Household Update!

Just stopping by to say hello!

Spring Break is really officially over and I have hit the ground runnin’ until the end of school…. 44 days until Graduation, 37 days until the MFA Thesis Show and the CDC Showcase (my capstone project) and 36 days until Banquet! SO much to do…. so little time…

Other than that, just staying busy and trying to get things done in preparation for these big events.

Today (and yesterday) is Tyler and I’s FOUR AND A HALF YEAR Anniversary! I can’t believe we have been together that long! So very exciting! And as cliche as it sounds, I love him more and more everyday! So, Happy Anniversary to us! 🙂

*Tyler and I from our Senior Homecoming Dance, September 24th,2006: The night we started dating!*

In other Tyler news, he officially has enough hours to take his test to become a Commercial Journeyman, so he just needs to do the application process, and take the test! It won’t be necessarily any time soon that this will all happen, but he is moving closer in that direction, which is GREAT because….

Tyler officially sold the truck yesterday! 🙂 Well, sort of. Ben, Tyler’s friend and old journeyman, has been driving the truck for a few months now and paid Tyler for it yesterday! The Title is still in Tyler and I’s name (at least I think my name is on it), but that will change once we have the time (and actually find the Title- HA)! Moral of the story, Tyler and I can…. START LOOKING FOR CARS NOW!!!! 🙂 We have a good down payment for a new car (if not enough to just buy one… although, I would like to go for a little bit more “sturdy” car, seeing as how mine- Miss Vicki- won’t last TOO much longer…)

So, thats about all that is going on in our household! It’s scary being an adult… or transitioning from “kid” status to “adult” status….

Until Next Time,


Mustering Motivation for Monday!

Ok, Ok. So I’ve decided to stop being stubborn and enjoy going back to school for this last leg! (It’s been a serious case of Senioritis folks!)

Yesterday, the perfect example. New Moon came out on DVD yesterday. I pre-ordered my copy earlier this week but it won’t be here until tomorrow (Monday). HOWEVER, since I ordered it from I was able to get a FREE Digital Rental copy for 24 hours! So, taking FULL advantage of this free perk, I watched New Moon yesterday. More times than I’m willing to publicly admit… :). Of course, the first time was for enjoyment, however, the repeated watching was a procrastination tool… duh! 🙂 I DID make a To-Do List last night… so… I guess I was KIND OF productive? Yay! 🙂

This morning, we woke up and did laundry (as usual). Then we did some Spring Cleaning (even though it is only 34 degrees outside and snow is melting from our random winter storm). We gave Dash a bath, vacuumed, did the dishes, made the bed, cleaned the bathroom and put away our laundry! YAY. Go us! 🙂 Now, it’s time to really get to doing my homework. Luckily, I don’t have a lot of stuff that needs to be done (remember I mentioned in a previous post my To-Do List for Spring Break included things that COULD get done to make life more organized).

I did acquire some pictures from the show that I thought I would share with you…

From Left to Right:
*Stephanie (Follow Spot) and Me*
*Light Board Operators* 
*Light Board Operators on Opening Night!*
From Top to Bottom:
*Our sign in the self-proclaimed “Party Cove”*
*My individual sign in the “Party Cove,” next to Katy’s*
Ok, Ok, Ok! Now, I’m really, really, REALLY going to try and do some homework… Let’s hope nothing else can distract me now!
Until Next Time,


Two days in a row! Look at me go! 🙂
Well, it’s Friday now…. and I have yet to be productive. Oh well, must be my subconscious telling me that I “needed this break!” Or maybe my subconscious is just being stubborn. I feel like I’ve been sitting around just waiting for the break to be over.. not because I want it to be, but because I know inevitably it will end…. much sooner than I would like.
My chick flick library has been devoured, my recorded TV shows are all watched. Now, I’m simply scowering the TV guide to find SOMETHING to hold my attention. It sounds really boring, and it is… but I’m not looking forward to it ending. I just can’t find ANY motivation to prepare myself for this last leg of school…49 days until GRADUATION! Yikes! I have a checklist on the desktop of my computer that I haven’t even TOUCHED! It was mostly things that could be done to help me be more organized (and really things to keep me busy over the break) that apparently, I haven’t felt the desire to accomplish. Oh well, I “must have really needed this break!” 🙂
I do have to be “productive” today because our dishes are in DIRE need of attention, I need to put my clothes away from LAST Sunday’s laundry and Dash needs a trip to the vet for some regular check-up thingys. Yuck… I just wanted to curl up on the couch and continue my stubborn attempt at keeping Spring Break here longer! Not to mention, I am DREADING the SNOW they are calling for tomorrow… 4-8 inches!!! On the first day of SPRING?! Yuck-O! Maybe the yucky weather will “inspire” me to be productive… maybe not… 😉
(*This grumpy attitude is NOT going to make Monday any easier…*)
Well, once again, in my stubborn attempt to keep the break here longer…. I curled up on the couch, constantly checking Facebook, my Email, my Blog and other websites, while cuddled with this guy… Isn’t he precious?! Let’s hope his vet trip isn’t too torturing… 😦
*Sorry for the bad quality,
I just didn’t want to disappoint with 2 posts without pictures!*
Well, I’m going to finish watching my cake TV show and then TRY to be productive until Tyler gets home and we take Dash to the vet.
Until Next Time,

Recap of the Month

Phew! It’s been a LONG time since my last update…. almost a month to the day…. whoops. But, I am still alive! Promise. I will try to give you a BRIEF recap of the past month, but as we all know, I’m typically not capable of providing BRIEF recaps… but I will give it the good ole try.

Since my last update, I have been up to LOTS of school, teaching and homework…. big surprise there! 🙂 I have been trying hard to get things done for my numerous projects that I am involved in for the year… and things are slowly but surely happening… YAY!

Spring Show came and went…. I spent OVER 50 hours in the theatre over the course of 2 weeks… two days in which I attended only one class and one day where I spent ALL day in the theatre. It was a ton of fun but very exhausting at the same time. I did notice my life starting to get out of balance as the two weeks progressed…. spending so much time in the theatre kept me from spending much time with Tyler and Dash, I didn’t neglect my school work but definitely put it on the back-burner…. thankfully it was during a slow time. By the end of the two weeks, Spring Break could not have come ANY sooner. I was in need of some “Me” time; time to relax and refocus. I was starting to get to the point that I was not appreciating the experience anymore because I was just so exhausted and determined to find some normalcy in my life again. Overall, the shows were wonderful and the experience was great, but it really showed me how much I value my “standard, normal, every-day” lifestyle that I have become so accustomed to.

This week… it’s SPRING BREAK! Originally, I had been planning for this week to be a “project boot-camp,” however, once the week rolled around, I decided what I REALLY needed was time to just veg, and that’s what I did. Sunday, after the dreaded time change (Strike lasted until 1:30am Sunday- it wasn’t too bad though), I slept in a LITTLE and then did laundry. I was SO exhausted, I was being VERY grumpy and knew that I needed to just get some more sleep… so I did just that… after a 3 hour nap, I felt much more refreshed and on the road to being myself again. Tyler and I went and saw Shutter Island Sunday night. I really liked it… it was a very interesting movie. For the first part of the week, I have been lounging on my couch in my P.J.s just watching my entire collection of Chick Flicks and recorded TV shows that Tyler would not have enjoyed (i.e. Chick Flick shows!). It has been sheer bliss! Besides a trip to the bank on Monday (that didn’t require me to get out of the car), I left the house for the first time yesterday to have lunch with Anna for her Birthday! Happy Birthday Anna! We spent 3 hours sitting in Saturn Grill just talking about the luxury of our breaks thus far, and how much we both WISH that Spring Break would miraculously become a two week holiday.

Today, I finished watching my Chick Flick collection, and am now contemplating being productive, seeing as how the break is 4 (AH!) days away from being over… YUCK! (One more week please?!) But, I do feel much better and much more rested. Now I just need time for that project boot-camp I had originally planned… oh well, it will all get finished when it needs to.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures to share…. sitting on your couch, in P.J.s, without make-up on, hardly warrants a necessity to take pictures. As the year winds down, I will try my hardest to improve on that aspect of my life, although I feel that this is a reoccurring theme in my blogging… no pictures to share…

Now it’s time to “get to work” and be a “real person,” and still try to enjoy the end of my break….

Until Next Time,

P.S. Spring Break will continue into next week when I receive my pre-ordered copy of NEW MOON on Monday! 🙂