The "End" is in Sight…

Alright… an update huh? Well, it’s been a while… so, once again I’ll try and spare you the crazy details!

There are officially 31 days until Graduation! YIKES! Which means there are 23 days until Banquet and 24 days until CDC/MFA shows! Phew! It is right around the corner!!!

Basically, school, teaching, banquet, SAM, MFA, CDC, dance, and more… have consumed my life… not to mention my outrageously long and obnoxious to-do lists! (I decided not to make one this week because it was just too depressing!) And to be honest, I haven’t done MUCH school work and what not… I just don’t know what to do! But the “end” is in sight!

Tyler and I spent the weekend car shopping… Man, are those people PUSHY! We went out Friday night to a dealer, but didn’t really see anything we liked and they didn’t have too many prices displayed for us…(We’re just in the looking stages). On the way to another dealer, we passed a Car Max, and decided to check it out… it turned out to be the best shopping experience we’ve had so far! We found a couple of cars we liked and the service was WONDERFUL! We even test drove one car that Tyler keeps checking online to see if its gone yet and discussing the price of it! Then Saturday we went to dealership and just kind of got out of the mood to conitnue shopping. After a nap and “resting time” we decided to give it another go, heading to another dealership that turned out to be the WORST out of the four we have been to… They were SO pushy… we had 4, yes FOUR, salesmen trying to get us to buy this car that was just not very attractive or what we were really looking for… and if you know Tyler and I at all, we have a VERY hard time telling people no.. but we did it! So, we still haven’t purchased a car yet and are still looking… who knows Tyler might decide he really liked the car at Car Max and might end up with that one… we’ll see…(And then last night he tells me he has set up a test drive at the FIRST dealership for the one car we had our eyes on in the lot… so… we’ll see how that goes!)

Other than that, just staying busy busy busy…. and trying to figure out what to do to be productive! I will try to get better about updating more fequently… but I always say that don’t I?

Until Next Time,


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