Recap before the "RECAPS" :)

Well, so much for that “updating before the week is over” stuff I mentioned in my last post… almost a MONTH ago! Ha.. I’ve been stopping by frequently the last week or so, trying to decide how to tackle the last few weeks of whirl-wind that I’ve neglected to update on… (As I’m writing this, I still haven’t decided exactly how I want to do this, so… just go with me?)

I think the best, and most sane way to do this, is to give a BRIEF update in this post and then do specific updates on each event! 🙂 That way you can see and experience all the glamor that has been my life for the last couple of weeks! 🙂 But first, the “update” :

1) Banquet was AMAZING!!!! I have TONS of pictures from our amazing photographer that I will share with you all in that post, plus a few of my own… I didn’t have much of a chance to take a lot of my own, but a captured a few with my “trusty personal photographer”… aka…. Tyler 🙂

2) Finals were more stressful than I had anticipated… I was doing things up until the very last minute possible… It was very easy to tell that I was just ready for the semester to be over…. and I survived! 🙂 (Although, before today’s update, you may not have been able to tell! 🙂 )

3) My family made it in safely. It was wonderful having ALL of my family here to celebrate graduation and the future! One weekend simply was NOT enough time to spend with them, but it was certainly nice. I hadn’t seen any of my family since CHRISTMAS! Not acceptable!

4) I Graduated from COLLEGE! (Only my Undergrad, but still!!!) And I did so side-by-side with my best friends, without who, I wouldn’t have survived the last four years! I miss them terribly, but I’m sure they are all enjoying their first few days in “the real world!”

5) I had the WORLD’s SHORTEST summer vacation…. 🙂 I spent my time watching my TV shows, caught a few movies, and read 2 really good books from my Grandma! Can’t wait until the 3rd book in the set comes out in August! A perfect Birthday Present/End of “real” summer present/ back-to-school present! 🙂

6) Tyler “graduated” as well this past week… He passed his Unlimited Electrical Journeyman’s Test!!!! He passed it on Friday… the day before I graduated, so I have been counting this feat a “graduation too” so we celebrated that with our families here! 🙂 He is also getting ready to celebrate another “big” event… his 22nd Birthday is on May 24th! Yay!!!

Well, those few things above have been my life since I last updated…. I’ve certainly been busy… but, I am starting to feel ready to head “back” to school on Monday… yes, Monday… Monday I start my MFA classes OFFICIALLY! I’ll be taking 3 classes this summer. It’ll be fast and furious, but one step closer to graduating AGAIN in December of 2011. I’ll be sure and keep you updated on this adventure… after I re-update you on a few of the things above… so stay tuned for EXCITING recaps of these events! Pictures WILL be included! 🙂

Until Next Time,


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