Memorial Day Weekend!!!

What a WONDERFUL 4 day weekend!!! 🙂 I was fortunate to get 4 days off instead of 3 because the University is closed on Fridays during the summer, plus the typical day off for the holiday! YAY!

Technically, my “vacation” began on Thursday night. Thursday night I went out to eat with two of the MFA girls, Cassie and Leigh Anne. Neither one of them had been to Ted’s, the Mexican restaurant I mentioned in my Graduation Post found HERE. It’s seriously one of my FAVORITE places to eat. With bottomless chips, queso, salsa, tortillas AND sopapillas! YUMMY!!!! Since the two of them have lived in OK for almost a year at this point, I found that to be unacceptable. After Ted’s came up in our Dance Academy Management discussion, we decided to continue “Fat Kid Thursday”- the weekly “binge” of unhealthy food, i.e. greasy, fatty, sweets, etc. What a perfect place to continue the tradition! 🙂

Friday, I spent a relaxing day at home by myself since Tyler was at work. It was wondeful! I just sat around and watched TV, especially a CSI marathon. I seriously love that show- geek, I know, but I do! 🙂

Saturday, I taught my last Creative Movement class for the year. All my Pre-Ballet girls were heading out of town for the weekend so we decided not to have that class. Tyler and I ran to the bank, did a LITTLE car shopping- we barely got out of the car before Tyler was getting back in, haha- then made a run to JCPennies to get some new sunglasses. I must have dropped mine or something at the recital for the studio I teach at. I was only without sunglasses for ONE-WEEK and I felt so lost! I also decided to BRAVE our apartment complex’s pool for the 1st time in 4 summers! It was quite the experience. I only last about 30 minutes working on my “tan.” I knew if I stayed much longer than that I’d be a fried red lobster, plus with my recent experience with a newly discovered sensitivity to chlorine, I didn’t dare brave the already crowded pool. When I got back, Tyler and I ordered pizza and watched Cloverfield. It practically gave us both a headache. It’s filled from the perspective of a character “documenting” a going-away-party and then the experience of this monster/alien attacking NYC, so you’re bobbling around, unable to focus on anything the whole time- it’s very hard to watch, but we survived.

Sunday, Tyler and I did laundry like normal. Then we decided (really, I forced Tyler) to go to the Zoo! But first we went and got Tyler some non-prescription sunglasses from Gordman’s, then stopped at Best Buy to get a new digital camera. We got a Cool Pix camera and we LOVE it. It’s so sleak and takes some really good pictures and videos too! While we were there we decided to walk around while we thought about which camera we wanted so we wandered over to the iPads. Neither one of us were real “excited” about them until we started playing with it! It was so cool!! I just love the touch screen! I still don’t exactly know what it does, or it’s main purpose, but we thought it was pretty nifty! Then we got our camera and headed to the Zoo! Yay! It was SO hot but we had a good time. We got to see most of the animals, but once again, they had put the Giraffe’s up before we got to them. Boo. That’s the second time that’s happened to us! 😦 LUCKILY, we were both smart enough to put sunscreen on before we went it! My neck got a little burnt and I think I got some more sun on my arms but nothing too bad. We came home and played with our new camera a little bit and then I basically crashed. Being in the sun all-day made me exhausted! I was able to get some wonderfully relaxing sleep with the aid of some nice thunderstorms in the early morning hours! Very peaceful!
Some Pics from the Zoo and our new camera:
*My Favorite Fishy*
*Meerkat Lounging*
*Pink Flamingos. As a dancer, I always feel the need to take a picture of a Flamingo in Passe 🙂 *
*Lions lounging in the shade by the glass*
*My hand next to a bears foot! Also, lounging in the shade by the glass :)*
*Bear SLEEPING in the water while hanging on to a log!!! So funny! 🙂 *
*Tyler and I’s Zoo Animal- Dash! 🙂 *
Monday we just hung out at home mostly. There was a Band of Brothers marathon on. It’s a mini series based on real events from WWII. It’s very interesting. We also went out to dinner with a guy Tyler works with. We went to a restaurant called Louie’s by Lake Hefner- so pretty and good food! 🙂 Then grocery shopping and home to do some homework. I waited so late starting it that I was up until 1am ish working on my Ballet class that I taught today for my Teaching Ballet class. Plus, Dashy wasn’t feeling too good and got sick a couple of times last night and today… 😦 He seems to be better at the moment though. It was a very wonderful weekend that made it very hard to go back to school this morning. Can you believe this started week 3 of 8? I can’t believe it’s already going so fast! Crazy!
Well, I’m off to have a relaxing evening… hopefully! 🙂
Until Next Time,

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