Well…. first, MY CAPSTONE IS OFFICIALLY DONE AND TURNED IN! (It’s actually already been off my mind for a couple of days as it was due Friday!)

This week, deadline-wise, is a LOT lighter! But, it’s all in preparation for next week! 🙂

So… as the countdown continues… we have…. 19 days until GRADUATION, 11 days until BANQUET and 12 days until CDC SHOWCASE/MFA THESIS SHOW!!!! Phew… Almost down to 2 hands folks!!!! 🙂

This weekend, I basically “crashed”… Ok… That’s not entirely true… I just decided to have a relaxing weekend… and well, to be honest…. I didn’t even “decide” to do that… it just happened! 🙂

Friday… I was no joke, asleep by 8:30pm (Tuesday night I was up til 2am, Wednesday night I was up til 2am, and Thursday night I was up until 1am because I just COULD NOT keep my eyes open ANY longer!) So, Friday, I did crash!

Saturday I taught in the morning, went home, watched TV, movies and read a book for FUN (well continued it anyways.. from the end of CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!). Sunday, laundry, errands, and more TV and movies! Little car shopping occurred this weekend, because Tyler has decided to shop for the cheaper “in-between” car… we found one on craigslist that we REALLY liked… turns out…. it was more than likely a scam… it sounded really sketch in the email correspondence with the “owner” and then Tyler searched for Craigslist Scams and found an almost IDENTICAL email! So…. needless to say, we stopped replying. Too bad it was a scam, it would have been a really great car.

I finally decided to make a “To-Do” list today for this week and MAJOR things for next week! (Only two weeks of classes left!!!) So this “To-Do” list was much more managable!!! YAY!!!!

Well, I’m off to grab a snack and then head to class!!!! (Back to work!)

We can do it!!!! (Pep talk for the week/day/end of semester!)

Until Next Time,


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