Caffeinated Monday ;)

Hello, Hello!

Well, once again, my weekend was full of suffering from Senioritis! (It’s getting bad folks!) Friday Tyler and I went to Chilli’s because I have been craving it for WEEKS it seems. Saturday I taught in the morning, then we went car shopping in the afternoon (with no success, Tyler may have a new game plan… one that I’m not ENTIRELY on board with), then I went dress shopping and got my dresses for Banquet and Graduation (and another one, I haven’t decided where I will wear it yet). Sunday was laundry, a quick meeting and FINALLY some homework… This week is going to be a doozie!!! I made myself stay up until midnight working on stuff last night… just to get things organized and together!

Today… well lets just say…. Megan and caffeine from Starbucks are a “fun” combination! šŸ™‚ Here’s a rundown of my day…. Tap testing this morning, Bloodwork, Bank, Mall for make-up, Taco Bell and Starbucks (I literally made a circle in the mall). Then back to school where I sent 10 bajillion emails. Then it was time for Choreography II, Dance Studio Management (Test), Jazz Pedagogy II, teaching, office, teaching…. and now I’m home…. where my caffeine has almost resulted in me killing our paper shredder (note to self, when it says 6 pages max… it means…. 6 pages max… not an entire letter unopened!).. and it did (as Tyler would tell you) result in me breaking our (already CHEAP) apple slicer… whoops… Tyler has told me COUNTLESS times in the less than 1 hour I’ve been home to “take a chill pill…”

The unfortunate thing? I might have to go back for more every day this week… My Capstone Project is due Friday… šŸ™‚

PHEW!!!! So, my goal is to stay up until midnight again working on things… and let’s hope that crosses somethings off my To-Do List!

Hoping tomorrow doesn’t result in too much more destruction! šŸ™‚

Until Next Time,


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