Two days in a row! Look at me go! 🙂
Well, it’s Friday now…. and I have yet to be productive. Oh well, must be my subconscious telling me that I “needed this break!” Or maybe my subconscious is just being stubborn. I feel like I’ve been sitting around just waiting for the break to be over.. not because I want it to be, but because I know inevitably it will end…. much sooner than I would like.
My chick flick library has been devoured, my recorded TV shows are all watched. Now, I’m simply scowering the TV guide to find SOMETHING to hold my attention. It sounds really boring, and it is… but I’m not looking forward to it ending. I just can’t find ANY motivation to prepare myself for this last leg of school…49 days until GRADUATION! Yikes! I have a checklist on the desktop of my computer that I haven’t even TOUCHED! It was mostly things that could be done to help me be more organized (and really things to keep me busy over the break) that apparently, I haven’t felt the desire to accomplish. Oh well, I “must have really needed this break!” 🙂
I do have to be “productive” today because our dishes are in DIRE need of attention, I need to put my clothes away from LAST Sunday’s laundry and Dash needs a trip to the vet for some regular check-up thingys. Yuck… I just wanted to curl up on the couch and continue my stubborn attempt at keeping Spring Break here longer! Not to mention, I am DREADING the SNOW they are calling for tomorrow… 4-8 inches!!! On the first day of SPRING?! Yuck-O! Maybe the yucky weather will “inspire” me to be productive… maybe not… 😉
(*This grumpy attitude is NOT going to make Monday any easier…*)
Well, once again, in my stubborn attempt to keep the break here longer…. I curled up on the couch, constantly checking Facebook, my Email, my Blog and other websites, while cuddled with this guy… Isn’t he precious?! Let’s hope his vet trip isn’t too torturing… 😦
*Sorry for the bad quality,
I just didn’t want to disappoint with 2 posts without pictures!*
Well, I’m going to finish watching my cake TV show and then TRY to be productive until Tyler gets home and we take Dash to the vet.
Until Next Time,

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