Recent and Random Life Happenings

Well, it finally happened… Tyler bought a car!!! Last Tuesday, Tyler found a car online that he really liked and was affordable and what we were looking for. So Wednesday after he got off work, we headed to the dealership and found the car. Despite some minor hail damage, the car was PERFECT. We spent almost 5 hours at the dealership looking at the car, test driving it, and then all the paperwork. At about 9pm we were driving our new car home! We are hoping to get the hail damage taken care of soon. It was part of our purchase agreement for the dealership to pay for 1/2 of the repairs. We are supposed to hear from them by today, or call if we haven’t. Tyler and I are SO excited to FINALLY have a car! Tyler got rid of his truck in December, so he has been without a vehicle for over 6 months. Not to mention, it is a GREAT car! It gets AMAZING gas milage and will be perfect for our needs. We figured we could probably travel to KC (about 350 miles) on one tank of gas!!! So hopefully we’ll get to take a trip soon, but we have to get the taxes and title taken care of, and they originally estimated the hail repair to be $800-$1000 so that means we’ll have to pay an additional $400-$500 so we need to save for even a $30 gas tank at this point. 🙂 We are still just VERY excited to finally have a new car!!! Here are some pictures:

Oh yeah, did I mention it was ELECTRIC YELLOW?! 🙂

Last weekend I made a quick trip to KC for Haley’s dance recital. It’s the only time I’ll get to see her dance this year because I won’t be able to travel to Ohio for nationals with her and my mom. It was a short trip, that centered mainly around recital happenings, but it was SO nice to be home… I hadn’t been to KC since January! That’s just UNACCEPTABLE! The recital was really good and I am just so proud of my baby sister… It was a wonderful trip home! While running around and “killing” time my mom and I found this sign… it’s my mom’s first and middle name (Haley and I’s middle names!) so we snapped a picture! Here it is:

Last night I helped Kate out at the studio (Classical Ballet School). We were cleaning and organizing all the goodies tucked into little corners. It was a ton of fun- just hanging out with Kate, Morgan, Kate’s husband and dad, and Rosie. Plus, pizza was involved! Helping organize, and with it being recital season, I am just SO excited and ready to open a studio. I just get so excited thinking about it.. I wish it was here already! But, I know I shouldn’t wish my life away. Everything will happen when it needs to.

And lastly, Summer School. Tomorrow is the last day of one of my classes! I taught my ballet proficiency on Tuesday (my final for Teaching Ballet). It went really well, I was very pleased with it and it seemed well-received by the girls who took the class as well as my professors. I can’t believe I’m already 1/2 way done with my summer school.. summer.. is going just TOO fast! Next week I’ll start Teaching Tap and continue with my Dance Academy Management Class.

So that is what I have been up to since my last update… I’m currently engrossed in a WETV Wedding Week Marathon- it’s completely healthy, I promise. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll come up with some more exciting things in my life to share with you all soon!

Until Next Time,


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