Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but there’s just nothing really “exciting” (I use this term lightly since the flood) going on these days. Just school mainly.

The week of the flood (I like how that has become a reference point for myself and others), I helped clean out and organize the studio I teach at. It was a week of hard work and lots and lots of dust. I also babysat my sweet girls, Doran and Drew, Friday and Saturday night. I got to see Drew play T-Ball. The cutest thing in the world! Classes at the studio started back up this week. (PS- I’m only teaching at one studio now, due to my schedule and trying not to over commit myself- so when I’m talking about teaching it is in regards to Classical Ballet School where I teach my Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement classes). I took class Monday night, then I taught last night. I am subbing on Thursday for a couple of classes so that will keep me busy. 🙂 I also taught my first Tap class today for my Teaching Dance- Tap class for my MFA. I teach 2 classes next week before my final proficiency. Can you believe I only have 2 weeks left of summer school after tomorrow? That’s just crazy!

Well, I have lots of things to get done before next week begins… so I’m off to muster up some motivation… we’ll see how well that goes! 🙂

Until Next Time,


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