Graduation Present!

Well, it’s official! I got a MacBook Pro last night (in case you hadn’t heard)!!! Yay!!! I’ve been playing with it since we brought it home! I’m surprised I even made it to bed last night! 🙂 I think it is going to be exactly what I want and need… it’s TINY compared to my Dell (now affectionately called “Delly”)…. 13″ vs. 17″…. and it weighs less than 5lbs… Delly is at least 7lbs. So it will be WONDERFUL to take to school! I got iWork with my computer- the Mac version of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I am also going to download the Microsoft for Mac that OCU provides free to students. Of course, I got a nice slip cover case for it to travel safely in my bag. Currently, I’m transferring my iTunes Library to the “Macky.”

I can’t wait to start doing my homework on it for this week! 🙂

Well, I just thought I’d stop by for an update this evening! Babysitting tonight!

Until Next Time,
(and Macky! 🙂 )


PC Decisions

*Note: I’m getting close to 100 posts! Yay! (Not sure if I’ll do anything special for the occasion, we’ll see…)

So, there’s a little “joke” in our house (by house, I mean apartment) about Tyler and his “impatience” with cars. In the 4.5 years we’ve been dating, he has had 4 cars (including the newest!)! I on the other hand, have had 1. It’s the car I “got” when I turned 16 and it’s also the car my parents got when I was at the ripe ol’ young age of 6. Yes, 6! (Tyler even had 1-2 cars before we started dating… I mean, seriously?) So, we always say… “Tyler goes through cars like no body’s business!”

Well, last night, we realized what purchase I have “impatience” with… computers. (Nice that we both have expensive “hobbies” haha). I have had 2 laptops since I started college 4 years ago and I am currently “researching” a 3rd. Originally, I wanted to get a net book (the mini computers). The problem is my laptop (which has a 17″ screen) is like 6-7pounds. Carrying THAT plus books, and dance shoes, and multiple changes of clothes, and food and, and, and… the list goes on- that’s hard work, man!

I got my dell “magazine” in the mail yesterday and flipping through prompted me wanting to “customize” a net book just to price it. I found a decent price that wasn’t too bad and had lots of “stuff.” So, I showed it to Tyler, (we are the voice of “reason” for the other’s eccentric tendencies) and he said it looked good, but we should still shop around. So, we decided to head out to dinner last night and made a “pit stop” at Best Buy. We talked with a salesman for at LEAST 1.5 hours! First it was the net books, which he didn’t really “care” for too much. Then he suggested the 13″ computers. He said the newest “theme” in laptops is “slim and thin,” JUST what I need. Then, I said… “Ok, so… what do you think about Macs? I’ve always thought about switching, but I’m just not sure….” Oh boy oh boy… did that spark something! He was “Mac Daddy!” So, we looked at a couple of Macs and talked about all the specifics and the transition from a PC to a Mac. And now, guess what? I REALLY WANT A MAC! Haha.

So, now, I’m comparing prices and TRYING to hold off until closer to my birthday for the BIG purchase… we’ll see how that goes. But, Tyler and I will have some major car payments here REAL soon…. 1st months payments, plus tax, title and tags… so… we just want to make sure we’re ok. Plus, the Mac Book Pro (which is what I’m looking at because it has an SD-Memory Card slot) is going to take a lot of my graduation money- which isn’t a big deal, but I just need to make sure that’s what I want.

Regardless of the decision, I am still keeping my current laptop… there isn’t anything “wrong” with it- minus the battery which gave out on me a couple of weeks ago (I have to have it plugged in now and a replacement is about $200). AND it’s just a CLUNKER when carrying it around. So, we’ll just have to see.. Any input?

After our “pit stop” at Best Buy, Tyler and I headed to the Belle Isle Brewery for some pizza (our original plan for the evening). Then home to crash!

I’m excited to make a decision, so we’ll just see if I can wait until August… and I’ve heard… “Once you’re Mac, you won’t go back…” 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. Maybe my 100th post will be on a Mac Book Pro 🙂 haha


Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, but there’s just nothing really “exciting” (I use this term lightly since the flood) going on these days. Just school mainly.

The week of the flood (I like how that has become a reference point for myself and others), I helped clean out and organize the studio I teach at. It was a week of hard work and lots and lots of dust. I also babysat my sweet girls, Doran and Drew, Friday and Saturday night. I got to see Drew play T-Ball. The cutest thing in the world! Classes at the studio started back up this week. (PS- I’m only teaching at one studio now, due to my schedule and trying not to over commit myself- so when I’m talking about teaching it is in regards to Classical Ballet School where I teach my Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement classes). I took class Monday night, then I taught last night. I am subbing on Thursday for a couple of classes so that will keep me busy. 🙂 I also taught my first Tap class today for my Teaching Dance- Tap class for my MFA. I teach 2 classes next week before my final proficiency. Can you believe I only have 2 weeks left of summer school after tomorrow? That’s just crazy!

Well, I have lots of things to get done before next week begins… so I’m off to muster up some motivation… we’ll see how well that goes! 🙂

Until Next Time,

Manic Monday!

I have been really good about updating thus far this month. Well, this weekend, things got slow. I was wondering “WHAT am I going to update about? I have NO new news, and nothing exciting is happening in my life at the moment!” Well, I am here to tell you, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR!

It’s barely after noon on this Monday morning, and already more excitement has ensued than I would have cared for. About 4:30am this morning, I woke up to thunder, lightening, rain and Dash barking (he doesn’t like thunderstorms). I LOVE thunderstorms, but not dogs barking during them. 🙂 It rained from 4:30am until 11am. Some places in OKC reported almost 10″ of RAIN! There was SO much flooding EVERYWHERE!

Tyler left earlier than usual to make sure he could make it to work. He said he was so shaky after he finally got to work it wasn’t funny. He said there were some “puddles” he drove through that he shouldn’t have. Luckily he made it. At that point (about 7am), they had already started closing major highways due to flooding.

I had class at 9am and OKC is very “hilly” and full of pot holes, so I decided to leave extra early too. I also decided to take an alternative route to school than normal to avoid some low spots. I got about 1mile away from campus, and then I ran into the “flooding” they were warning of on the news, telling people not to leave unless you HAD to. I am not kidding you, there were 10 cars with water up to the roofs in the middle of a CITY street! I was so shocked! After my bout with stalling my car a couple of summers ago, I wanted NOTHING to do with that! So I turned down another street, pulled into a parking lot and called school to let them know, I was not going to be on time. Two other MFA girls, Cassie and Leigh Anne, were KNEE DEEP in water in their apartment parking lot! They have SUVs and there was no way they were getting out. So, I decided to just hang out in the parking lot while I waited for the rain to let up. I sat there for about an hour before I decided it MIGHT be safe enough to continue on. Deciding to use the parking lot to travel instead of the streets, since it was on “higher ground,” I drove past those cars that were underwater. The water had come up SO close to the building (the mall that I was in the parking lot for) that there were probably 10 spots away from the building and then nothing but water! You couldn’t tell where the streets started and the parking lot ended. So scary! But I made it too school! As I pulled in, I found out classes were cancelled for us because our instructor hadn’t been able to make it in either. So, I decided just to hang out at school for a bit, until the rain died down again. Luckily around 11am it did and I was able to run an errand and then make it home. On my last drive, it had basically stopped raining, but there were SO many cars that had stalled on the side of the roads, even though the water had receded. A couple were still in some standing water. I felt so lucky and glad that I “didn’t drive into any water that I couldn’t see the road!” (I put that in quotations because I heard versions of this statement from the news, Tyler, my Mom, and school administrators!)

Here are some pictures of the EVENTFUL morning:

*Stalled car trying to jump start*
*Rain on the ground… it was POURING*
*My safe haven for an hour or so*
*Rain, rain, go away*
*Stalled car didn’t jump, someone else plowing through puddles*
*If you turn this picture clockwise 90 degrees, you can see the water run off from a higher street… it had a STRONG current*
*The parking lot that blends into the street, you can’t tell where they start and stop*
*Better picture, the forefront is the parking lot! The rain had receded a LOT even!*

So, like I said, be careful what you wish for! 🙂 Now, I plan to STAY PUT because they are saying we might get hit with MORE RAIN tonight! I mean seriously?! There were people who had to CLIMB INTO TREES until rescuers arrived… scary stuff! How much worse could it get? I certainly don’t want to find out!

Until Next Time,

Wedding Week on WE TV

So, I have this other “deep, dark, secret”… I have an OBSESSION (calling it anything else would truly be a LIE) with weddings! They are just so beautiful and I cannot wait to have a fairy tale wedding of my own one day. Well, this week, WE TV was playing in my favor. They are having a “Wedding Week” that will conclude with new seasons for their wedding shows! Any time I haven’t been in class (and have been allowed by Tyler), I’ve been engrossed with watching the shows. Tears flowing, adding my own commentary to the choices the brides make, and bombarding my mom and Tyler with texts and conversations about these shows…. sometimes to their disliking. But, I PROMISE, it’s a completely healthy obsession. I would LOVE to be a wedding planner of some sort… I don’t know that I would be creative enough, but, AH, I just love weddings! Here are the shows I’ve been watching…

So, that is what my week has consisted of, on top of homework and reading a Novella by Stephanie Meyer that goes along with the Twilight series (another OBSESSION of mine) called “The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner.” I found out there was a limited-time free version online and started reading it. It was a short book compared to the others in the series but has me SO excited for the release of the Eclipse movie on June 30th!

But that’s been my week… school, TV, reading, and random errands… OH, we got the hail damage on our new car fixed! It looks BEAUTIFUL! We are both SO pleased with our new car! 🙂 We find almost every excuse to go out riding in it! Unfortunately, I think we have run out of suggestions… 😦

Until Next Time,

P.S. I started a Twitter account this week… follow me @MegansPointe! 🙂

Recent and Random Life Happenings

Well, it finally happened… Tyler bought a car!!! Last Tuesday, Tyler found a car online that he really liked and was affordable and what we were looking for. So Wednesday after he got off work, we headed to the dealership and found the car. Despite some minor hail damage, the car was PERFECT. We spent almost 5 hours at the dealership looking at the car, test driving it, and then all the paperwork. At about 9pm we were driving our new car home! We are hoping to get the hail damage taken care of soon. It was part of our purchase agreement for the dealership to pay for 1/2 of the repairs. We are supposed to hear from them by today, or call if we haven’t. Tyler and I are SO excited to FINALLY have a car! Tyler got rid of his truck in December, so he has been without a vehicle for over 6 months. Not to mention, it is a GREAT car! It gets AMAZING gas milage and will be perfect for our needs. We figured we could probably travel to KC (about 350 miles) on one tank of gas!!! So hopefully we’ll get to take a trip soon, but we have to get the taxes and title taken care of, and they originally estimated the hail repair to be $800-$1000 so that means we’ll have to pay an additional $400-$500 so we need to save for even a $30 gas tank at this point. 🙂 We are still just VERY excited to finally have a new car!!! Here are some pictures:

Oh yeah, did I mention it was ELECTRIC YELLOW?! 🙂

Last weekend I made a quick trip to KC for Haley’s dance recital. It’s the only time I’ll get to see her dance this year because I won’t be able to travel to Ohio for nationals with her and my mom. It was a short trip, that centered mainly around recital happenings, but it was SO nice to be home… I hadn’t been to KC since January! That’s just UNACCEPTABLE! The recital was really good and I am just so proud of my baby sister… It was a wonderful trip home! While running around and “killing” time my mom and I found this sign… it’s my mom’s first and middle name (Haley and I’s middle names!) so we snapped a picture! Here it is:

Last night I helped Kate out at the studio (Classical Ballet School). We were cleaning and organizing all the goodies tucked into little corners. It was a ton of fun- just hanging out with Kate, Morgan, Kate’s husband and dad, and Rosie. Plus, pizza was involved! Helping organize, and with it being recital season, I am just SO excited and ready to open a studio. I just get so excited thinking about it.. I wish it was here already! But, I know I shouldn’t wish my life away. Everything will happen when it needs to.

And lastly, Summer School. Tomorrow is the last day of one of my classes! I taught my ballet proficiency on Tuesday (my final for Teaching Ballet). It went really well, I was very pleased with it and it seemed well-received by the girls who took the class as well as my professors. I can’t believe I’m already 1/2 way done with my summer school.. summer.. is going just TOO fast! Next week I’ll start Teaching Tap and continue with my Dance Academy Management Class.

So that is what I have been up to since my last update… I’m currently engrossed in a WETV Wedding Week Marathon- it’s completely healthy, I promise. 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll come up with some more exciting things in my life to share with you all soon!

Until Next Time,

Perfect Planner Pickin’

Ok. So, little known fact (and probably little desired fact): I am EXTREMELY picky when it comes to finding the PERFECT planner. With school, work and various other activities I often find myself so busy that I RELY on my planner to tell me where to go and when.Without a planner, I would be LOST! Because of this dependency, I have learned (or adapted) to be a very picky planner picker. It HAS to be PERFECT, include important elements and features and I have to be comfortable with my decision- no splurging decisions allowed! AND, I have to get a new planner each year! This is often a daunting task, but one that I secretly enjoy. I just LOVE getting organized and starting with a brand new planner. It’s a wonderful feeling- Just thinking about all the excitement that will eventually fill its pages is wonderful!

So, what is a PERFECT planner you ask? And why can’t you just use the planners that the university provides, FREE of charge? I mean, you do pay for it anyways, right?

Well! MY PERFECT planner includes 3 main things: 1) Tabs, 2) Month by Month Calendar, 3) Weekly Calendar. I also like to have lines on the weekly calendar so it will be nice and neat, AND I like for Saturday and Sunday to be either split with Saturday on the bottom of the right page and Sunday at the top of the left page OR more preferably Saturday and Sunday with smaller boxes on the right page at the bottom. Plus, the pictures/ designs have to be decent and not too obnoxious or distracting. I also like my days (Monday- Friday) to lay horizontally on the page and be stacked vertically:

Page two is:
Saturday and Sunday 
Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday

(I mean, can we say PICKY?!) But really… if my LIFE depends on this book, it has to be an important decision, almost equal to deciding upon a car or house… in my opinion. 🙂 And the university planners just have it ALL wrong… the days are listed side-by-side, the designs are always bleh, and they divide the day into little sections- with the intention of you using each section for a different class, but no thanks. They DO list the university activities such as Free Movie Night, Shows, etc., so I DO pick up a planner every year to get the dates- but.. thats about it- and half the time the dates are wrong.

Well, I went on this search yesterday. And I succeed… on the FIRST try!!! Yay Target!!! 🙂 I currently have a planner that I’ve been really pleased with. It even goes from July 2009-December 2011- 18 MONTHS! However, my desire to “start fresh,” and the crumpled-ness of this planner is starting to wear on me. I wanted something new. Well, I found the PERFECT planner last night. It has tabs, month-by-month and week-by-week calendars. It goes from July 2010-June 2011. The pages are in giraffe print and its made on recycled paper. Usually, I get planners that are the size of notebooks and binders. I usually enjoy having the space. Well, this year I am going to try a smaller planner. This one is a 5X8 sized planner that fits in my purse! Now, I really WILL be able to take it EVERYWHERE with me! 🙂

Needless to say, I am OVERLY excited about this new planner and am already anxiously awaiting July to begin using my new planner!!! 🙂 Did I mention that I was the kid in ELEMENTARY school and MIDDLE school who would buy MULTIPLE planners over the course of school year because my current one was too “messy” (i.e. my handwriting wasn’t neat enough)? (Type A personality much?)

Well, I hope you have ENJOYED my sharing of my “deepest, darkest” secret. 😉 I seriously can NOT wait to begin using my new planner. Don’t worry, I have already filled in some dates! 🙂

Until Next Time,

*Sorry for not having any fun pictures, or even an interesting topic :)*