Lucky Day! :)

Ok… so the Title of this post is slightly misleading… I apologize. Today is simply my “lucky day” because it is the 22nd day of the 2nd month and 2 is my lucky number! 🙂 (2-22-22 is only 12 years away… I’ll be…. *GULP* 33! Ha!)

Anyways… The weekend was pretty low-key… Just working on homework, teaching, getting new tires and watching movies. (Not getting enough done for the week… hence why it is 11:20pm and I am continuing to procrastinate on my paper to update my blog 😉 )

Happy Monday! (Is it the weekend yet?) Ok, Ok! I’m trying going to have a good week!
Today was Tap, a break to work on lesson plans, meetings, Choreography class, a Dance Studio Management test, Jazz Pedagogy II class, teaching, working in the office and teaching again. *PHEW* (Remember my Mondays and Tuesdays are the longest out of the week.) Oh, and I found out I am one of the Light Board Programmer/ Operators for the American Spirit Dance Company Spring Show (in… count them… 17 days!)! It should be a fun experience though!!!

As for the rest of my week? Busy as usual! I have 5 (yes, 5) assignments for ONE class this week (my Grad class)… so that will keep me busy…. and it’s the class that I’m procrastinating on the paper for!

Ok, well it’s time to get back to work…. Just thought I would stop by and say “Hello!” and to ensure that I would have an update for my “lucky day!”

Until Next Time,


One thought on “Lucky Day! :)

  1. wah!! I'm such a bad friend and didn't even look to see who else got what jobs for spring show!! CONGRATS!!!!! I loved doing light board op! I think you will too! love you miss meg!! xoxo, E

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