1 Year of Blogging!

Happy 1 year of blogging to me!!!  🙂

I started this blog exactly 1 year ago today! (February 15th, 2009!)

In honor of this occassion… I have compiled a list of “events” that have occured in the last year…

*   School- School appeared in my blog in practically EVERY entry… I challenge you to find 5 that don’t include school somehow!
*   Productivity, Organizing and “To-Do Lists” are major themes found in my blog
*   Tyler found a new job in March of last year and I decided to look into the MFA program
*   I have been a part of 4 OCU shows in one year (another one coming up) – Spring Show 2009 as Assistant Costume Mistress, MFA Thesis Assistant Stage Manager 2009, Choreography Show 2010 as a Dancer, Home for the Holidays 2009 as Sound Crew
*    Tyler and I experienced our first “break-in” (and hopefully last) when his Tool-box was broken into
*    Dash celebrated his 1st Birthday,1 year anniversary of his eye surgery and 1 year of living with us
*    I took my first solo road trip to Tulsa for a dance convention
*    I read the Harry Potter Series AND the Twilight Series (for a second time)
*    I went to KC 7 times that I mentioned
*    My two studios had recitals in the same month
*    My baby sister, Haley, turned 12 and started 6th grade
*    Tyler turned 21!
*    I attended a national dance competition with my mom and Haley
*    I judged my 1st national dance competition
*    I was an RA for the OCU Summer Dance Intensives for the second time (3 weeks!)
*    I learned it is a BAD idea to take an extended amount of time off dancing/ working out
*    I turned 21 and saw the National Tour of Chicago in the POURING rain
*    I had a busy summer but missed my OCU friends
*    I taught more hours than I think I can count
*    Tyler started another new job
*    I babysat for the lead guitarist of a rock group- unknowingly until I saw the 3 Grammys!
*    SAM was mentioned multiple times in regards to meetings and Banquet plans
*    I frequently took breaks from homework and productivity by trying to relax
*    I ultimately decided to apply for my MFA
*    My Aunt Kathy has been in and out of the hospital numerous times (mentioned 3-4 times)
*    Tyler’s best friend from high school, Dacoda, and my good friend from middle school, Tamara, got married in September!
*    Tyler and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary
*    Tyler and I traveled to Plad, MO for my cousin’s wedding.. the weekend AFTER Tamara and Dacoda’s…
*    Tyler and I watched entirely TOO many movies!
*    My mom came for Choreography Show and Fall Break… The trip took us to Pops in OK, a U2 concert in Norman (Tyler’s 1st Concert) and OK museums
*    My computer crashed
*    I applied for my MFA
*    I started to realize I am a SENIOR in college
*    I learned my “next big adventure” is to stay at OCU and get my MFA
*    I enrolled in my LAST undergraduate classes and was accepted into OCU as a Graduate student
*    I was accepted into the MFA program!
*    I went to my first midnight movie- NEW MOON with Katy
*    Tyler and I survived MULTIPLE snow/ice storms in OKC, KC, and Plad
*    My cat Sassy was put to sleep
*    2010 came!
*    I decided to set more goals
*    Dash received a spotlight post about how much I love him!
*    I attended the Leap ‘N Learn workshop for the second time and continued to grow as a teacher
*    I experienced growing pains in our tiny apartment
*    Dash discovered the door stoppers in our apartment and I took a video of it and posted it on here (my only video)
*    I survived my 1st full week of classes and teaching of the Spring Semester 2010… barely… 😉
*    I attended more meetings than I can count
*    It snowed… again…
*   I recently experienced car issues
*   Finding time to relax became a frequent visiting idea to my blog
*    AND I stayed up entirely too late to recap my 1st  year of blogging!

It is crazy to look back through the entries and this list to see all that I have done in the year. Time has flown by… and I can’t even image what the next year of blogging will bring me… I have a pretty good idea that many of these “themes” will not disappear from my updates, nor would I want them to. All in all, it’s been a great year in the life of “Megan’s Pointe.”

Until Next Time,

Happy 1 Year Anniversary “Megan’s Pointe!”

Also, *Happy 21 1/2 Birthday to me (2-16) and Happy “$(th” Birthday to my Momma (2-18)! :)*


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