Mustering Motivation for Monday!

Ok, Ok. So I’ve decided to stop being stubborn and enjoy going back to school for this last leg! (It’s been a serious case of Senioritis folks!)

Yesterday, the perfect example. New Moon came out on DVD yesterday. I pre-ordered my copy earlier this week but it won’t be here until tomorrow (Monday). HOWEVER, since I ordered it from I was able to get a FREE Digital Rental copy for 24 hours! So, taking FULL advantage of this free perk, I watched New Moon yesterday. More times than I’m willing to publicly admit… :). Of course, the first time was for enjoyment, however, the repeated watching was a procrastination tool… duh! 🙂 I DID make a To-Do List last night… so… I guess I was KIND OF productive? Yay! 🙂

This morning, we woke up and did laundry (as usual). Then we did some Spring Cleaning (even though it is only 34 degrees outside and snow is melting from our random winter storm). We gave Dash a bath, vacuumed, did the dishes, made the bed, cleaned the bathroom and put away our laundry! YAY. Go us! 🙂 Now, it’s time to really get to doing my homework. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of stuff that needs to be done (remember I mentioned in a previous post my To-Do List for Spring Break included things that COULD get done to make life more organized).

I did acquire some pictures from the show that I thought I would share with you…

From Left to Right:
*Stephanie (Follow Spot) and Me*
*Light Board Operators* 
*Light Board Operators on Opening Night!*
From Top to Bottom:
*Our sign in the self-proclaimed “Party Cove”*
*My individual sign in the “Party Cove,” next to Katy’s*
Ok, Ok, Ok! Now, I’m really, really, REALLY going to try and do some homework… Let’s hope nothing else can distract me now!
Until Next Time,

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