It’s A Winter Wonderland!

Here are the promised pictures! Sorry for the bad quality… My white balance was set to fluorescent and I didn’t realize it until after I had taken them already….

*View from Inside My Car*

*Tyler Cleaning Off My Car*

*Tree Covered in Ice*

* Stairs Covered in Snow*

*Snow on Top of My Car*

*Path to the Mailbox*

*Chunk of Ice from the Hood of my Car*

*Dash’s Snow Adventure*

*Dash Wants to go Inside!*

*Cars in Front of the Apartment*

*My Car Covered in Snow*

*Entrance to the Apartment*
I didn’t have to teach this morning because of the road conditions but Tyler and I decided to clean off my car anyways so we would have better luck getting to the laundry mat tomorrow…. Some neighbors said the roads aren’t too bad, just slushy… so I think we are going to try and brave them tomorrow. As for today… just staying inside, maybe getting some homework done and enjoying my unexpected long weekend!
Until Next Time,


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