It’s ONLY Wednesday!?

I can NOT believe that it is ONLY Wednesday! All the things that have consumed my time during Monday and Tuesday could EASILY amount to a week or two worth of happenings.

First off, Happy February! I can’t believe it is already here! So weird!

Monday we went back to school (despite everyone’s better judgment). The roads were still VERY scary in the morning. I slid quite a few times on the ice while driving in to school and I don’t think I went over 25mph. Because the roads were so icky, I decided to just camp out at school ALL DAY (8:30am-8pm)! So between my Tap class and my Choreography Class I settled in to do some homework and had a “lunch date” with Elizabeth, who I had not seen in almost two weeks… so sad. 😦 Then I had class from 1:30-4:30 with a short little break until teaching at 5:10pm. Then I taught my 6-7 year old Tap/Ballet Combination class where my IPod decided to not work in the middle of class so I had to improvise with CDs I had never listened to in my life… it was perfect… not. πŸ˜‰ Then I worked in the office for an hour, then on to teach my Teen Ballet Class… Phew…. Boy, was I tired by this point! THEN I came home and Tyler had received his Lord of the Rings DVD Set (12 HOURS worth of movie/extras). He could barely contain himself to wait and watch at least one! So we settled on the couch and he watched the first part of the first book (it’s a confusing series from the sound of it)… and I fell asleep. πŸ™‚ I really tried to stay awake but I have been “recovering” from a cold this week. I woke up Sunday and could barely breathe and by the end of the days it gets worse so I was ready to just sleep the night away. (This ALL happened in ONE day? Yep… Sure did!)

Tuesday, yesterday, I had Jazz and then decided to just camp out at school again because our parking lot at the apartment was a disaster still. The roads were SUPER clear, but the parking lot is still kind of an ice skating rink. After Jazz I continued to work on my Dance Studio Management Project! We have our Floor Plan due today (more to come). Then it was on to my Research and Writing Class (my Graduate course). After that, it was time to head south to teaching where it was Parent Watch Week. First I teach a Creative Dance Class for 2-3 year olds (by myself!). The kids were suffering from some bad cases of “Cabin-Fever” and were a little rambunctious so that wore me out (not to mention I still wasn’t feeling super great). Then I had a slight dinner break and then back to teaching. My second class on Tuesdays is the 10-12 (ish) Competition Ballet class. They are a GREAT group of kiddos! We did a conditioning type class where they each provided an exercise to do and the class did it. I basically just monitor and correct things when needed. It is a really great way for them to learn to work as a team, work on strength and flexibility, and for me to be able to relax a little. After that class, it was BACK TO SCHOOL (this is 8pm by the way) for a Banquet Meeting at 8:30pm. I will try and give an update on Banquet sometime soon. That meeting lasted until 10pm, but we made some really great progress. Then I headed home to continue working on my Dance Studio Management Floor Plan. I finished around 1am and basically fell into my bed. *PHEW*

*My Floor Plan!*

So, as you can see, I’ve been SUPER busy this week and It’s ONLY WEDNESDAY?! I’m exhausted already! I’m starting to become overwhelmed with this semester. I have a LOT going on. Now, I’m not complaining by ANY means, however, I just need to learn (and quickly) how to manage my time a little better than I am at the moment. Not only am I in charge of Banquet this year, doing my Capstone class (Dance Studio Management), starting my Masters Degree in Dance AND I just found out last week that I am the Costume Mistress for one of the MFA Thesis Performances in May (the DAY AFTER BANQUET) which will require A LOT of constructing of Costumes… PHEW! Oh yeah, AND teaching at not 1, not 2, but 3 studios! YIKES… I am busy! Needless to say… it is a BUSY semester that will inevitably just fly by. I only hope I can catch up!

In light of this CRAZINESS I am making a goal for myself! (See I did keep my goal of making more goals!) I am going to try to do at least ONE thing for each project a day. Now, by one thing, I mean literally ONE thing (unless more is needed). For instance, I sent an email to our Venue Representative for Banquet today. That counts as my one thing for Banquet. πŸ˜‰ I also had a “meeting” with our Associate Dean and my MFA Thesis Show Director, Kim, about some fabric for her costumes. I might go fabric shopping today, but you can see how the 1-task per “project” is working Let’s hope I can keep up though!

Here’s to hoping I can keep my goal, that I will completely “recover” from this silly cold AND that I will make it to next Wednesday just fine!

Until Next Time,


* Tyler and Dash while watching HP6 on Sunday.
Dash was trying to sneak attack the popcorn bowl. :)*

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