Manic Monday!

I have been really good about updating thus far this month. Well, this weekend, things got slow. I was wondering “WHAT am I going to update about? I have NO new news, and nothing exciting is happening in my life at the moment!” Well, I am here to tell you, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

It’s barely after noon on this Monday morning, and already more excitement has ensued than I would have cared for. About 4:30am this morning, I woke up to thunder, lightening, rain and Dash barking (he doesn’t like thunderstorms). I LOVE thunderstorms, but not dogs barking during them. 🙂 It rained from 4:30am until 11am. Some places in OKC reported almost 10″ of RAIN! There was SO much flooding EVERYWHERE!

Tyler left earlier than usual to make sure he could make it to work. He said he was so shaky after he finally got to work it wasn’t funny. He said there were some “puddles” he drove through that he shouldn’t have. Luckily he made it. At that point (about 7am), they had already started closing major highways due to flooding.

I had class at 9am and OKC is very “hilly” and full of pot holes, so I decided to leave extra early too. I also decided to take an alternative route to school than normal to avoid some low spots. I got about 1mile away from campus, and then I ran into the “flooding” they were warning of on the news, telling people not to leave unless you HAD to. I am not kidding you, there were 10 cars with water up to the roofs in the middle of a CITY street! I was so shocked! After my bout with stalling my car a couple of summers ago, I wanted NOTHING to do with that! So I turned down another street, pulled into a parking lot and called school to let them know, I was not going to be on time. Two other MFA girls, Cassie and Leigh Anne, were KNEE DEEP in water in their apartment parking lot! They have SUVs and there was no way they were getting out. So, I decided to just hang out in the parking lot while I waited for the rain to let up. I sat there for about an hour before I decided it MIGHT be safe enough to continue on. Deciding to use the parking lot to travel instead of the streets, since it was on “higher ground,” I drove past those cars that were underwater. The water had come up SO close to the building (the mall that I was in the parking lot for) that there were probably 10 spots away from the building and then nothing but water! You couldn’t tell where the streets started and the parking lot ended. So scary! But I made it too school! As I pulled in, I found out classes were cancelled for us because our instructor hadn’t been able to make it in either. So, I decided just to hang out at school for a bit, until the rain died down again. Luckily around 11am it did and I was able to run an errand and then make it home. On my last drive, it had basically stopped raining, but there were SO many cars that had stalled on the side of the roads, even though the water had receded. A couple were still in some standing water. I felt so lucky and glad that I “didn’t drive into any water that I couldn’t see the road!” (I put that in quotations because I heard versions of this statement from the news, Tyler, my Mom, and school administrators!)

Here are some pictures of the EVENTFUL morning:

*Stalled car trying to jump start*
*Rain on the ground… it was POURING*
*My safe haven for an hour or so*
*Rain, rain, go away*
*Stalled car didn’t jump, someone else plowing through puddles*
*If you turn this picture clockwise 90 degrees, you can see the water run off from a higher street… it had a STRONG current*
*The parking lot that blends into the street, you can’t tell where they start and stop*
*Better picture, the forefront is the parking lot! The rain had receded a LOT even!*

So, like I said, be careful what you wish for! 🙂 Now, I plan to STAY PUT because they are saying we might get hit with MORE RAIN tonight! I mean seriously?! There were people who had to CLIMB INTO TREES until rescuers arrived… scary stuff! How much worse could it get? I certainly don’t want to find out!

Until Next Time,


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