Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This has been an interesting weekend… luckily everything has worked out…

Saturday I taught my Creative Movement Class and Pre-Ballet Class. Then I took my committee heads to see our location for Banquet. Then Tyler and I went to go get my Valentine’s Day Present… I got Tyler a watch for Valentine’s Day that he just LOVES… He wears it literally all the time. The best part… HE ASKED FOR IT! Tyler NEVER asks for anything so I HAD to get it for him. So he naturally asked what I wanted for Valentine’s Day and after my few sad attempts at marriage proposals 😉 we settled on a music cutting software. So we headed to Best Buy to check them out… on the way… Tyler drove and noticed my breaks were grinding. Once inside Best Buy, we saw there was a limited selection of music cutting software and it was all a little more expensive than we were anticipating… so… I got a Logo Design software (for my Dance Studio Management class) instead and we rushed off to find a place to check out my breaks (mind you its 3pm on a Saturday). Luckily we found one that was able to get us in… it only took around 3 hours… 😦 Turns out both break pads were kaput and my rotors were on the fritz too… so instead of getting my music cutting software… I got new breaks and rotors for $280! 😉 Oh well needed to be done. I was ALSO informed that I need 4 new tires (like.. ASAP), a fuel filter, wiper blades… not to mention FRIDAY I had just gotten my oil changed…. needless to say.. we spent over $320 for my car in two days and are looking at another $300 in the next month or so… is my car even WORTH $320 + $300 now? Ha… AND the mechanics rolled down my passenger window that the motor is running out of so it took Tyler and I an HOUR to get it back up… we even went to the mall for like 10 minutes and just left the window down… Luckily we did get it up because…

we woke up this morning to snow, that hadn’t even been forcasted… 😉 It only snowed for like 10 minutes and nothing stuck. But it’s Sunday so we headed to do our laundry… only to find out… the laundry mat was closed due to plumbing problems… UGH! So we drove around and found a “decent” looking one and did our laundry. PHEW… has it been one of those weekends or what?

With all these “unfortunate” events, it hasn’t been too bad of a weekend… I mean… I wasn’t productive by ANY means seeing as how the stress made me go to sleep at 7:30pm on Saturday (and I slept utnil 8am!), but, I did get to spend A LOT of time with Tyler… and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about huh?

🙂 I’m trying to remain positive through this… very weird and out-of-the-ordinary weekend…Now, Tyler is watching the second Lord of the Rings movie “The Two Towers” after we just finished “The Fellowship of the Rings.” I have a SAM Meeting at 6pm and I MUST be somewhat productive…

As for tomorrow… Stay tuned for a “SPECIAL” Blog Anniversary Update!!! Tomorrow marks my 1 Year of Blogging!!! 🙂

Well I’m off to attempt to be productive!!!

Until Next Time,


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