Perfect Planner Pickin’

Ok. So, little known fact (and probably little desired fact): I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to finding the PERFECT planner. With school, work and various other activities I often find myself so busy that I RELY on my planner to tell me where to go and when.Without a planner, I would be LOST! Because of this dependency, I have learned (or adapted) to be a very picky planner picker. It HAS to be PERFECT, include important elements and features and I have to be comfortable with my decision- no splurging decisions allowed! AND, I have to get a new planner each year! This is often a daunting task, but one that I secretly enjoy. I just LOVE getting organized and starting with a brand new planner. It’s a wonderful feeling- Just thinking about all the excitement that will eventually fill its pages is wonderful!

So, what is a PERFECT planner you ask? And why can’t you just use the planners that the university provides, FREE of charge? I mean, you do pay for it anyways, right?

Well! MY PERFECT planner includes 3 main things: 1) Tabs, 2) Month by Month Calendar, 3) Weekly Calendar. I also like to have lines on the weekly calendar so it will be nice and neat, AND I like for Saturday and Sunday to be either split with Saturday on the bottom of the right page and Sunday at the top of the left page OR more preferably Saturday and Sunday with smaller boxes on the right page at the bottom. Plus, the pictures/ designs have to be decent and not too obnoxious or distracting. I also like my days (Monday- Friday) to lay horizontally on the page and be stacked vertically:

Page two is:
Saturday and Sunday 
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday

(I mean, can we say PICKY?!) But really… if my LIFE depends on this book, it has to be an important decision, almost equal to deciding upon a car or house… in my opinion. 🙂 And the university planners just have it ALL wrong… the days are listed side-by-side, the designs are always bleh, and they divide the day into little sections- with the intention of you using each section for a different class, but no thanks. They DO list the university activities such as Free Movie Night, Shows, etc., so I DO pick up a planner every year to get the dates- but.. thats about it- and half the time the dates are wrong.

Well, I went on this search yesterday. And I succeed… on the FIRST try!!! Yay Target!!! 🙂 I currently have a planner that I’ve been really pleased with. It even goes from July 2009-December 2011- 18 MONTHS! However, my desire to “start fresh,” and the crumpled-ness of this planner is starting to wear on me. I wanted something new. Well, I found the PERFECT planner last night. It has tabs, month-by-month and week-by-week calendars. It goes from July 2010-June 2011. The pages are in giraffe print and its made on recycled paper. Usually, I get planners that are the size of notebooks and binders. I usually enjoy having the space. Well, this year I am going to try a smaller planner. This one is a 5X8 sized planner that fits in my purse! Now, I really WILL be able to take it EVERYWHERE with me! 🙂

Needless to say, I am OVERLY excited about this new planner and am already anxiously awaiting July to begin using my new planner!!! 🙂 Did I mention that I was the kid in ELEMENTARY school and MIDDLE school who would buy MULTIPLE planners over the course of school year because my current one was too “messy” (i.e. my handwriting wasn’t neat enough)? (Type A personality much?)

Well, I hope you have ENJOYED my sharing of my “deepest, darkest” secret. 😉 I seriously can NOT wait to begin using my new planner. Don’t worry, I have already filled in some dates! 🙂

Until Next Time,

*Sorry for not having any fun pictures, or even an interesting topic :)*


One thought on “Perfect Planner Pickin’

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular post only because I do the same thing. I will spend months looking for one only to come back to the same type I use year after year. But this year, I have finally transitioned into my “adult” planner, my grapefruit pink Franklin Covey planner. I've had the binder since graduating high school but I literally had not grown into it until now. Anyway, yay for you! So excited to see the new book 🙂

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