The Day of Silver Linings

How about a change of pace? How about a better sounding post than me complaining about my crazy, busy life? Does that sound better? It sure sounds better to me!

A student at OCU created a Facebook Event entitled “A Day of Silver Linings,” where from the moment you wake up, every thought you had was supposed to be positive…. She created this event out of the crabiness that seemed to be overwhelming the university…. Feeling like I was certainly a contributor to this atmosphere, I decided to participate… Well, the day has come….

I woke up this morning, not remembering “today was the day.” Once I did realize it, I wasn’t so thrilled about the idea anymore. I just “wasn’t in the mood.” But I decided I needed to get out of bed and start my day anyways. So… I did.

Off to tap class at 9am after having been up until after 2am doing homework and waking up at 6:30am to continue the productivity… yuck. Well, tap wasn’t too bad so that helped my mood a little. And I was feeling a little more pull towards having a “day of silver linings.”

I was up until 2am this morning working on my Dance Studio Management section that was due today. This section included describing and pricing our observation windows (where parents can look into the studios and see classes), restroom and dressing areas decorations and furnishings, office supplies, music libraries and plans for growth, and lastly our small business insurance. (Which by the way, when they say “free quotes in minutes!” online… they lie- part of the reason for the crankiness!) As of the time I went to bed last night, I had finished all except the insurance rates.

So, after tap this morning, I decided to venture to my State Farm agent who does Tyler and I’s renters insurance and his car insurance… Worried that it was “against the law” to give fake quotes, I decided to be brave and try anyways… Let me just tell you, the women in the office we wonderful! The lady I talked with was so super nice and helpful. She was even a former dancer so she knew what I was looking for (including that my floors, mirrors, sound equipment and computer assets would need to be covered in my insurance!). We first tried to create a “fake” business to get quotes but they didn’t have a dance studio option for the business type, so she decided to call another local agent to see what she could do instead… I’m telling you, she was TOTALLY into this! She played right along! During this phone call, my agent and the agent on the phone decided it would simply be the easiest to look up a local dance studios current insurance rates! Needless to say, the woman was SO wonderful and I was able to get exactly what I needed! And, I even told her I might be back in a few years when I am actually starting my studio! (She was very impressed with the in-depth nature of the research and planning I had already done for my project! I feel VERY prepared now to open a studio!)… Once again, my “silver lining day” was just getting better!

I also found out that my mom and haley might be coming to banquet! (Haley might end up being a dog-sitter… but you never know.. Haley- don’t get any ideas!) AND, I found out that people have already bought some Banquet tickets! YAY! AND, I’ve been listening to Broadway showtunes all day on (it’s an online radio that customizes your “station” based on your interests!). So uplifting! AND, I had chicken noodle soup for lunch today! YUM! Phew… Let’s hope the day continues to be this good… and even if it doesn’t… I would be ok with that because of the good things that HAVE happened today!

In other “news”… Tyler and I didn’t go test drive that car last night… We just didn’t think we would have enough time… I think we’re gonna try and go Saturday afternoon though! I also got my graduation announcements on Wednesday… SO exciting… ONLY… they accidently sent me OU (University of Oklahoma, the Sooners, in Norman) seals for my envelopes… whoops… I called yesterday and they said someone at OU got my OCU seals, but they are sending the right ones… so hopefully those can go out this weekend! šŸ™‚

Phew… Life… It’s been a rollerocaster lately… (P.S. the song “Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast just came on Pandora! The song from her strolling through the city at the beginning… Oh, I love disney!!!!) šŸ™‚

Lastly, there is less than one month until graduation! (In case you lost count since yesterday!)

Alright, back to “working” in my choreography class! šŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

Until Next Time,

Happy “Day of Silver Linings!”


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