Lucky Day! :)

Ok… so the Title of this post is slightly misleading… I apologize. Today is simply my “lucky day” because it is the 22nd day of the 2nd month and 2 is my lucky number! 🙂 (2-22-22 is only 12 years away… I’ll be…. *GULP* 33! Ha!)

Anyways… The weekend was pretty low-key… Just working on homework, teaching, getting new tires and watching movies. (Not getting enough done for the week… hence why it is 11:20pm and I am continuing to procrastinate on my paper to update my blog 😉 )

Happy Monday! (Is it the weekend yet?) Ok, Ok! I’m trying going to have a good week!
Today was Tap, a break to work on lesson plans, meetings, Choreography class, a Dance Studio Management test, Jazz Pedagogy II class, teaching, working in the office and teaching again. *PHEW* (Remember my Mondays and Tuesdays are the longest out of the week.) Oh, and I found out I am one of the Light Board Programmer/ Operators for the American Spirit Dance Company Spring Show (in… count them… 17 days!)! It should be a fun experience though!!!

As for the rest of my week? Busy as usual! I have 5 (yes, 5) assignments for ONE class this week (my Grad class)… so that will keep me busy…. and it’s the class that I’m procrastinating on the paper for!

Ok, well it’s time to get back to work…. Just thought I would stop by and say “Hello!” and to ensure that I would have an update for my “lucky day!”

Until Next Time,


It’s Friday!

Just popping in for a quick update!
This has been a busy week, followed by a VERY busy week next week…

Tuesday (I’m trying to remember off the top of my head)…. classes like normal but I had a paper due in my Grad class so that kept me busy…

Wednesday I had a section of my Dance Studio Management project due that kept me up until almost 2am and I still hadn’t finished.

Yesterday was “low key” homework wise but I completed my “event timeline calendar” for the rest of the semester with Banquet deadlines… hopefully things will just start happening left and right now… and a meeting with my committee members… YAY…  Oh.. and a couple of  costume fitting things this week too….

Today.. class like normal… I’m pooped… I’m to the point where there is no longer a distinction between tired and not because I’m ALWAYS tired.. and I’m ALWAYS working on things… but I’m ok.. not too stressed just trying to get as much stuff done as possible….

I AM VERY sore today… my Jazz class killed yesterday! My legs (EVERY PART OF THEM) hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts… I’m just sore…. almost worse than when I took a month off this summer and tried to dance again…. just plain sore… Wishing I had a hot tub tonight!

As for this weekend… hopefully be productive with homework.. and hopefully getting new tires tomorrow! YAY! As I said, next week is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y! For ONE class (my Grad class) I have a 26 page reading assignment and a draft of a book review due on Tuesday… and for Thursday (for ONLY my Grad class) I have a 76 page reading assignment, a 1-2 page response paper and a citation exercise…. PHEW! If I can survive these things… I can do ANYTHING! (Right? Ha!)

Well, I’m off to try and get another boost of motivation!

Until Next Time,

1 Year of Blogging!

Happy 1 year of blogging to me!!!  🙂

I started this blog exactly 1 year ago today! (February 15th, 2009!)

In honor of this occassion… I have compiled a list of “events” that have occured in the last year…

*   School- School appeared in my blog in practically EVERY entry… I challenge you to find 5 that don’t include school somehow!
*   Productivity, Organizing and “To-Do Lists” are major themes found in my blog
*   Tyler found a new job in March of last year and I decided to look into the MFA program
*   I have been a part of 4 OCU shows in one year (another one coming up) – Spring Show 2009 as Assistant Costume Mistress, MFA Thesis Assistant Stage Manager 2009, Choreography Show 2010 as a Dancer, Home for the Holidays 2009 as Sound Crew
*    Tyler and I experienced our first “break-in” (and hopefully last) when his Tool-box was broken into
*    Dash celebrated his 1st Birthday,1 year anniversary of his eye surgery and 1 year of living with us
*    I took my first solo road trip to Tulsa for a dance convention
*    I read the Harry Potter Series AND the Twilight Series (for a second time)
*    I went to KC 7 times that I mentioned
*    My two studios had recitals in the same month
*    My baby sister, Haley, turned 12 and started 6th grade
*    Tyler turned 21!
*    I attended a national dance competition with my mom and Haley
*    I judged my 1st national dance competition
*    I was an RA for the OCU Summer Dance Intensives for the second time (3 weeks!)
*    I learned it is a BAD idea to take an extended amount of time off dancing/ working out
*    I turned 21 and saw the National Tour of Chicago in the POURING rain
*    I had a busy summer but missed my OCU friends
*    I taught more hours than I think I can count
*    Tyler started another new job
*    I babysat for the lead guitarist of a rock group- unknowingly until I saw the 3 Grammys!
*    SAM was mentioned multiple times in regards to meetings and Banquet plans
*    I frequently took breaks from homework and productivity by trying to relax
*    I ultimately decided to apply for my MFA
*    My Aunt Kathy has been in and out of the hospital numerous times (mentioned 3-4 times)
*    Tyler’s best friend from high school, Dacoda, and my good friend from middle school, Tamara, got married in September!
*    Tyler and I celebrated our 4 year Anniversary
*    Tyler and I traveled to Plad, MO for my cousin’s wedding.. the weekend AFTER Tamara and Dacoda’s…
*    Tyler and I watched entirely TOO many movies!
*    My mom came for Choreography Show and Fall Break… The trip took us to Pops in OK, a U2 concert in Norman (Tyler’s 1st Concert) and OK museums
*    My computer crashed
*    I applied for my MFA
*    I started to realize I am a SENIOR in college
*    I learned my “next big adventure” is to stay at OCU and get my MFA
*    I enrolled in my LAST undergraduate classes and was accepted into OCU as a Graduate student
*    I was accepted into the MFA program!
*    I went to my first midnight movie- NEW MOON with Katy
*    Tyler and I survived MULTIPLE snow/ice storms in OKC, KC, and Plad
*    My cat Sassy was put to sleep
*    2010 came!
*    I decided to set more goals
*    Dash received a spotlight post about how much I love him!
*    I attended the Leap ‘N Learn workshop for the second time and continued to grow as a teacher
*    I experienced growing pains in our tiny apartment
*    Dash discovered the door stoppers in our apartment and I took a video of it and posted it on here (my only video)
*    I survived my 1st full week of classes and teaching of the Spring Semester 2010… barely… 😉
*    I attended more meetings than I can count
*    It snowed… again…
*   I recently experienced car issues
*   Finding time to relax became a frequent visiting idea to my blog
*    AND I stayed up entirely too late to recap my 1st  year of blogging!

It is crazy to look back through the entries and this list to see all that I have done in the year. Time has flown by… and I can’t even image what the next year of blogging will bring me… I have a pretty good idea that many of these “themes” will not disappear from my updates, nor would I want them to. All in all, it’s been a great year in the life of “Megan’s Pointe.”

Until Next Time,

Happy 1 Year Anniversary “Megan’s Pointe!”

Also, *Happy 21 1/2 Birthday to me (2-16) and Happy “$(th” Birthday to my Momma (2-18)! :)*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This has been an interesting weekend… luckily everything has worked out…

Saturday I taught my Creative Movement Class and Pre-Ballet Class. Then I took my committee heads to see our location for Banquet. Then Tyler and I went to go get my Valentine’s Day Present… I got Tyler a watch for Valentine’s Day that he just LOVES… He wears it literally all the time. The best part… HE ASKED FOR IT! Tyler NEVER asks for anything so I HAD to get it for him. So he naturally asked what I wanted for Valentine’s Day and after my few sad attempts at marriage proposals 😉 we settled on a music cutting software. So we headed to Best Buy to check them out… on the way… Tyler drove and noticed my breaks were grinding. Once inside Best Buy, we saw there was a limited selection of music cutting software and it was all a little more expensive than we were anticipating… so… I got a Logo Design software (for my Dance Studio Management class) instead and we rushed off to find a place to check out my breaks (mind you its 3pm on a Saturday). Luckily we found one that was able to get us in… it only took around 3 hours… 😦 Turns out both break pads were kaput and my rotors were on the fritz too… so instead of getting my music cutting software… I got new breaks and rotors for $280! 😉 Oh well needed to be done. I was ALSO informed that I need 4 new tires (like.. ASAP), a fuel filter, wiper blades… not to mention FRIDAY I had just gotten my oil changed…. needless to say.. we spent over $320 for my car in two days and are looking at another $300 in the next month or so… is my car even WORTH $320 + $300 now? Ha… AND the mechanics rolled down my passenger window that the motor is running out of so it took Tyler and I an HOUR to get it back up… we even went to the mall for like 10 minutes and just left the window down… Luckily we did get it up because…

we woke up this morning to snow, that hadn’t even been forcasted… 😉 It only snowed for like 10 minutes and nothing stuck. But it’s Sunday so we headed to do our laundry… only to find out… the laundry mat was closed due to plumbing problems… UGH! So we drove around and found a “decent” looking one and did our laundry. PHEW… has it been one of those weekends or what?

With all these “unfortunate” events, it hasn’t been too bad of a weekend… I mean… I wasn’t productive by ANY means seeing as how the stress made me go to sleep at 7:30pm on Saturday (and I slept utnil 8am!), but, I did get to spend A LOT of time with Tyler… and that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about huh?

🙂 I’m trying to remain positive through this… very weird and out-of-the-ordinary weekend…Now, Tyler is watching the second Lord of the Rings movie “The Two Towers” after we just finished “The Fellowship of the Rings.” I have a SAM Meeting at 6pm and I MUST be somewhat productive…

As for tomorrow… Stay tuned for a “SPECIAL” Blog Anniversary Update!!! Tomorrow marks my 1 Year of Blogging!!! 🙂

Well I’m off to attempt to be productive!!!

Until Next Time,

Snow, Snow… Go Away!

Happy Tuesday. I survived another Monday! Yay! This one wasn’t AS hectic as previous Mondays…. or maybe it was and I’m just starting to get used to it!
Well, we got some more snow yesterday. Oklahoma weather is the WEIRDEST thing! It snowed like CRAZY for 1.5 hours, maybe 2. Then it simply… stopped. When I left for school at 8:30am, there were almost 2 inches of snow covering my car… the wet, heavy snow. By the time Tap was over at 9:50am, the snow had turned to rain.
*Snowing in the AM.*
After Tap, I decided to brave the weather and go get my blood work done (ALL by myself!). Like I said, the snow had turned into rain-ish by this point, so I didn’t have any problems. I survived the experience… although, it is certainly not something I will be looking forward to monthly for the next 6 months or so. (In case I didn’t tell you… I’m getting on some heavy-duty medicine that requires me to get blood tests monthly). Luckily, the process was easy and the only reason I won’t be looking forward to it is because… well… who wants to get blood work done? 😉
I made it back to school with time to spare, so I ate lunch and tried to be productive. Then it was my back-to-back classes… Dance Studio Management (we were talking about how to build dance floors!), Jazz Pedagogy II, teaching my 6-7 Ballet/Tap Combination class, working in the office, and finally teaching my Teen Ballet Class. Oh, but the day wasn’t over yet! (Surprise, surprise!) Once I got home I had to finish up a presentation for my Graduate Research and Writing Class. I was able to get in bed around 11:30pm, so that was nice.
As for today, I woke up and did some finishing touches on my presentation… I just couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough last night to keep working… then Jazz class this morning… and now a break until 1:30pm. Phew. I can do it! (That seems to be my mantra now…) AND… It’s sunny outside with no trace of the snow storm we had yesterday… so bizarre. AND they are calling for more snow later this week! Perfect…. not!
Well, I’m going to try and get some things done before my meeting at 1:30pm!
Until Next Time,

Superbowl Sunday!

Well, it looks like I made it to Sunday! Woo hoo!!! 🙂

The days following Wednesday (Wednesday included) were much less jam-packed. My weeks seem to be like that: a rollercoaster- busy Monday and Tuesday and then it calms down Wednesday-Friday and starts to pick up steam again on Saturday. I guess it makes time seem to go even faster.

So Wednesday I had Tap, Dance Studio Management where we turned in our Floor Plans as posted here. Then Jazz Pedagogy, teaching Adult Ballet in the Community Dance Center (CDC) and one hour in the office. Then Tyler and I went shopping for fabric one of Kim’s Thesis dances.

Thursday was Jazz, which I am SO glad I am back in Jazz this semester- I’m really loving it!, then a long break to do some homework, Graduate Research and Writing for Dance, observing in the Community Dance Center and then Babysitting. I babysat Doran and Drew, the two girls who were in my Pre-Ballet Class about 1.5 years ago. I cannot get over how I met them when Doran was 4.5-5 ish and Drew was only 3! Doran just turned 8 on February 1st and Drew turned 6 in December! Unbelievable! They are such sweet little girls! I can only hope and pray my kiddos are that sweet! 🙂

Friday was Tap, cutting Tutu fabric during my break, Choreography, Dance Studio Management, Assisting in the Community Dance Center (we started our Showcase Dance to “It’s A Small World”) and then Katy and I started working on our Capstone Portfolio Project. We worked from a little after 6pm until almost 10pm, although we did spend some time catching up because we only see each other in class and never on a social basis. We have decided to change that! 🙂

We received our Capstone Portfolio Project on Wednesday. This project is a part of our Dance Studio Management Class so it goes hand-in-hand with our Studio Project and our job of producing the Community Dance Center’s Showcase for the end of the year. The Capstone Portfolio Project is all the legwork and planning of this Showcase. For instance, Katy, our Sound and Lighting Specialist, Anna, our Stage Manager and myself, the Costume Mistress, are assigned to create the Production Timeline for our Showcase (i.e. when costumes should be handed out, when music needs to be approved, when the Parent Information Packets need to go out, etc.). Anna went to see the Oklahoma City Ballet Production of Giselle and had already purchased her tickets, so Katy and I started it on Friday and she will help us in the next stages! It should be a really fun project!

Our Portfolio Project and Studio Project are making me SO excited to own a studio. It is a lot of work and a lot of money, but it just seems SO exciting! It really is what I’ve dreamed of doing my entire life! I can’t wait to be able to make it a reality! With this class and these projects I feel like I am really being prepared and being given the tools to make my dreams come true. So exciting! 🙂 This is EXACTLY what I’m meant to do, and that is a great feeling! 🙂

Saturday I taught my Creative Movement class and my Pre-Ballet class. I love those children SO much. They are the sweetest things in the entire world! (Once again, making me want to own a studio!) Then Tyler and I ran to Wal-Mart to get some necessities. We came home and I did some organizing- made a Costume Mistress Binder, hole-punched papers, etc. Then I babysat Amelia from about 7pm-11pm. Amelia was also in one of my Pre-Ballet classes last year and the year before. She has since moved onto the Level 1 Class (the “Big-Girl-Blue-Class”), so it was nice to see her! Again, I can’t believe I met her when she was just 3 years old and she is now 5.5 years old. She has grown SO much! She looks like she is at least 8 years old because she is so tall! Her parents are tall too, but she is just growing like a weed! And of course she had a million stories to tell me! It was good to see her! 🙂

Today we woke up and did laundry and of course everyone else was too because it’s…. SUPERBOWL SUNDAY! Then Tyler and I went to JCPenny to get that silly ink-tag taken off my shirt (finally!) and to get him a watch for Valentine’s Day. He has been digging some holes at work (in the RED Oklahoma dirt) and doesn’t keep his phone with him, he never knows what time it is so he asked for a watch… I had to oblige him because he NEVER asks for ANYTHING! 😉 Then it was lunch in the food court at the mall and off to Kinko’s to make some copies! Now, its homework and then a SAM meeting at 6pm! (Did I really say less busy?)

*Tyler in Hole at Work- Thanks, Oklahoma Red Dirt!*

As for SUPERBOWL SUNDAY? I actually don’t have any plans to watch the game… I’ll be at my meeting! 🙂 I haven’t really had the chance to get into football this year… oh well… maybe next year.

Well, it is time to get back to some more homework… or Monday-Wednesday will be worse than this week, if that’s even possible?

Until Next Time,


It’s ONLY Wednesday!?

I can NOT believe that it is ONLY Wednesday! All the things that have consumed my time during Monday and Tuesday could EASILY amount to a week or two worth of happenings.

First off, Happy February! I can’t believe it is already here! So weird!

Monday we went back to school (despite everyone’s better judgment). The roads were still VERY scary in the morning. I slid quite a few times on the ice while driving in to school and I don’t think I went over 25mph. Because the roads were so icky, I decided to just camp out at school ALL DAY (8:30am-8pm)! So between my Tap class and my Choreography Class I settled in to do some homework and had a “lunch date” with Elizabeth, who I had not seen in almost two weeks… so sad. 😦 Then I had class from 1:30-4:30 with a short little break until teaching at 5:10pm. Then I taught my 6-7 year old Tap/Ballet Combination class where my IPod decided to not work in the middle of class so I had to improvise with CDs I had never listened to in my life… it was perfect… not. 😉 Then I worked in the office for an hour, then on to teach my Teen Ballet Class… Phew…. Boy, was I tired by this point! THEN I came home and Tyler had received his Lord of the Rings DVD Set (12 HOURS worth of movie/extras). He could barely contain himself to wait and watch at least one! So we settled on the couch and he watched the first part of the first book (it’s a confusing series from the sound of it)… and I fell asleep. 🙂 I really tried to stay awake but I have been “recovering” from a cold this week. I woke up Sunday and could barely breathe and by the end of the days it gets worse so I was ready to just sleep the night away. (This ALL happened in ONE day? Yep… Sure did!)

Tuesday, yesterday, I had Jazz and then decided to just camp out at school again because our parking lot at the apartment was a disaster still. The roads were SUPER clear, but the parking lot is still kind of an ice skating rink. After Jazz I continued to work on my Dance Studio Management Project! We have our Floor Plan due today (more to come). Then it was on to my Research and Writing Class (my Graduate course). After that, it was time to head south to teaching where it was Parent Watch Week. First I teach a Creative Dance Class for 2-3 year olds (by myself!). The kids were suffering from some bad cases of “Cabin-Fever” and were a little rambunctious so that wore me out (not to mention I still wasn’t feeling super great). Then I had a slight dinner break and then back to teaching. My second class on Tuesdays is the 10-12 (ish) Competition Ballet class. They are a GREAT group of kiddos! We did a conditioning type class where they each provided an exercise to do and the class did it. I basically just monitor and correct things when needed. It is a really great way for them to learn to work as a team, work on strength and flexibility, and for me to be able to relax a little. After that class, it was BACK TO SCHOOL (this is 8pm by the way) for a Banquet Meeting at 8:30pm. I will try and give an update on Banquet sometime soon. That meeting lasted until 10pm, but we made some really great progress. Then I headed home to continue working on my Dance Studio Management Floor Plan. I finished around 1am and basically fell into my bed. *PHEW*

*My Floor Plan!*

So, as you can see, I’ve been SUPER busy this week and It’s ONLY WEDNESDAY?! I’m exhausted already! I’m starting to become overwhelmed with this semester. I have a LOT going on. Now, I’m not complaining by ANY means, however, I just need to learn (and quickly) how to manage my time a little better than I am at the moment. Not only am I in charge of Banquet this year, doing my Capstone class (Dance Studio Management), starting my Masters Degree in Dance AND I just found out last week that I am the Costume Mistress for one of the MFA Thesis Performances in May (the DAY AFTER BANQUET) which will require A LOT of constructing of Costumes… PHEW! Oh yeah, AND teaching at not 1, not 2, but 3 studios! YIKES… I am busy! Needless to say… it is a BUSY semester that will inevitably just fly by. I only hope I can catch up!

In light of this CRAZINESS I am making a goal for myself! (See I did keep my goal of making more goals!) I am going to try to do at least ONE thing for each project a day. Now, by one thing, I mean literally ONE thing (unless more is needed). For instance, I sent an email to our Venue Representative for Banquet today. That counts as my one thing for Banquet. 😉 I also had a “meeting” with our Associate Dean and my MFA Thesis Show Director, Kim, about some fabric for her costumes. I might go fabric shopping today, but you can see how the 1-task per “project” is working Let’s hope I can keep up though!

Here’s to hoping I can keep my goal, that I will completely “recover” from this silly cold AND that I will make it to next Wednesday just fine!

Until Next Time,


* Tyler and Dash while watching HP6 on Sunday.
Dash was trying to sneak attack the popcorn bowl. :)*