haha). I have had 2 laptops since I started college 4 years ago and I am currently “researching” a 3rd. Originally, I wanted to get a net book (the mini computers). The problem is my laptop (which has a 17″ screen) is like 6-7pounds. Carrying THAT plus books, and dance shoes, and multiple changes of clothes, and food and, and, and… the list goes on- that’s hard work, man!

I got my dell “magazine” in the mail yesterday and flipping through prompted me wanting to “customize” a net book just to price it. I found a decent price that wasn’t too bad and had lots of “stuff.” So, I showed it to Tyler, (we are the voice of “reason” for the other’s eccentric tendencies) and he said it looked good, but we should still shop around. So, we decided to head out to dinner last night and made a “pit stop” at Best Buy. We talked with a salesman for at LEAST 1.5 hours! First it was the net books, which he didn’t really “care” for too much. Then he suggested the 13″ computers. He said the newest “theme” in laptops is “slim and thin,” JUST what I need. Then, I said… “Ok, so… what do you think about Macs? I’ve always thought about switching, but I’m just not sure….” Oh boy oh boy… did that spark something! He was “Mac Daddy!” So, we looked at a couple of Macs and talked about all the specifics and the transition from a PC to a Mac. And now, guess what? I REALLY WANT A MAC! Haha.

So, now, I’m comparing prices and TRYING to hold off until closer to my birthday for the BIG purchase… we’ll see how that goes. But, Tyler and I will have some major car payments here REAL soon…. 1st months payments, plus tax, title and tags… so… we just want to make sure we’re ok. Plus, the Mac Book Pro (which is what I’m looking at because it has an SD-Memory Card slot) is going to take a lot of my graduation money- which isn’t a big deal, but I just need to make sure that’s what I want.

Regardless of the decision, I am still keeping my current laptop… there isn’t anything “wrong” with it- minus the battery which gave out on me a couple of weeks ago (I have to have it plugged in now and a replacement is about $200). AND it’s just a CLUNKER when carrying it around. So, we’ll just have to see.. Any input?

After our “pit stop” at Best Buy, Tyler and I headed to the Belle Isle Brewery for some pizza (our original plan for the evening). Then home to crash!

I’m excited to make a decision, so we’ll just see if I can wait until August… and I’ve heard… “Once you’re Mac, you won’t go back…” 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. Maybe my 100th post will be on a Mac Book Pro 🙂 haha


One thought on “PC Decisions

  1. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! GET A MAC!!! ONCE YOU GO MAC YOU NEVER GO BACK IS TOTALLY TRUE. ok, sorry bout the caps. MACs are totally user friendly. you'll love it I promise!!!

    miss u!!!

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