Dash’s New Toy

After having had this blog for almost a year now, I am starting to find my way around a little more easily.

I took this video of Dash on my phone a couple of days ago and sent it via video message to all my family that I knew could receive that type of message. Now, thanks to technology, I have discovered how to post it on here for even more people to see and enjoy….

Dash recently discovered the door stopper behind ALL of our doors in the apartmment (ie. the bathroom, the closet, and the bedroom). He isn’t a big fan of them. Here I caught him in action… Ok, Ok. So he was provoked, but still… this is his reaction. He is one silly dog!

In other “news,” the end of the four (unexpected) day weekend, is upon us. It’s back to school tomorrow… for our FIRST full week of classes since we came back January 11th, 2010. It feels like we are already well underway in the semester so it’s hard to believe it is only the start of week 4.

Today was spent as any usual Sunday is in for us… Laundry, errands and homework…. Last night (after finishing all of my reading for the week), Tyler and I decided to have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. I made it half way through the first one and fell asleep. Needless to say, during our errands today we picked up the sixth (and newest released HP movie) at Target, and skipped movies 2-5 🙂 Oh well…. I still enjoyed seeing the sixth movie again (and finally owning it)!

Watching the movie has rekindled my love for HP and I plan on rereading the books as soon as I get a chance. The anticipation for November 2010 and July 2011 is mounting! (Those are the release dates for the 7th and 8th movies!) Not to mention, our DVD of HP6 had a sneak peak of “The Wizardy World of Harry Potter” the new theme park in Orlando, FL. set to open in 2010! I am SO excited now! (I have “unofficially” decided this will be a stop on Tyler and I’s honeymoon… because presumably we will be married AFTER it opens… so PERFECT!!!) 😉

Well, it’s back to homework and getting geared up for the coming week…

Until Next Time,


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