Snow, Snow… Go Away!

Happy Tuesday. I survived another Monday! Yay! This one wasn’t AS hectic as previous Mondays…. or maybe it was and I’m just starting to get used to it!
Well, we got some more snow yesterday. Oklahoma weather is the WEIRDEST thing! It snowed like CRAZY for 1.5 hours, maybe 2. Then it simply… stopped. When I left for school at 8:30am, there were almost 2 inches of snow covering my car… the wet, heavy snow. By the time Tap was over at 9:50am, the snow had turned to rain.
*Snowing in the AM.*
After Tap, I decided to brave the weather and go get my blood work done (ALL by myself!). Like I said, the snow had turned into rain-ish by this point, so I didn’t have any problems. I survived the experience… although, it is certainly not something I will be looking forward to monthly for the next 6 months or so. (In case I didn’t tell you… I’m getting on some heavy-duty medicine that requires me to get blood tests monthly). Luckily, the process was easy and the only reason I won’t be looking forward to it is because… well… who wants to get blood work done? 😉
I made it back to school with time to spare, so I ate lunch and tried to be productive. Then it was my back-to-back classes… Dance Studio Management (we were talking about how to build dance floors!), Jazz Pedagogy II, teaching my 6-7 Ballet/Tap Combination class, working in the office, and finally teaching my Teen Ballet Class. Oh, but the day wasn’t over yet! (Surprise, surprise!) Once I got home I had to finish up a presentation for my Graduate Research and Writing Class. I was able to get in bed around 11:30pm, so that was nice.
As for today, I woke up and did some finishing touches on my presentation… I just couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough last night to keep working… then Jazz class this morning… and now a break until 1:30pm. Phew. I can do it! (That seems to be my mantra now…) AND… It’s sunny outside with no trace of the snow storm we had yesterday… so bizarre. AND they are calling for more snow later this week! Perfect…. not!
Well, I’m going to try and get some things done before my meeting at 1:30pm!
Until Next Time,

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