Spring Semester Week #2


Week two has now come, and gone… This semester’s schedule is MUCH easier to adapt to so it hasn’t been too bad… I am having to do A LOT of pre-planning since I’m teaching so much and most of my classes and teaching are back to back so everything has to happen ahead of time… a good test of time management for me though huh?

This week was only a 4 day week so that was nice. It certainly helped me get into the swing of things again.

Tuesday we finished our Jazz Leveling process so we didn’t dance too much, but my classes were normal other than that… and I taught from 4:15-8pm.

Wednesday we started in our Tap Classes… mine is SO small… there are only 14 people in there! (That’ll be nice though). We had our first section of our Dance Studio Management Project due which included our Mission Statement and Business Plan! That’s kind of scary and exciting! Then I worked in the Community Dance Center (CDC), first teaching then in the office.

Thursday we broke into our Jazz Classes… it’s SO nice to be back in Jazz this semester! I also had my FIRST Graduate Paper due! Yikes! I don’t think it was very good but we’ll see.. it was the first one… it can hopefully only get better from there! I also got to babysit my girls Doran and Drew that I watch during the summer! They were SO excited to see me… as was I! They are just TOO sweet! And I can’t believe they are now almost 8 and 6! I met them when they were around 5 and 3 years old! Drew (the youngest) is having her Piano Recital today! I wish I could have made it but it just didn’t work out… she did play her song for me on Thursday though! So sweet! And next week I’ll hopefully get to see Doran at her Basketball practice when I go babysit them next week!!! 🙂

Friday classes as normal. Assisting in the CDC for my Jazz Pedagogy Class.. I’m working with the 7-9 year olds and they are SUCH a great group of girls! So fun and well-mannered! 🙂 Then we had our CDC Staff Meeting. After that I went to dinner with Elizabeth and Katy! So fun to catch up.. although we were all just exhausted!!!

Saturday I taught my Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes at Classical Ballet School (Yes, now I’m teaching at 3 different studios…. EVERY WEEK)! Then I went with Ellen, my Student’s of Arts Management President to look at our LOCATION FOR BANQUET!!! We have finally started getting some details squared away! (Long story-short: We had to let go of our original plan and create a plan B… we are now in the process of getting things rolling forward.) Then I came home and did NOT feel like doing any homework so I watched TV with Tyler (Lethal Weapons 3,2 and part of 1- in that order… on TV… weird!) Then we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner! Yum!

Today (Sunday)… we got up and did laundry and it’s a good thing we went when we did (and know the laundry lady) because they were having some plumbing problems and were closing down the laundry mat until tomorrow to fix it.. but we were able to get in JUST in time… The rest of the day has been spent doing chores, organizing and checking things off my To-Do list! At 6pm I have my Students of Arts Management EXEC meeting, where I’ll get to share the good news about our progress! 🙂 The rest of the day is for homework and football! 🙂 I do need to go to JCPenny at some point…. After my recent “shopping spree” I realized I had managed to make it home with a sweater and the “security ink tag” still on it… 😦 Luckily I have the receipt still… I just haven’t mustered up the energy to go yet…

Next week is looking just as busy… 🙂 It will be the FIRST FULL FULL week of the semester with all my teaching requirements and classes… I might be pretty exhausted come next Friday night! 🙂

I’m sorry this post was not so exciting… just a “normal” week in the life of a college student… School, Homework, Work and SLEEP! 🙂

Until Next Time,

P.S. Today is Tyler and I’s 4 Year and 4 Month Anniversary! 🙂 Not planning to do anything special unless you count Red Lobster last night…. 🙂


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