Wedding Week on WE TV

So, I have this other “deep, dark, secret”… I have an OBSESSION (calling it anything else would truly be a LIE) with weddings! They are just so beautiful and I cannot wait to have a fairy tale wedding of my own one day. Well, this week, WE TV was playing in my favor. They are having a “Wedding Week” that will conclude with new seasons for their wedding shows! Any time I haven’t been in class (and have been allowed by Tyler), I’ve been engrossed with watching the shows. Tears flowing, adding my own commentary to the choices the brides make, and bombarding my mom and Tyler with texts and conversations about these shows…. sometimes to their disliking. But, I PROMISE, it’s a completely healthy obsession. I would LOVE to be a wedding planner of some sort… I don’t know that I would be creative enough, but, AH, I just love weddings! Here are the shows I’ve been watching…

So, that is what my week has consisted of, on top of homework and reading a Novella by Stephanie Meyer that goes along with the Twilight series (another OBSESSION of mine) called “The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner.” I found out there was a limited-time free version online and started reading it. It was a short book compared to the others in the series but has me SO excited for the release of the Eclipse movie on June 30th!

But that’s been my week… school, TV, reading, and random errands… OH, we got the hail damage on our new car fixed! It looks BEAUTIFUL! We are both SO pleased with our new car! 🙂 We find almost every excuse to go out riding in it! Unfortunately, I think we have run out of suggestions… 😦

Until Next Time,

P.S. I started a Twitter account this week… follow me @MegansPointe! 🙂


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