Ice Storm 2010

It finally made it! Ice Storm of 2010! They have been preparing us for weeks now and it finally hit! I only had my Jazz Class yesterday and then the University closed at 12pm. They also closed the University for today (Friday) as well. So… an unexpected 4 day weekend!!! 🙂

Nothing too big planned… I finished a paper when I got home yesterday. Then kept an eye on the weather happenings, took a nap, cooked dinner with Tyler and watched a couple of movies. Today (luckily we have power), will probably be very similar! Tyler is off work today too because of the ice… and the snow hasn’t even started falling yet!

I guess I should be productive this weekend… but… that just doesn’t sound like fun… so maybe tomorrow? 😉 No, I will be a good girl and I will get things done… Promise. But for now? Just staying warm, cozy and relaxing! That sounds like the best plan! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. I’ll try to venture out in the cold later and get some pictures of our Ice Storm 2010! 🙂


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