It’s Friday!

Just popping in for a quick update!
This has been a busy week, followed by a VERY busy week next week…

Tuesday (I’m trying to remember off the top of my head)…. classes like normal but I had a paper due in my Grad class so that kept me busy…

Wednesday I had a section of my Dance Studio Management project due that kept me up until almost 2am and I still hadn’t finished.

Yesterday was “low key” homework wise but I completed my “event timeline calendar” for the rest of the semester with Banquet deadlines… hopefully things will just start happening left and right now… and a meeting with my committee members… YAY…  Oh.. and a couple of  costume fitting things this week too….

Today.. class like normal… I’m pooped… I’m to the point where there is no longer a distinction between tired and not because I’m ALWAYS tired.. and I’m ALWAYS working on things… but I’m ok.. not too stressed just trying to get as much stuff done as possible….

I AM VERY sore today… my Jazz class killed yesterday! My legs (EVERY PART OF THEM) hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts… I’m just sore…. almost worse than when I took a month off this summer and tried to dance again…. just plain sore… Wishing I had a hot tub tonight!

As for this weekend… hopefully be productive with homework.. and hopefully getting new tires tomorrow! YAY! As I said, next week is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y! For ONE class (my Grad class) I have a 26 page reading assignment and a draft of a book review due on Tuesday… and for Thursday (for ONLY my Grad class) I have a 76 page reading assignment, a 1-2 page response paper and a citation exercise…. PHEW! If I can survive these things… I can do ANYTHING! (Right? Ha!)

Well, I’m off to try and get another boost of motivation!

Until Next Time,


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