Household Update!

Just stopping by to say hello!

Spring Break is really officially over and I have hit the ground runnin’ until the end of school…. 44 days until Graduation, 37 days until the MFA Thesis Show and the CDC Showcase (my capstone project) and 36 days until Banquet! SO much to do…. so little time…

Other than that, just staying busy and trying to get things done in preparation for these big events.

Today (and yesterday) is Tyler and I’s FOUR AND A HALF YEAR Anniversary! I can’t believe we have been together that long! So very exciting! And as cliche as it sounds, I love him more and more everyday! So, Happy Anniversary to us! 🙂

*Tyler and I from our Senior Homecoming Dance, September 24th,2006: The night we started dating!*

In other Tyler news, he officially has enough hours to take his test to become a Commercial Journeyman, so he just needs to do the application process, and take the test! It won’t be necessarily any time soon that this will all happen, but he is moving closer in that direction, which is GREAT because….

Tyler officially sold the truck yesterday! 🙂 Well, sort of. Ben, Tyler’s friend and old journeyman, has been driving the truck for a few months now and paid Tyler for it yesterday! The Title is still in Tyler and I’s name (at least I think my name is on it), but that will change once we have the time (and actually find the Title- HA)! Moral of the story, Tyler and I can…. START LOOKING FOR CARS NOW!!!! 🙂 We have a good down payment for a new car (if not enough to just buy one… although, I would like to go for a little bit more “sturdy” car, seeing as how mine- Miss Vicki- won’t last TOO much longer…)

So, thats about all that is going on in our household! It’s scary being an adult… or transitioning from “kid” status to “adult” status….

Until Next Time,


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