1 Week Left! (Of Classes!)

Hello, Hello!

Time just keeps flying right on by! I CAN NOT believe… Banquet is less than a week away, and by this time next week A) I will be finished with classes for my Undergrad! and B) The CDC/ MFA Shows will be finished and wrapping up!

That is just SO weird to me… the three (well 4) biggest things I’ve been working on this semester/year are about ready to be over, doneΒ completed… “bye-bye!” So unbelievable!

The nostalga of my best friends heading off to “start” their lives is beginning to hit… we’ve had a few emotional moments in the past week.. nothing too major but some reminscing has occured, as well as some really good laughs! Too bad we’re all WAY too busy to really sit back and enjoy this ride coming to an end… but that wouldn’t be a reflection of the past four years we’ve had here at OCU now would it? So, I guess it is a very fitting end to this part of the journey. (Ok, enough before the emotions begin again.)

This past week was “lighter,” as I had anticipated… not much, but some…. Monday I had my last Dance Studio Management Studio project section due (until the final project is due this Monday). Wednesday I had my first scholarship request letter for my MFA. Basically, you write about all the things you did to contribute to the department, university, industry, etc. Things you want to do in the upcoming year, and anything else you deem “appropriate” information to aid your request in getting a scholarship… My request was 14 pages long… yes… that’s right… 14 pages….. for this year alone! Seeing it all on paper… it’s been a BUSY year! But… it less than 2 weeks, at the conclusion of finals and by graduation…. it will all be finished! (For a week, and then I head back to class… haha! πŸ™‚ )

Things are starting to come together quite nicely though… either that or I’m just leaving everything to the “universe” at this point and crossing my fingers! πŸ™‚ No, no… I’m certain that everything will be wonderful and turn out better than expected! I’m excited to see the end results! πŸ™‚

This last week of classes will be BUSY! With my Studio Project due, classes, teaching, late night rehearsals for the two shows this weekend… banquet and day FULL of preparations (in between classes), only to turn right around be back at school at 8am for the two shows…. phew! It’s going to be CRAZY!!!! But… if I’ve survived 14 pages of “work” this year alone… I can survive one more week! πŸ™‚

Today I taught my little ones… I just love them… (one of them decided to “growl” during one of our exercises today… pretty darn cute!)… Came home took a nap…. then took Tyler to the mall to get his eyes checked and new contacts… I decided to browse for another dress for banquet… just looking- the dress I got a couple of weeks ago just didn’t “feel” right… I wasn’t super thrilled with it.. and I just…. didn’t think it was “the one.” So, I went back to the same store only to find they only have 2-3 racks of dresses… lame. So I decided to head to another store. I found two that I really liked and tried them on.. the first was nice but was a little loose and would need altering… (as you can see from the paragraph above… that ain’t happening this week)… and the second one was… PERFECT!!!! It was “the one!” It is the most elegant/ beautiful dress I’ve seen in a while! I’m so excited to wear it! I put it on twice tonight and danced around in it for 20 minutes EACH TIME! I just L-O-V-E it! But again, it’s a surprise for all you readers out there until AFTER banquet!!! πŸ™‚ So you must be patient!!!

As for tomorrow, it’s laundry… date for mani’s and pedi’s with Anna…. so excited!!! πŸ™‚ Then homework and getting ready for this absolutely CRAZY week ahead!!!! (I think I can, I think I can!!!)

I will try and update before the week is over, but I’m not promising anything….So….

Until Next Time,

P.S. Tyler got a letter today saying he was approved to take his Unlimited Journeyman’s Test!!! YAY!!! He just needs to schedule it, study for it, and take it!!!! πŸ™‚ I am so very proud of him! (And no car yet… we’re still looking).




Well…. first, MY CAPSTONE IS OFFICIALLY DONE AND TURNED IN! (It’s actually already been off my mind for a couple of days as it was due Friday!)

This week, deadline-wise, is a LOT lighter! But, it’s all in preparation for next week! πŸ™‚

So… as the countdown continues… we have…. 19 days until GRADUATION, 11 days until BANQUET and 12 days until CDC SHOWCASE/MFA THESIS SHOW!!!! Phew… Almost down to 2 hands folks!!!! πŸ™‚

This weekend, I basically “crashed”… Ok… That’s not entirely true… I just decided to have a relaxing weekend… and well, to be honest…. I didn’t even “decide” to do that… it just happened! πŸ™‚

Friday… I was no joke, asleep by 8:30pm (Tuesday night I was up til 2am, Wednesday night I was up til 2am, and Thursday night I was up until 1am because I just COULD NOT keep my eyes open ANY longer!) So, Friday, I did crash!

Saturday I taught in the morning, went home, watched TV, movies and read a book for FUN (well continued it anyways.. from the end of CHRISTMAS BREAK!!!!). Sunday, laundry, errands, and more TV and movies! Little car shopping occurred this weekend, because Tyler has decided to shop for the cheaper “in-between” car… we found one on craigslist that we REALLY liked… turns out…. it was more than likely a scam… it sounded really sketch in the email correspondence with the “owner” and then Tyler searched for Craigslist Scams and found an almost IDENTICAL email! So…. needless to say, we stopped replying. Too bad it was a scam, it would have been a really great car.

I finally decided to make a “To-Do” list today for this week and MAJOR things for next week! (Only two weeks of classes left!!!) So this “To-Do” list was much more managable!!! YAY!!!!

Well, I’m off to grab a snack and then head to class!!!! (Back to work!)

We can do it!!!! (Pep talk for the week/day/end of semester!)

Until Next Time,

Stoppin’ By

Just poppin’ in to say hello!

I’ve been hard at work on projects, projects, projects this week! (I’ve actually had that many projects due this week). I had a Dance Studio Management Studio project due today that included our computers, and sound equipment… My dance studio has officially passed the $75,000 mark for start-up costs! PHEW! Tomorrow I have a section for my Research and Writing (my MFA class) final research project due. And Friday… MY CAPSTONE is due!!! Yikes!!!! (This is a rough week, folks! I’ll be up late tonight and tomorrow night for sure… maybe even an all-nighter in there somewhere… we’ll see).

Graduation is in 24 days, Banquet is in 16 and the CDC Showcase and MFA shows are in 17 days! Phew… time is flying!

Well, I’m off.. hopefully to be productive AND to be able to find time to sleep!

Until Next Time,

Caffeinated Monday ;)

Hello, Hello!

Well, once again, my weekend was full of suffering from Senioritis! (It’s getting bad folks!) Friday Tyler and I went to Chilli’s because I have been craving it for WEEKS it seems. Saturday I taught in the morning, then we went car shopping in the afternoon (with no success, Tyler may have a new game plan… one that I’m not ENTIRELY on board with), then I went dress shopping and got my dresses for Banquet and Graduation (and another one, I haven’t decided where I will wear it yet). Sunday was laundry, a quick meeting and FINALLY some homework… This week is going to be a doozie!!! I made myself stay up until midnight working on stuff last night… just to get things organized and together!

Today… well lets just say…. Megan and caffeine from Starbucks are a “fun” combination! πŸ™‚ Here’s a rundown of my day…. Tap testing this morning, Bloodwork, Bank, Mall for make-up, Taco Bell and Starbucks (I literally made a circle in the mall). Then back to school where I sent 10 bajillion emails. Then it was time for Choreography II, Dance Studio Management (Test), Jazz Pedagogy II, teaching, office, teaching…. and now I’m home…. where my caffeine has almost resulted in me killing our paper shredder (note to self, when it says 6 pages max… it means…. 6 pages max… not an entire letter unopened!).. and it did (as Tyler would tell you) result in me breaking our (already CHEAP) apple slicer… whoops… Tyler has told me COUNTLESS times in the less than 1 hour I’ve been home to “take a chill pill…”

The unfortunate thing? I might have to go back for more every day this week… My Capstone Project is due Friday… πŸ™‚

PHEW!!!! So, my goal is to stay up until midnight again working on things… and let’s hope that crosses somethings off my To-Do List!

Hoping tomorrow doesn’t result in too much more destruction! πŸ™‚

Until Next Time,

The Day of Silver Linings

How about a change of pace? How about a better sounding post than me complaining about my crazy, busy life? Does that sound better? It sure sounds better to me!

A student at OCU created a Facebook Event entitled “A Day of Silver Linings,” where from the moment you wake up, every thought you had was supposed to be positive…. She created this event out of the crabiness that seemed to be overwhelming the university…. Feeling like I was certainly a contributor to this atmosphere, I decided to participate… Well, the day has come….

I woke up this morning, not remembering “today was the day.” Once I did realize it, I wasn’t so thrilled about the idea anymore. I just “wasn’t in the mood.” But I decided I needed to get out of bed and start my day anyways. So… I did.

Off to tap class at 9am after having been up until after 2am doing homework and waking up at 6:30am to continue the productivity… yuck. Well, tap wasn’t too bad so that helped my mood a little. And I was feeling a little more pull towards having a “day of silver linings.”

I was up until 2am this morning working on my Dance Studio Management section that was due today. This section included describing and pricing our observation windows (where parents can look into the studios and see classes), restroom and dressing areas decorations and furnishings, office supplies, music libraries and plans for growth, and lastly our small business insurance. (Which by the way, when they say “free quotes in minutes!” online… they lie- part of the reason for the crankiness!) As of the time I went to bed last night, I had finished all except the insurance rates.

So, after tap this morning, I decided to venture to my State Farm agent who does Tyler and I’s renters insurance and his car insurance… Worried that it was “against the law” to give fake quotes, I decided to be brave and try anyways… Let me just tell you, the women in the office we wonderful! The lady I talked with was so super nice and helpful. She was even a former dancer so she knew what I was looking for (including that my floors, mirrors, sound equipment and computer assets would need to be covered in my insurance!). We first tried to create a “fake” business to get quotes but they didn’t have a dance studio option for the business type, so she decided to call another local agent to see what she could do instead… I’m telling you, she was TOTALLY into this! She played right along! During this phone call, my agent and the agent on the phone decided it would simply be the easiest to look up a local dance studios current insurance rates! Needless to say, the woman was SO wonderful and I was able to get exactly what I needed! And, I even told her I might be back in a few years when I am actually starting my studio! (She was very impressed with the in-depth nature of the research and planning I had already done for my project! I feel VERY prepared now to open a studio!)… Once again, my “silver lining day” was just getting better!

I also found out that my mom and haley might be coming to banquet! (Haley might end up being a dog-sitter… but you never know.. Haley- don’t get any ideas!) AND, I found out that people have already bought some Banquet tickets! YAY! AND, I’ve been listening to Broadway showtunes all day on Pandora.com (it’s an online radio that customizes your “station” based on your interests!). So uplifting! AND, I had chicken noodle soup for lunch today! YUM! Phew… Let’s hope the day continues to be this good… and even if it doesn’t… I would be ok with that because of the good things that HAVE happened today!

In other “news”… Tyler and I didn’t go test drive that car last night… We just didn’t think we would have enough time… I think we’re gonna try and go Saturday afternoon though! I also got my graduation announcements on Wednesday… SO exciting… ONLY… they accidently sent me OU (University of Oklahoma, the Sooners, in Norman) seals for my envelopes… whoops… I called yesterday and they said someone at OU got my OCU seals, but they are sending the right ones… so hopefully those can go out this weekend! πŸ™‚

Phew… Life… It’s been a rollerocaster lately… (P.S. the song “Belle” from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast just came on Pandora! The song from her strolling through the city at the beginning… Oh, I love disney!!!!) πŸ™‚

Lastly, there is less than one month until graduation! (In case you lost count since yesterday!)

Alright, back to “working” in my choreography class! πŸ™‚ Happy Friday!

Until Next Time,

Happy “Day of Silver Linings!”

The Countdown Continues

Well… It’s ONE MONTH until graduation to the day exactly!!!! (May 8th… here we come!) My stress level is at an all-time high… but we’re still just chuggin’ along! (I think I can, I think I can…)

Just stoppin’ in for a quick little update…. School today (squeezing in last minute homework, costume alterations, class and meetings); test driving a car tonight with Tyler and then back to school for rehearsal… then….. yet again… more homework… A break would be really wonderful right about now… but… it’s just ONE MONTH away!!!! (I think I can, I think I can…). Please wish me luck to make it to this weekend!!!

Until Next Time,

The "End" is in Sight…

Alright… an update huh? Well, it’s been a while… so, once again I’ll try and spare you the crazy details!

There are officially 31 days until Graduation! YIKES! Which means there are 23 days until Banquet and 24 days until CDC/MFA shows! Phew! It is right around the corner!!!

Basically, school, teaching, banquet, SAM, MFA, CDC,Β dance, and more…Β have consumed my life… not to mention my outrageously long and obnoxious to-do lists! (I decided not to make one this week because it was just too depressing!) And to be honest, I haven’t done MUCH school work and what not… I just don’t know what to do! But the “end” is in sight!

Tyler and I spent the weekend car shopping… Man, are those people PUSHY! We went out Friday night to a dealer, but didn’t really see anything we liked and they didn’t have too many prices displayed for us…(We’re just in the looking stages). On the way to another dealer, we passed a Car Max, and decided to check it out… it turned out to be the best shopping experience we’ve had so far! We found a couple of cars we liked and the service was WONDERFUL! We even test drove one car that Tyler keeps checking online to see if its gone yet and discussing the price of it! Then Saturday we went to dealership and just kind of got out of the mood to conitnue shopping. After a nap and “resting time” we decided to give it another go, heading to another dealership that turned out to be the WORST out of the four we have been to… They were SO pushy… we had 4, yes FOUR, salesmen trying to get us to buy this car that was just not very attractive or what we were really looking for… and if you know Tyler and I at all, we have a VERY hard time telling people no.. but we did it! So, we still haven’t purchased a car yet and are still looking… who knows Tyler might decide he really liked the car at Car Max and might end up with that one… we’ll see…(And then last night he tells me he has set up a test drive at the FIRST dealership for the one car we had our eyes on in the lot… so… we’ll see how that goes!)

Other than that, just staying busy busy busy…. and trying to figure out what to do to be productive! I will try to get better about updating more fequently… but I always say that don’t I?

Until Next Time,